180 & 45-Man Sit & Go Session - Part 2a

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Braminc hits the 45 and 180-man Multi-Table Sit & Goes to demonstrate his method for tackling the various Sit & Go formats shown. We hope you enjoy the Video, and don't forget to leave any thoughts or questions you may have about the video for braminc.


Live Video MTSNG PokerStars series Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the part two from braminc, which is divided into a three part mini-series:

    2b: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/24728/
    2c: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/video/24729/

    Your thoughts & feedback are always welcome!
  • braminc


    I'm not sure why the quality keeps coming out like this. It doesn't look this way on my computer from the original file. However it gets much clearer as soon as the actual video replay begins and also in parts 2b/2c.

    I will certainly make adjustments on future videos to guarantee perfect picture quality. Dont give up on me guys!!

  • elpsycho


    Hi braminc!
    Can you please elaborate on ATs hand on the first table at around 2:20. Why do you think that minraise is a bad play? Good players won't call us, we will get calls only from some fishy guys and against their range ATs is in a good shape. And if somebody pushes we can easily fold our hand bacause we will be far behind against a push range.
  • elpsycho


    P.S. And do you really think it is profitable to call a push with JJ @8:35?
  • Life4Tale


    I agree with elpsycho. Maybe A10 minraise is not so bad. JJ hand is push for me too ...
  • elpsycho


    T7 hand. Do you think if there is a merit in continuing barrelling the turn?
    And should we bluff a little more often in similar spots in heads-up pots?
  • Max1303


    13:20 76o from bu.

    i guess its maybe better to fold here once, and then to push maybe the next hand(co) or, in the next orbit, the bu. our fe is nearly 0 and against random range we've only 42%, but if we get the chance to push k2o or sth like that, we often have the flip vs random range.

    plz correct me, if i ve got a thinking error there ;)
  • Max1303


    sry it's not 13:20 but 12:55 ;)