Micro Surgery 13 - Coping with Running Poorly Live - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Micro Surgery continues with Fixed-Limit player and PokerStrategy.com Coach "Boomer2k10" at the PokerStars tables. During the session review, Boomer will look at a session he played where he was running badly, and as a result highlights points throughout the video, on where we can remain diligent despite bad luck.


Micro Surgery PokerStars series Session Review

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  • datsmahname


    Will this potential live stream be on your youtube channel?

    I liked your line with AQhearts and think your first instinct to raise the turn is best. There are many draws and the guy behind is short stacked. If he has any one of them he's likely not folding and may just stick it in with 10-20% equity. He could also have a weak ace and won't invest on the river with a busted draw. I want to get that value right there on the turn.
  • datsmahname


    Regarding that KJ hand... Against a donk bettor I definitely adjust my preflop calling ranges because our relative position is significantly worse when a player on our right is willing to lead and trap us between the flop raiser.

    If he weren't donking and when we consider that the 3-bettor might have a wide range then I think your coldcall is defensible.

    I also think folding the flop is best but very marginal. Its close because we're getting good immediate odds on roughly 4.75 outs for our BDSD, BDFD and overcards (roughly 12:1.5 or so).

    However, our RIO is pretty terrible when we either improve to a draw or pair. The SB/donker is inclined to donk the turn after donking the flop so its going to be expensive to draw.
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi datsmahname

    I will be running it on my TwitchTV channel...which I signed up for about 6 months ago but never got round to using becasue the internet in the UK is run by someone who never heard the term "upload"

    I was a little worried regarding quality and the fact I would be revealing hole cards for potential ghosting but I've got a piece of software now which allows me to both stream on a delay and compress the stream enough for it to be decent quality without tanking my internet completely

    I will most likely export highlight vids to my Youtube Channel but you have to be pretty careful with Youtube...I once uploaded a video of me and a friend playtesting Magic the Gathering as a private video for me and my testing team and it got a copyright infraction due to my buddy having barely audible Friends on his TV in the background.

    I am going to start a blog on here and I'll post more details on there as to when I'm going to start (I'll update here too)

    The channel is http://www.twitch.tv/boomer2k10
  • datsmahname


    cool, streaming on delay seems like a great way to do content. I'll definitely check it out when that comes around.
  • YohanN7


    I am such a horrible person because I look forward very much to watching the promised bad run.;)

  • YohanN7


    I am such a horrible person because I look forward very much to the promised bad run.

  • AvritJack



    again it's a great video from you. I really enjoyed to watch this production. I like it very much a specialy live game and analysing used in this video.

    I hope you will made more like this one.

  • Prometeo83


    Thanks, nice video
  • MrT61


    Hi Boomer,

    question about hand at 28.50:

    hand is:
    our OR QTo HJ, gets 3bet by goor player Bu, SB caps:

    flop: 5 T A rb

    SB Cbet:
    think I like a raise here for following reasons (I know instinctively it seems VERY BAD but...)
    -we will know where we are in the hand (big pot so we have to try to get him)
    - we put Bu in a very very difficult spot with his JJ-KK

    what do you think about that???
  • MrT61


    General remark about running bad:

    I think it had been better to show us a running bad vid in your normal stakes (how you deal with it) ;
    I think it is far more easy to lose 100BB for you in a 0.5-1 vid vs losing 100BB in your normal stakes
    (in analogy with: what means 1000 eur for a multimillionaire ), so you will handdle it far more easy here

    looking forward to more vids!
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi MrT61, sorry about the delay

    I am not sure about that becasue he've got to still take on teh SB. I think the odds of catching them both with JJ-KK given preflop action is virtually 0 here. Protecting our hands is important in smaller pots but this one is too big the ranges are too strong.

    The only thing I can potentially see it being good with is if we're going to fold to any further raises and try and buy the button in order to check behind river.

    Regarding the "Normal Stakes" comment, why do you think I record audio after :) (j/k) Let's just say the first time I lost $1k in a day wasn't my favourite day of my life but, as my coach at the time said, "You won $6k before you lost $1k so no moping" (or words to that effect)

    Unfortauntely I'm not Jared Tendler or Tommy Angelo so I'm not sure I'm the perfect guy to talk to about the finer psychological points but I can try and give pointers and one of the biggest things about moving up and what keeps people at low stakes is that they can't handle the swings. It's VERY hard and something that everyone struggles with.

    Even Doyle Bruson once said "If I thought I was pushinging a Brand New Cadillac in the middle every time I bet I'd never play"
  • MrT61


    Tx for your answers boomer!

    was it "the elephant"="BBB" who told you that?

    nice way of thinking by Doyle, will try that too!
  • Boomer2k10


    It was :)
  • Borisian


    Why are these Gold when the rest of the series is silver?
  • DocDanish


    I second that question!