Leakfinder with Bierbaer - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
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Bierbaer continues his Leakfinder series with the review of the user "NorwayCowboy", looking at a sessionr in an attempt to find leaks and help NorwayCowboy finally beat NoLimit25.


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Comments (12)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part from Bierbaer, continuing the leak-finding series.

    Your thoughts and feedback are welcomed as always!
  • super1


  • kipouwe


    good video
  • Grigo92


    Great series, I am looking forward to see more :)
  • bonecore


    why are the 3-bets so big... out of position he 3bets like 4x the raise ... on 20:50 the hand KQ he 3-bets 4.9$. Is this another of his leaks ?
  • bonecore


    QQ hand on 27:00 ... i think if he 4-bets he only gets called by AK and JJ. The rest of hands are folding and KK AA is shoving. For me this was always where i lose money ... or is it a problem of mine.. dunno
  • AchillesBG


    Minute 24 we call EP raise with KJo and then raise AJ9r. What is the reason for the call preflop and the raise OTF? We can`t raise for value and making him fold Ax is a bit optimistic.

    So if we think calling preflop is fine then KJ on this board is a medium value hand so we should call IP and see a turn?
  • BogdanDr


    very nice series
  • bradomurder


    The student is deafening and the coach is quiet, other than that it's quite good
  • fortunewheel


    min 14:22

    The pocket tens sqz is way too big if you ask me. I think 12 bb total would be more than enough to get the same results
  • fortunewheel


    the call in the BB with A4o was rlly bad. For obvious reasons , donk in the sb called the OTB open. And you really want to play a weak ace OOP, no suit, vs a donk and a reg? seems like a terrible proposition to me
  • bouchapipe


    hero didn't raise 79s, 108s, A7s on BU and CO... The KJ raise was a really weird spot, which didn't make much sense in my eyes...

    I think there were a lot of preflop mistakes and not that many interesting spots postflop