Knowing me knowing you

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EmanuelC16 kicks-off a new video series with member & forum moderator 'DrDunne' - to assist with improving his game with the aim of moving up at least one stake level.


Bankroll Building Beginner Knowing Me Knowing You Multicoach series Session Review Theory Video Unibet User Session Review

Comments (17)

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  • pleno1


    Hey guys, really looking forward to this series. Leave your comments/thoughts here and Manu will get back to you asap :)
  • gxtwo


    looking forward to this series!
  • IngridN


    Great stuff guys! Looking forward to more!
  • ains21


    Great video guys really looking forward to the next one. Interesting idea and should be very helpful for all us trying to get the hell out of the micros ..
  • RasTweet


    YeY Manu and DrD!
    Really liked the video! Like talking about OR, it's a leak for a lot of players I'm sure!
  • jules97


    I think this will be really helpful to people like me in a similar situation. Looking forward to it a lot!
  • supeyrio


    yay, good series.
    nay, i cant watch.
  • xoshix33


    Nice first 4 minutes manu!
    Correcting the thought process.. the most important thing a coach should do!
  • jbpatzer


  • the_typhoon


    I luv ABBA =)
  • albionpro


    I think this is a really bad video, sucks so much!!!!

    haha jokes, good work guys :P
  • EmanuelC16


    Sorry about the sound level difference guys. It's recorded with Camtasia. Will try to fix in next parts, although part 2 has already been recorded with about same sound quality. If any of you have a tip on improving it, contact me pls.
  • MisClick


    Great video, looking forward to the rest of the series! :D
  • Nejc351


    i loved it,easy to understand, i think it's useful for all the Nl2-NL10 players, i hope in further videos we'll be shown how to play from SB and the BB (and even the very wide BTN) profitable in the long run, i think it's leak for all micro playsers.
  • crodady


    great work guys
  • dallievas


    Good vid,looking forward to new one :)
  • BigAl123456


    Wow awesome video really enjoyed it... pretty excited for next part.