Boomer's review with Pasoleati

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  • $0.50/$1
  • Shorthanded
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Boomer takes a session from user Pasoleati to offer his thoughts & comments about the plays made during the session. Two tables of $0.50/$1 are reviewed at PokerStars.


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Comments (5)

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video with Boomer - your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • Limitroller


    Hi, Boomer I love your videos you help me through the micros keep doing this you are my hero ;-)
  • Rantrave


    Hello Boomer,

    I must agree, Babylon 5 is fine sci-fi show.

    I have question to 2 hands.

    3:00-3:20 JJ in a 3way pot, If There would be a 3-bet by PasoLeati, and the 3rdPlayer would took 2 bets call, would you see that JJ a still ahead their ranges or on a Turn card would you see those JJ as a draw.

    29:25-29:35 36o, If there would go induction vs this loose-passive guy, would you fold on a Ax card on a Turn/River , or make colddown no matter what cards would hit the board?
  • kupava


    hello! i thought that .5-1 is silver section videos, when did it change? thanks!
  • Boomer2k10



    Great series I agree but I'm pretty sure I get extra nerd points for getitng the reference :)

    1) If this had been a 3-bet pot and seen this much action I'd begin to feel bad about my hand but unless I was faced with 2 bets I wouldn't fold becasue the pot would be getting too large. Lot of river cards I could fold on though

    2) If he bet on the Ace, yes I probably would fold if I was inducing