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  • $25
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Bierbaer kicks-off his Leakfinder series with the review of the user "NorwayCowboy", firstly focusing on the session itself, making comments and discussing common leaks found at these stakes as the video unfolds. Stay tuned for the second video, which will feature discussion with Hero.


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Comments (25)

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  • kokos99sd


    i almost cant even hear the audio :(
  • SMler1


  • sausage646


    #1 +1 ... if you don't have loudspeakers and watching this on laptop you are piratically doomed...
  • kokos99sd


    --- Couple of good advices but overall nothing so interesting in this video... pretty standart spots tho
  • kokos99sd


    btw i dont think his game is solid.... nit overall, too loose on the SB tho. then i dont really like so big sizings for cbets esp against fishes (~60% is enough when bluffing)
  • AceBully


    I think Norway Cowboy should stop c-betting so big really it's unnecessary and i also notice that he's playing OOP a lot and the Fancy Syndrom Play will kill your winrate. Lot of work to do Cowboy :)... I agree with kokos99sd his game is not solid. Looking forward to see more reviews. Cool Value Bet lines vs fishes Bierbar. Nice video!
  • Bierbaer



    first of all: thanks for the feedback!

    I believe my audio was ok, however NorwayCowboy had some background noise.
    So I guess PS lowered the audio. It is annoying that the volume is low, but I think it would be worse with the buzzing noise in the background. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you can still enjoy the video.

  • puccini1


    Nice video. Looking to the series forward. A couple of spots were useful to me.
    I think you mentioned it in the video but i also think not planning hands comes from too many tables. If your thought process is slower then drop a table then add it in when it's comfortable add it in again.
    This approach has worked for me.
  • Farmarchist


    hey bierbaer,

    I also opened Equilab to analyse that 8To hand. You said we have massive reversed implieds when we hit our straight on the turn... But I let the scenario analyser run and I see we have still 84% eq on 6h and 82% on Jh. We also are in the lead with an 8 or T.

    So should we call?
  • Farmarchist


    33:00 99 bottom right. isn't this a standard call? the 3bet can't be for value?
  • Farmarchist


    39:00 the ATs hand, down right. Is raise>call? It isn't clear for me what and why is best.
  • Farmarchist


    40:25 should we defend AJ top right?
  • Farmarchist


    44:00 downright: K8o. Is it a riverbet/fold? or ch/f? I'd go for the 1st option vs that fish
  • Farmarchist


    48:00 99. Agree with going broke PF unless he is pretty nitty. But is the flopraise not mandotory to protect our hand? Any J/Q/K/A is bad.
  • cozacu


    See if he`s getting angry? LOL loved that one,very funny.

    Great video(some good small tehnical stuff),thx coach!we want more
  • rednit


    Enjoyable video.
    I'd agree with puccini1 that dropping tables is a good way to go. Unless you've "mastered" the limit you are playing on I'd stick to two tables. If you have no time to think of your moves you'll not improve your game much.
  • PerusJamppa


    From 26:00 JTo.
    First of all, i think 3-bet or fold are only good options there.
    If we bet the flop, what shall we do on turn if villain(s) calls?
  • Bierbaer



    thanks again for the feedback.

    I'll answer the questions by referring to the post numbers:

    Yes our equity against their total range is pretty good. However, that is not the same range that will get in

    more money.
    If we bet on a 6h or Jh we'll get folds from overpairs etc, so the actual equity is extremely low.

    We can't call for setvalue, we can't play the hand OOP vs 2 regs, so a call is -EV.
    However, we have foldequity + decent potequity vs most callingranges, so a 3bet is +EV.

    I think it's close, given we're in the pot with so many opponents (and 2 of them are left to act), I prefer a call.
    There's a chance the donkbettor has a 9 in which case we're risking a 3bet and getting in a lot of money as an underdog, and if somebody behind us overcalls worse FDs or other weak hands we're perfectly fine with that as well.

    The AJ is an easy fold without reads imo.

    Again it's close. You can definitely argue for a valuebet but you have to make it very small. I'd bet as small as 1/4 pot.

    In the 99 hand protection would be pretty much the only reason for raising the flop. But vs a decently wide 3bettingrange, the only real scarecard for us is an A.
    On a K, Q etc he is likely to barrel light, so we can call again.
    Therefore the call on the flop is because we have equity and we can induce bluffbets.

    Depends on how much we expect them to float our lead. If MP calls the lead I'd be careful and probably c/f the turn because his range for calling is pretty strong since he's sandwiched.
    However, if BU calls he can have quite some floats in his range and I'd c/c the turn in order to induce.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,
  • autheking


    Great video!Kinda saw some of my own leaks there since I play similar limits.
    Surprised that the hero raises 3bb from all positions and I think thats a leak since he gets less value from his ep range and opens himself to easy resteals when on button.I don't play on stars so I don't know how the regs play there but on Everest I have seen regs resteal wide against a button 3bb open on NL 25.
  • Grigo92


    I enjoyed it :)
  • IMGameOver


    Nice video! Great conclusions!
  • BogdanDr


    nice video!
  • bonecore


    the fact that his game is not ultra solid and he has leaks is great for me as now i have a standard to look for as i play same limit... it would be great to know his winrate in big blinds /100 hands so i can compare with negative winrate.
  • bonecore


    33:00 with pocket 99 ... in comments u say we can not call OP for set value vs 2 opponents. I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

    if we had 33 then we call for set value
    if we have 99 is too strong or what?
  • bonecore


    the answer to my #23 comment is in part 2 :)