Key Hands from Katie at the World Series 2012

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Katie takes us through the ten most noteworthy hands she was dealt at the World Series of Poker 2012. In a theory format, Katie will discuss the details of each hand inclusive of the plays made, offering her comments & analysis retrospectively. We hope you enjoy the video, and please do leave your comment for Katie!


2012 wsop

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please do leave your thoughts & feedback about the Video!
  • Farmarchist


    Nice vid katie
  • jaceface1


    I think u missplayed all of the first 6 hands.
    But it was a good vid for me and i could think about a couple of thinks.
    Ans its obv just my opinion
  • KatieDozier314


    @Farmarchist: Thanks!

    @Jaceface1: If you'd like to elaborate on how you think I misplayed them, I'm happy to discuss them.
  • jaceface1


    Iobv had enough motivation to check out if some 1 or even you katie, has a diffrent opinion on my "statment"
    But im to lazy to watch the vid again just to give you my opinion.
    Im obv not playing as much, high good as you do.
    So the only think u would get is a opinion from a way way worse player.
    And thats not a big motivation for me :)
    But i can say u overplayed ur nut hands pre or on tthe flop imo.
    jj on j32 if hes tight hell not call 5 high in the bb even if its suited. so the only reason to 3 bet would be to get big action vs 45s.
    If he has a set the money goes in in most cases anyways.
    Against ace j it would be a horrible play cause hes not a donk like me who will stack of with tptk.
    All his top pair hand bet like "all" truns for value so theres ablsoulte no reson to 3 bet the flop with top set there.
    5 bet from 3.2 to 8k with aa against loose 4 better is pretty bad as well.
    It obv looks strong either way thats true.
    But even when hes super nuts hes way more likley to push over a smaler raise. And the 3 better plays his hand in this spot so he dont care if you make it smal or big. imo
    And aa on q78 with fd was pretty silly imo. I mean i make this mistake over and over again i dont see me folding aa there ever. But im a donk and not a pro. So i think u should be able to get away from it.
    Min he has pair+ fd or even sicker draws or made hands that have u beat.
    Maybe ace q or kq but thats more likley on my skill level :)
    So thats was all from my memory.
    I think its not worth allot but i guess i was in writing mode.
  • TheRebuz


    hand #4
    u say that u were planing to snap most rivers

    what range are u going to put him on when he
    - min raise u on 778r
    - over bets turn K(10k into ~9k pot)
    - probably bombs river
    that u had beat with QQ (when he 3 barrels)?

    imo best line here if u r planing to call most rivers is to shove turn to get it in vs his combo draws (smth like str8 draw and backdoor flush)
  • KatieDozier314


    #6 Jaceface: Getting 8:3 pre-flop, it’s very likely that Harrington would call pre with suited connectors in the big blind. He also has a lot of flush draw combos in his check/raise range that we clearly want to 3-bet against. If he does have a low set, then even though he’s only drawing to one out, he won’t stack off with many board runouts if we play slow. In addition, we have only three betting rounds to get his 150bb stack in the middle in a single-raised heads-up pot. So for these reasons, I prefer 3betting the flop to slowplaying.

    #7 TheRebuz: I put him mainly on a range of air (including a couple of busted draws like T9s) and possibly some 7X hands. The flop raise looks bluffy given that even if he did have 7X or 88, he would likely flat and delay action until the turn to keep the recreational player in the hand. The king is a great card for him to barrel since he may think I’ll fold lower pocket pairs and the 8X hands in my range. So he’s very polarized if he fires the river, and based on his line up until that point in the hand as well as from a hand combo perspective, air would be a big enough part of his range that I’d have the equity I needed for a profitable river call.
  • jaceface1


    He dont stack of a set on MANY boards ?
    U dont get 150 bb in when u rasie turn if he has a hand ?
    So u raise flop to get value from fd and his nut hands ?
    Will he ever cr the flop to check fold a fd ? or is he more liley to bet turn with all oh his fd ?
    Will he bet all his AIR on turn after cr ?
    If he has a fd then hell at least call ur 3 bet okay. But in case he calls (i dont see him 4 betting anythinh less the the nut fd) do u think he check calls a turn bet then ?
    And if a spades come and he leads u can call trun and even river or turn your hand into a bluff in case that a 4th spades comes.
    And du u really think that hes not stacking of when any non spade will come up and he has a set ?
    I thnik u do so. So that might be a good spot for me to get an better idea of why im a sucker.