WCOOP Main - Part 5

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $5200
  • Fullring
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Chenny8888 will use the Hold 'em Manager 2 re-player in his latest video series, to conduct the review of his play the main event of the WCOOP, into which he entered via satellite. The fifth part will conclude the re-player review of the tournament, thoughts and commentary bring provided by our tournament expert chenny8888 throughout.


hand history review series Session Review WCOOP Main Event 2011

Comments (6)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the conclusion of the fifty-two hundred WCOOP with chenny.

    Your thoughts, questions & feedback, are as always, eagerly awaited!
  • LX4DR


    why i call AJ on the river??
  • Wittgnstein


    thanks for the series. Enjoyed it.

    Though 3bet push with A3, I believe, is a debatable decision.

    Did you have any reads on the opponent that he steals a lot from SB ?

  • chenny8888


    @2, @3: please include the minute number of the hand in question.

    @3: we need very specific reads NOT to push A3o vs a SB raise! in fact against regulars we are raise/calling a hand like A3o from SB for 20bb! Ax is very strong for blind vs blind 20bb!
  • WinStrat


    When you were chip leader, had you considered slowing down by playing very tight and cautious until the bubble or even later stages had passed?

    Obviously you would have made a bigger payout. However it depends of what your goals were at the time.
  • chenny8888


    No, MTTs have a very top heavy structure. Even though it's a 5k buyin tournament we have to be as impartial as we can about the money and really try to maximise our EV. I did not consider slowing down, instead trying to accumulate as many chips as possible in order to compete for the stacked prizes at the top.