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PhilShaw launches his new series featuring a theory course on the current approach to the Hyper-turbo games within the poker world. He gives valuable tips & advice on the current situation and how to potentially best tackle this.


hyper turbo series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the new series with PhilShaw concerning hyper turbos.

    Your thoughts and feedback are welcomed as usual!
  • SpassPoker


    First :-)
  • SpassPoker


    Wird in der Übersicht als Heads_Up Video eingestuft, scheint aber eher um 6max zu gehen.
  • jbpatzer


    Omfg, the soundtrack is corrupted. Does nobody check these vids before they go out?? Honestly! Pffff!
  • Antonioull


    There seems to be a problem with Audio
    , cuts and glitches etc
  • Vsehporeshu


    in russian please
  • dydukas


    Good vid as always from PhilShaw. Except those audio glitches and that it's probably bronze or silver content at best.
  • jimira


    Hi Phil,

    at about 26:40 you refer to some work done on 2+2 about vaiance and profit in variable formats. Can you link to that please?

    Good video, cannot wait for the liveplay...
  • Harleyps


    Oh, really nice vidoe i want to see the next part!
  • EuanM


    Hey guys, I've been looking at the video the past days - the audio glitches are present, but I didn't notice these prior to release.

    We're working on a fix just now if possible, the trouble is the glitches seem to be a result of some editing, so I'm not clear at the moment if it's something we can resolve. Stay tuned.
  • jimira


    16:18 "you gonna have a good balanced range or people will rip you apart"

    can you explain further?
  • Tim64


    Yeah, can't watch it at the moment. Hope s/track is resolved cos the content looks awesome.
  • PhilShaw


    Hi guys,

    most if the vid seems ok from flicking through it now? Unfortunately quite a lot of time elapased from making it to it appearing so I no longer have the original to reproduce, sorry. As for questions:

    jimira - you need balanced ranges between very weak hands you can raise/fold and ones you raise/snap call, otherwise people will know you are usually strong/weak and expolit this. The variance work was by a user called shrooma on 2p2 i believe though i no longer have links
  • PhilShaw


    And finally, Ive just released a comprehensive series on hypers via 2p2 and YourDoomPoker. More details are on and here:
  • elpsycho


    20:21 You are saying that there are no Nash charts available for ante play. What about holdem resources?
  • mickito


    can't you reupload this vid ? for sound purposes ?