Battle Of the Planets Shootout - Part 1

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Enjoy the first episode of the review from the Battle of the Planets shootout held at PokerStars. PhilShaw, a very high quality poker player and coach for quickly goes through the structure of the tournament to give an overview, followed by an in-depth hand history review, of the various plays made and interesting spots discovered, in the hand replayer.


Battle of the Planets BOPS final table hand history review series Session Review shootout

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new series with PhilShaw, focusing on a hand re player review concerning Sit & Go content in the form of the Battle of the Planets tournament held at

    Please be sure to leave your thoughts & feedback for Phil!
  • vidrata


    Very nice video Phil! Looking forward to Part 2.

    One question, min 27:57, the 22 hand.
    What do you think of check / raise there. It's a paired / two suited flop. Imo, you could level him you are just playing back at him and make him spaz out?
  • pLAYERsjsk


    great vid.
  • zarsky


    You should have announced it earlier, before the SCOOP shootout. :(
  • zarsky


    "released", I mean


    +speaking speed is optimal
    +your english is understandable
    +no breaks between the hands you play
    +voice/video quality
    great vid! no negative critics :)

    i think to C/R in this spot vs this type of villain is not good, because he is too passive. better to let him catch the turn to get more value.
  • Falco35


    min 17:09
    You say that Villain doesnt even think about ValueBetting. But against what of your 3Bet Range should he ValueBet?! Flush Card is coming at the River and I dont think you would call him with worse than A9. Please dont make all Villains look like the biggest donks - I dont like this ^^

    But very nice vid!
  • madein1984


    08:20 villain did openraise that hand, not flat it. I guess he can have AK/AQ here, so don't you think it's better to shove the river? It does look a little weaker too than this smallish bet imo. I mean, if you were on a bluff, you'd probably not bet 1/3 I don't assume to get less calls when shoving the river.
  • PhilShaw


    vid - yep cr here is nice with an aggro dynamic esp on rainbow board, but without and here i prob get credit for at least a flushdraw, and would rather try and let him catch up or pick up a draw on turn

    fal - fair comment, im not really criticising him as you are right, but its interesting to note he doesnt just blindly bet tp and think about why, whether because he is a spohisticated thinker or just scared to go for thin value (I could have a few worse hands that call here)

    mad - there arent many bluffs he can beat as AJ/flushes got there, so id like to try and tease a bit of value from an ace with pot odds.