Battle of the Planets Shootout - Part 2

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Enjoy the second installment of the review from the Battle of the Planets shootout held at PokerStars. PhilShaw, a very high quality poker player and coach for quickly goes through the structure of the tournament to give an overview, followed by an in-depth hand history review, of the various plays made and interesting spots discovered, in the hand replayer. In part two, we have gathered some more information and recognize a few of the better regulars at the table, so interesting spots can be expected.


Battle of the Planets BOPS final table hand history review series Session Review shootout

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the 2nd part of the new series with PhilShaw, focusing on a hand re player review concerning Sit & Go content in the form of the Battle of the Planets tournament held at

    The second part brings some interesting spots as Phil recognizes some familiar screen names at this table.

    Please be sure to leave your thoughts & feedback for Phil!
  • Lasso


  • madein1984


    29:50 would you fold AQo?
  • Tim64


    13:30 You mentioned the AJ hand could lead on the river for value and mentioned we can get picked off by mid pairs or weaker Aces. There's really only ATs that could raise utg, so if AQ/AK is potcontrolling we're going to valuetown ourselves more often than not. Bet against mid pairs seems fine, though our hand looks so much Ax I dunno how often we get paid. If betting, how much do you like?
  • Tim64


    17:00 AQ. You mentioned the stack-a-donk play with your ch/R AI with tpgk on Turn. Can you just explain why you prefer it to check/call (in this particular spot). Thanks
  • Tim64


    28:00 A7s vs KK. I think you misread action here. simpledude minR from utg and Ch@rge just flats (rather than open limping).
  • Tim64


    Overall really nice vid, thanks. Looking forward to pt3.
  • PhilShaw


    mad - id still call aqo, but fold ajs probably

    tim -

    13.30 - he rarely has AK/Q as he didnt bet turm ,and may have worse suited aces or pairs that look you up.
    17.00 - when he calls i believe he has something, but wont necessarliy bet the river if I ch/call here, or call 3 streets. ch/r often traps hands like 67, A7, A8/AT-J into calling and avoids seeing rivers where i might get bluffed/shut down.