Calling All-ins with King High

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Jay rifled his database for the purposes of finding examples where we are faced with the decision of moving in with King high. Nash is used for the analysis of the hands.


Equity ICM Nash Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video from Jay and be sure to leave any questions you may have as well as feedback about the video.
  • maxwi


    The "abuse prevention theory" is a joke.
    If someone is abusing he is playing outside the equilibrium and plays an exploitive AND exploitable style.
    All we need to do is to guess his "abusive" range accurately and then call a profitable range against that.
    A calling range against a pushing range that is considerably to wide is surprisingly wide and can be very profitable.
    The "abuser" will have to change his style or loose a killing rather quickly. So far every "abusive regular" I ever encountered has stopped doing so against me without me ever making any "ecucational call" or "spite call" at all. Just don't skip any of the profitable spots.
  • maxwi


    Against smart opponents "abusers" are digging their own graves.
  • JayGatsby



    you should be cautious calling something a joke that you do not understand.

    You confuse Abuse with Exploitation.

    Abuse = a player steals your blinds with a very loose range AND there is nothing you can do about it because of high bubble factors.

    You find more on Abuse prevention in my first video.


  • maxwi


    Hi Jay, your video is fine.

    What you call "abuse" I call great profitable SNG play.

    Every player should do it and every winning player is doing it.

    You are a winning player. Would you like to call yourself an elite abuser? - I am sure you would rather call yourself an elite player.

    Against truly good players there is absolutely no profitable countermeasure against their great play which you call abuse.

    Peace. I have to go now and "abuse" a few BBs to an ugly chip death...
  • clsn10


    #5 "Against truly good players there is absolutely no profitable countermeasure against their great play which you call abuse."

    Unless perhaps you could come up with some sort of "abuse prevention theory or strategy" to employ. Now that would make an awesome video for any intermediate player looking to improve!!!!!!!
  • JayGatsby


    I totally agree with clsn10, "Abuse Prevention" is in effect designed as a countermeasure to abuse.

    It is practiced by many very good players but its significance and possible applications are overlooked by the majority of regs.

    Its definitely a topic im going to delve into more deeply sometime...
  • Raamses91


    Jay,nice video! Whats your screenname?
  • dydukas


    In the KJo hand you put blinds as bets in the ICM Explorer, so you don't need to care about pot odds anymore, no?
  • dydukas


    Disregard that, I use another ICM program which calculates bubble factor a bit different.
  • JayGatsby



    yeah if you just put the blinds and antes in you immediately get the needede equity.

    I just wanted to emphasize the risk premium.

  • dydukas


    But changing blinds doesn't affect the tie factor almost at all in ICM explorer. Why is that?