User Review with Daniel & BogdanPS - Part 3

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Enjoy the third part of the user review with BogdanPS discussing the plays made at TitanPoker by member MirceaDaniel! The subject is part-time poker player, Daniel - who will be the beneficiary of the comments made in the Video! Thank you for your efforts and contributions folks, and please do leave your thoughts and questions for the coach!


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Comments (11)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part from BogdanPS, featuring the session with our fellow community member Daniel, which will conclude the user review.

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts & feedback about the video!
  • Liquor1


    thanks for video , very interesting to watch
  • worldanizer


    Thanks for replying to the previous video's feedback.

    Nice video! :)
  • GiJoe883


    Thank you very much bogdan for reminding me that variance (when it rears its ugly head) can appear to last longer when we are low volume players...

    I needed to hear that simple (obvious) fact....

    I find your review throughtout this series extremely informative

    I am much more of a live player and beggining to "cross train".
  • SkyTheSlayer


    I would like to hear more of that mental approach stuff please. Would be awesome to see a full video dedicated to that from Bogdan.
  • AceBully


    Excellent video Bogdan! I would like to see a video where you talk about the mental approach of the game.
  • Liquor1


    mental approach +1
  • BogdanPS


    Thank you for the feedback guys.

    I am glad to announce that I will be working on some mental game video(s) for the EN community as well (I have a few for the romanian community).

    Until then enjoy these :)
  • M1rCea


    Thank you for this series Bogdan, I really appreciate your analysis.

    Will take each vid and study it thoroughly.

  • flexurmind


    One more thank from a regular "student" of your videos Bogdan, they are really informative =)
  • JohnDoe1313


    Bogdan, your videos are awesome, full of great explanations and amazing thoughts. Definitely +1 to the mental part.