Micro Surgery 14 - Coping with Running Poorly Live - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer continues his cooler session while observing the effects this has on one's play and mindset, while at the tables. The video takes place at PokerStars, while boomer plays two tables of Limit Hold 'em.


Micro Surgery PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (8)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the second part of the mini-series with Boomer focusing on running poorly - your thoughts & feedback are always welcome!
  • datsmahname


    KQ with Q hearts.

    We should challenge our assumptions here. One line that makes sense for our opponent is that he jammed the flop with a strong hand, decided he might not be ahead, but convinced himself that more action was somehow required. We could apply a similar logic to a lower straight, perhaps a set or a weak flush depending on how aggressive he is.

    Anyways, our line won't change because I don't think we have an equity edge on the river but I don't think he's on just busted draws or the nuts.
  • HariRadovan


    Hi Boomer, although you didnt run too good that vid you played very well, so I like it.
    There are 2 hands I would have played differently and I would like to discuss them with you.

    Min 11: With AK on a K99-board I would reraise the flop to shut out the 3rd player who might have some outs with a gutshot. If he doesnt fold his gutshot to your reraise you have gained because you got more money in the pot as a big favorite. Also if the 3rd player folds you have position over your other opponent and potentially have the opportunity to take a free card if the turn card is very bad.
    While reraising gives the BB the option to cap this is not bad at all. If he does so with a flush-draw you make money because you are a 2:1 favorite against him. If he has trips and caps this is not necessarily bad either because you will then loose less money on the turn on average because you would then just call down even if the turn is a blank which you would otherwise raise. So I think reraising the flop is the better play here.
  • HariRadovan


    Min 34:30: with 97 on a 88x-flop against a CO-open you say that you have an easy call on the flop with 2 backdoor-draws. However your hand has only 23% equity against a CO who raises an ORC-range. That player has tight stats so I dont think he raises much wider. Therefore the standard-play for me would be to check-fold the flop.
    The flopcall is a fine play if done with the intention of donking almost any turncard as a bluff against an opponent who is not overly showdown-bound (which is the case here).
    You did donkbet the turn which is absolutely fine but you say you do so because you improve to top pair and that gives me the impression that you would check-fold most turncards where in my opinion you should donkbet almost any turncard to justify check-calling the flop. The flop check-call is otherwise a weak play.
  • ZeroDegrees


    Thanks for the video, good as usual. Misleading name of the series though, seems to me you were + in the luck division. Theme is 2nd best hands and going into B-game (though still very good) imho.
  • Borisian


    Why are these Gold when the rest of the series is silver?
  • kavboj84


    Hi Boomer,

    I dont like the way you played your AK @12:00. I would have 3bet the flop to protect my hand get the absolute position.I dont think that the x/r-er would cap with a draw here, or if he would donk the turn if he completes, so in case a heart comes you can check back with the redraw and raise the river if you have the nut flush otherwise you get to showdown cheaply. On the other hand you raise the turn on a blank card you still get 3bet from trips.
  • Boomer2k10


    Yeah the Ak-Hand looking back I'm not a big fan of my play in that hand

    I think B-3-B is definitely the superior play here, shut out QJ/QT and give myself the best chance of being ahead.