How about some low-stakes for gosh sakes...? - Part 3

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The twenty-fifth video from faarcyde brings the third installment of the lowstakes series. In the third part of the video, faarcyde makes a re-player review of his students play in a on the merge network.


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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the 25th video from faarcyde which looks at a tournament played by one of his students on merge.

    Please leave your thoughts & questions about the video for the coach!
  • ghaleon


    31:30 77. We can usually also somewhat discount the most premium hands from their range. Well sometimes both can be limping with big hands, but it's still less likely.
  • Tim64


    06:30 AKs. Not that I'm love with fist-pump 5b shoving AKs here either, but given the positions and villain's huge sizing I'd be kind of surprised to see AA or KK here. Don't we have to assign a range of QQ+ with no 4b bluffs to justify folding here or am I being too gung ho?
  • faarcyde


    @Ghaleon: Good point, I should have adjusted it to chop off the top end.

    @Tim64: I would assign a range of AK and JJ+ based on his bet sizing which I believe makes it a fold.
  • filipke65


    Why the hell would u want to call with KTo in the sb at 38:35 min of this video. Doesn't make any sense at all. It's super -EV, there is a super short stack and another guy with same stack as us and this guy in CO is definetely not pushing super wide. Even if he does, it's still a big fold. Lot of mistakes by hero, but always made it correct by faarcyde, but this KTo hand is a clear fold.
  • filipke65


    Oh i'm sorry, It's TT, i thought i saw KTo, nevermind then. Thx for the video faarcyde.