User Review with Daniel & BogdanPS - Part 2

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Enjoy the second part of the user review with BogdanPS discussing the plays made at TitanPoker by member "MirceaDaniel"! The subject is part-time poker player, Daniel - who will be the beneficiary of the comments made in the Video! Thank you for your efforts and contributions folks, and please do leave your thoughts and questions for the coach!


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy part two of the session review with BogdanPS & Daniel.

    Your thoughts & feedback are always welcome!
  • worldanizer


    10k a month? So it takes you almost half a year to have a decent sample size on your game?

    I'm sorry to repeat my self, but spend less time taking notes (on villains you are not going to see that often anyway), and play more (tables).

    10k/month is just meh, no way you are going to improve on such a low volume.
  • William340


    I guess I will have to disagree. you can improve while playing "low" volume. and if your game still has some sizeable leaks, it's better to play less total hands/tables so you can think more and work them out. Daniel is described as a "part time player" - his goals and the time he has to spend on poker are not necessarily the same as yours.
    you can see that he has his hands full w/ 4 or 5 tables. how would you suggest he increase his volume? by playing twice as many tables half as well?
    I can appreciate where he is. his current volume is more than twice mine. lol. and I never play more than 4 tables.
    does that mean I can't get better?

    just a note about note taking - I do not take many notes during the session. I just mark the interesting hands and then take more thorough notes after the session.
    I concentrate on the regs I see the most of. even w/ my small sample of 16k hands I have a player that I have seen 2k hands on, 6 more over 1k and and another 26 guys with between 500 & 999 hands.
    I take notes on the guys that seem really spewy too. they might not be around for long, but why shouldn't I get some of their deposit as they blow through it?
    one thing I don't like abt HM2 - HM1 let you sort hands in a session by the final pot size. now you can't. so if you fold out, it's not easy to find the big hands if you didn't mark them during the session.
    my current workaround is when I quit for the session, I first click "sit out" then bring up the hand replayer and check the drop down by pot size to make sure I got the big ones.

    Bogdan - thanks for the videos. I always learn a lot.
  • worldanizer


    ok, I'm not saying it's easy, and I'm not saying it doesn't take more time, only that you have to play more, otherwise it will take you forever. Check out all the great players, and see what their practice was like. (tell me if you find a great player that was playing <20k hands a month as he was climbing the stakes).

    PS. I like the video too.
  • William340


    it's important to remember everybody starts at the bottom, and not everyone is trying to get to the top.
    People with 'regular jobs' and no real inclination to play 'for a living' are naturally going to approach the game differently.
    I think it makes more sense to iron out the kinks in your game while playing relatively low volume. Once your foundation is solid, you can go for more volume if that's what you want.
    To play a lot of hands, you need to be able to make good decisions quickly. But until you have started to master the principles, playing more hands for the sake of volume will just have you making the same mistakes more often.
    Please don't think I am trying to fight or argue with you. I just feel that you have been playing at a high level for so long, you've forgotten your days as a beginner. or maybe you just jumped in the deep end and started swimming. ;-)