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The latest from the Russian collection, p0rkus has taken the time to dub the Fullring MSS video originally created by SGrifon showcasing a six tabling session review inclusive of the coaches commentary.


MSS Session Review sixtabling

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the latest from SGrifon, dubbed by p0rkus, a Mid-stack strategy video from the depths of the Russian video section.

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts about the Video!
  • johhnyEVplus


    Not working
  • johhnyEVplus


    EDIT: Now it works.
  • eXtremeACE


    What winrate can one expect playing MSS at nl50 stake?

    Is it around 4bb's/100, or more/less?

  • tMHs


    nice video! keep translating!
  • Taskforce


    Í suspected that the Russian 40BBers on Stars FR are retardedly overagro but now i know it for sure.I 4bet them BvB with everykind of junk and they keep folding.After some point they got angry and call me with KQ and 44, It seems like +EV yes:D Annoying spewy style which is easy to exploit.Good luck with it anyways!;) You're welcomed at the tables anytime.

    No disrespect for the videomaker btw!:)
    It's just my opinion.
  • Taskforce


    And ofc when they snap me with 44 and i show them an overpair they get angry and start typeing in the chat:)Pretty amusing.:)
  • Milename


    good coach! 5ev/bb on nl 200fr. imba
  • DeBats


    Dude, I love your style... I feel so stupid now when playing. If you`d call me a fish you`d be insulting all fish who truely are fish. I fear im worse. I heard so many things ive never even thought about!!
  • yomatiyo


    Min 19:00, 33 hand in right left, why not ch/shoving the river if he bets? I dont think we can ch/c really profitable there.. there is a los of 88 99 Tx in his range. But if we ch/shove, seriously, whit what can he calls us? almost nothing!.
  • VaFadrian


    Can you please tell me what table theme do you use ? Thank you.
  • elmasmini


    Good video,

    Thanks for the translation.
    Hope there are more to come in the future
  • sirilidion


    17:16 if he has a lot of bluffs why not just call his reraise and give him the chance to bluff his entire stack on the turn?