Micro Surgery 11 - Zoom Poker Introduction

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.10/$0.20
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer kicks off the two-part miniseries within Micro Surgery, dealing with Limit Hold 'em Zoom, also known as "Fast Fold" poker on PokerStars. The first video opens with a Theory type presentation drawing on Boomers own experience gathered at the Zoom tables so far, subsequently concluding the episode with a session review of a few hands plays at the $0.10/$0.20 tables.


Micro Surgery series Session Review Theory Video Zoom

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the first part of the Fixed-Limit Zoom miniseries within the popular Logic Knot series with Boomer!

    Please leave your thoughts and any questions you may have about the Video!
  • Madafakabat


    Good vid, but FL Zoom is still dead nowadays, and only 10/20c limit, do you think there'll be higher stakes, and maybe any traffic?
  • datsmahname


    Maybe they'll try a promotion lucrative enough to drive traffic from the cash games.
  • datsmahname


    Re: JTo barrel UI

    If we could develop a reputation to exploit later we could probably realize some value by getting snapped off. On a regular table we could easily parlay a spewy image, but not so much in zoom.
  • datsmahname


    Re: A9o turn and river plan

    I think on that board we don't have much SD value. What do you think about barreling against AJ/AQ and small pps with a heart draw?
  • datsmahname


    A couple general zoom tips:
    - Note players seated at one table in the lobby. They're more likely to be fish. Also, if you spot them on a second table it means they've fast folded on the other.
    - CTRL + fold lets you watch the full hand. Watching hands early in a session can help identify the marks in a pool.
  • Boomer2k10



    To be honest I doubt it

    POkerstars is acutely aware of normal Fixed Limit traffic and they've already said they won't do anything that would jepoardise the normal games so we may not see Zoom FL above Micros.

    However we may see one off monthly promotions or something like that as datsmahname said so I wouldn't give up on it yet
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi datsmahname


    Agreed and in fact I had a very similar hand in an earlier video with JTo where I barrelled in similar circumstances. I think on this occasion the board just came that little bit worse but I can certainly see where you're coming from


    I like the idea for sure. As I said at the time it was a close decision and I certainly don't object to betting the turn. Betting the river as well on such a huge brick might be a little optimistic but looking at where I am in my range for 3-betting a HJ open I'm pretty dang low so turning my hand into a bluff here I don't think is out of the question at all. Nice line.


    Thanks :)

    Wish I'd have known that beforehand :p

    Thanks for your comments
  • Lasso


    nice video, thank you
  • pTrooo4


    date for part 2?
  • EuanM


    Part two release is scheduled for Thursday 31st May, although this could change.

    For more information on the upcoming Videos & any updates, see the Video overview News: