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Our coach "Pleno1" shows us that you don't have to play tight to win at SSNL. "Poker is about having fun" and Patrick demonstrates why aggression should be encouraged at small stakes no limit.


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  • pleno1


    Hi guys, hope you enjoy the video. Any questions feel free to ask here and I'll get back to you asap :)
  • Farmarchist


    Hey, great vid pleno :).

    1Q: Why the 3bet sizes? You 3bet a $0.30 openraise to $0.80. Aren't you giving correct setmine odds?
  • EnterG


    Nice pleno1 ! I like the 3bet IP preflop with so wide range.I think it 's better to analyze the stats or your graph and end of session.Liked the emplanations.Keep up !
  • pleno1



    Hey, thanks for the nice words

    - at smaller stakes players wont understand reverse implied odds as much and thus they see "wow less than 3x, gotta call now, value innit" ;) This means they will defend closely to what they raise with a lot of the time. You then can think a little further on the other side of the coin and that if they fold now they jsut go to a new hand straight away and many will just fold too much.

    To summarise

    1) We get them to call out of position, without initiative with weak/capped ranges

    2) We give ourself a great price to 3bet bluff

    Furthermore, pot to stack ratio isn't so important as we can just bet big on flop/turn and generally in 3bet pots they won't fold if they connect to the board.
  • pleno1



    Thanks, glad you liked it. Generally the sample in general will just be too small and totally skewed. Perhaps in the enxt video we can really break the ranges down positionally and talk about ranges and potential situations.

    Thanks again for watching <3
  • StaticMoth


  • DrDunne


    cool! been waiting for this. i don't 3bet NEARLY enough by the looks of it..
  • pleno1


    fwiw, some people messaged me asking me if this is jsut relevant for Zoom.

    If anything the theories are actually more relevant for non zoom as people will be more likely to call as the action is slower and they haven't had a good hand in 30 minutes or something similar. Also we can use game dynamic to help us.

    The pros of doing it in zoom actually allows us to get away with murder without them realising it :)
  • StaticMoth


    Regarding your first comment about calling OOP vs smallish 3b sizings ...

    There are a looot of players almost min3b IP with a ton of hands ...

    Like I open 3x ... and they 3b to 6bb IP.

    I basically almost never fold anything there even tho I'm OOP as they are 99% fishy players that POT the flop when they have "trickily played" KK+ and c-bk a lot of flops when they play their midpocket like that pre or their AK misses ... so I get to realize my equity quite well for a cheap price evne tho OOP imo.

    Only cases where I fold are when I open@CO and am at the very bottom of my opening range or smth like that.
  • StaticMoth


    good? bad? thoughts/comments on that
  • gadget51


    Hi,@36 min with 5d7d you tried to get villain to fold turn but I find that's a bit like 3 barrel bluffing at micros, it just doesn't seem to work often enough to be pofitable...or does it?

    My other problem is it's usually me who's the initial raiser and getting 3bet all over the place. How to combat that would be nice.

    Tyvm it was informative and enjoyable.

    I particularly like the donkbet hand @19 mins, is that from nl600? :):)
  • mineriva


    Do I understand correctly? Our range depends on:
    1) Villians stack size. ie small stack wider range.
    2) Villians nationality. ie non german is wider range
    3) Villians pic. ie a pic of a child is wider range
  • pleno1



    In poker you really should try to exploit as much edge as possible. This means that identifying recreational players quickly is important. A general trait is that they use an avatar of a baby or dog :D FWIW My avatar for 1 year was my dog and now its of my football team.

    Villains nationality can also be very important. It is known that Scandinavian players are generally more aggressive than most and thus if you have absolutely no reads sometimes you just have to use what you have. Smaller or medium stack will generally mean a 1 tabling player who isn't topping up but not adjusting their strategy, ie not following the MSS guides and playing SSS, MSS and BSS all within the same session, which of course will never be profitable.
  • pollentier


    7:30. Why didn't you setmine with 33 vs a utg raise?
  • Iepurila1989


    nice vid
  • TetraQuark


    Q1: Would you play the same on zoom nl25 sh?

    Q2: You open raise A4o from btn and at the same time you fast folded A3o from btn on other table, while action still being on utg player. Just a ingame mistake?

  • 4ezzZy


    Thx for this great Stuff!
  • kirasaki01


    whats that tool that you use for the red shade when you click ?
    i need that ! :)
  • binkmepls


    nice vid mate.. moar pls..
  • erlent


    I like the way you make your notes and the read on solid german players :-)

    After watching this video i recognized that i forgot the basic rules of poker, when it comes to 3-betting at the lower stakes.

    What do you think about a donkbet/fold on the river at 37:42 ? and how mutch would be your betsize ?

    really nice video
  • pistolino


    I just wanted to thank you for this video, it helped me a lot, i was struggling at nl 10 zoom and after watching this, my thinking about game is on new level.More videos like this.THX
  • ains21


    Great video pleno, and a brilliant demonstration of how smaller 3bs in position can lead to a lot of profit -- something I'm now trying to integrate into my game :). Cheers.
  • Agosfc


    Nice vid, thank you very much.
  • pleno1



    If deeper then generally we should probably call as our implied odds are sufficient enough to give us the required value due to their range being weighted towards value hands.
  • pleno1



    Yes Mal, generally just call this a dead board and carry on, this is definitely a case of "One and Done" when i raise turn its to get all small pairs that are trying to buy showdown or even a 10 to fold. Once he calls I'm just never even trying to put more money into the pot or bluff him off the hand.
  • pleno1



    Generally I fold 33 to UTG raise in tough games because people like to squeeze alot etc, I concede that in this spot flatting 33 pre flop with good implied odds from a probable strong range that will not fold to resistance post flop is a good idea. Good find :)
  • pleno1


    @15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23

    Thanks all. Feel free to post any questions about your own game in my ask me anything thread and I'll get back to you asap :)
  • pleno1



    Yeah I'd play very similar at nl25 zoom, if people don't call much then I'd think about flatting hands like KQ/AQ/QJ pre flop as they will be folding the range that I dominate and want to keep in.

    And yeh a4/a3 both of them are pretty wevs :) Don't think either would be genius or a mistake
  • pleno1



    It just comes from Camtasia when you record, don't know if you can find a tool but agree it looks pretty cool :D
  • pleno1



    Haha yeh, yet to see a German totally spew yet :(

    I really wouldn't like a donkbet, he is extremely polarized here, either he has AK/99 or he has a hand like 66/77/78s or some total airball that hes taking off with. I think the river is bad as it improves my perceived range. The reason I bet small on the flop is so that I can induce some spaz, I don't want to give him a reason to slow down.
  • oppoker91


    really enjoyed the video =)
    are u going to produce videos at higher limits?
  • pleno1



    Thanks alot, I enjoyed making it too :)

    Yeah I can make videos at 400-1knl too.

    Here's two videos that I previously made called "You can't win if you fold",bronze,silver,gold,platinum,diamond&lowerlimit=0&upperlimit=100&ob=date&od=desc&page=1&rpp=10
  • TetraQuark


    It would be really nice if this series could go up to nl100. 2 vids on each level, each of 1st vid on every level would be general play strategy and 2nd vid trying to get a bit more into ranges and specific spots. Would show great skill diferentiation that is on certain limit and that is needed to beat that certain limit. Just a thought ;)
    P.S; 8 video series ... no biggie :D
  • danic00


    # yeah that would be awesome
  • WoodyRiver


    kaum ist das video veröffentlicht, wird auf nl10 ge3bettet was das zeug hält.. dann wird demnächst wohl ein vid veröffentlicht, wie man daran adaptiert -.-
  • Ghostmaster


    Keep the comments in english ;) If they 3-bet more you 4-bet more OOP and call more IP and outplay them postflop ;)
  • WoodyRiver


    oh sry didnt realize the english :D sounds like a good plan, will do that thx :)
  • Zolotarsp


    great-great-great vid, thanks:)

    I've been playing pretty similar game at microtakes, and everyone kept sayng i was stupid, tight-is-right, and all my profit was just luck. Who's stupid now, huh?:)
  • pleno1



    Wiiii keep printing my friend.


    Could all you very solid purple tagged players write in English?im actually looking to learn German To try and eradicate all spew that is left maybe this time next year I could do a German video too
  • antstruk


    #33 knows where its at
  • JonikoP


    Superb video. Love the commentary on how you would play differently at high stakes. Class.
  • ABC74123


    Very nice vid. Thank you.
    But what did you do with the mic? Is there a cable rubbing on the microhone's head? The noise is really annoying.
  • joefraizer1


    thanks for the video! :)

    have a question: do u have the charts for 6-max cash?
  • jules97


    Thanks for the video pleno, very helpful. :)

    A steady diet of videos, hand histories, reading the forum and live coachings is definitely giving my game a slow and steady improvement.

    Could you elaborate your comment in 28 about when you are flatting hands like KQ/AQ/QJ preflop. Also, would these if suited play differently?

    Thanks again and keep churning out these videos! :D
  • scaix


    36:24 why do you call on the flop..i think it is better to raise/fold on the flop..and if he calls then you give up the hand..i think if you raise there on the flop you can represent easy a K
  • cheloogl


    Very tight playing...why did you say that you don´t play tight?
    Nice video anyway!!
  • pleno1



    Thanks alot for the nice comments


    Hm, not sure will watch out for future!


    How do you mean by charts? I write about my suggested ranges in the thread here:
  • pleno1



    The reason why I prefer to flat KQ sometimes is because I'm playing vs somebody who folds to a lot of 3bets. Lets say somebody opens a wide range from the cut off including hands like Q7, but then folds to 80% of 3bets, if I call I get to play vs a DOMINATED range in position, meaning that although I don't have initiative I should still be able to show a clear profit from flatting and getting good value when flopping pairs etc. Also I will look for post flop tendency's and faults in his game such as high cbet % meaning that I will maybe call a lot of flops to bet the turn when checked too.
  • pleno1



    Yeah sometimes I see people doing these silly minbets hoping people just fold and on to the next hand. I decided to just call and bet turns when checked too, when ace came I couldn't help myself :)
  • pleno1



    I don't think its so tight :)
  • circoflax


    Hi there, do you think you can record some vids for in between stakes like nl50-nl100 where players are generally better and start to adapt a lot to your constant 3betting? And I think stats are a must when playing nl50+, so if you decide to record such a video, please use stats to.

    I also think when recording such a vid for educational purposes, it may be better to just play one table of zoom or smth like 4 tables of nonzoom, so you can talk more about the hands while playing.

    Just my 2c. Cheers!
  • Stabillo


    10x for the video! Is it still profitable playing with 50bb (since I am more confortable:)?
  • Borr


    Hi pleno1, thanks for the video.

    I noticed you have an opinion on smaller stack sizes ;). Do you think the Mid stack strategy (or the short stack strategy) is a thing of the past? Or is it still valid these days?
  • w34z3l


    just curious what's with everyone calling 10nl "ssnl" lately? Blatantly micro-stakes ;)
  • vanman1968RNMD


    I like how you define what a fish is and generally make a note saying just that. It makes me think if I have ever been labelled a fish !!!!!
    Lets see, I auto top up, I raise into a pot and never open limp. Er I'm not from Germany though..... I 3 bet IP, but I dont play more than 1 table cos I play multi sites at the same time, so do I fall into the fish Cat?
    Actually, the next thing to hit poker will be good players PRETENDING to be fish to then reap the rewards......
    1st video I seen and left feedback, not a bad effort Pleano1
  • trickybob


    Hi pleno,
    It's a really good video for this game - I play 10nl zoom, so recognise most of the villains - and your advice is spot on.
    Following your advice has helped my game.
    Currently reading your 6 max thread.
    Good stuff
  • Qwertz321


    Hi pleno1,
    despite all the ppl telling you you made agood video... i honestly think you did not.
    Minraising every botton, thats what all micros already know since the very first Zoom videos produced on Pokerstrategy.
    I very much dislike your big 4bet on the button with T8o... no blockers and just way to big 4bet.
    I am disappointed 'cuase while you introduced yourself as a NL200-600 you couldnt proof to be a winning player on NL10... so sad... :(
  • Oleandr18


    In Russian community all players who have watched your video, decided to put on the avatar a doggie, as a last resort, Negreanu :D
  • fortunewheel


    @ 57 i hope u realise how ridiculous and retarded your comment is being perceived by wht i estimate to be 99% of vieuwers.

    @ Pleno , I can only pray you keep helping us microstakes donks out

    50nl and 100 nl zoom would be pretty intresting.

    Ty for your good work
  • MMPokerNab


    enjoyed it and made me think about my game! :)
  • Gafny


    Would you also minraise good hands like AA on the button?
  • elchipriota


    Very nice video Pleno. When should we expecting your next zoom video??

    I really liked your approach on this type of nl. Initiative plus position=money and it does work :)

    One thing I think it must be your major leak. Dont assume that people play a certain way because they are scandinavian or germans ;)
  • badshot102


    thanks for the Vid, always helpes to get another view on reading the players and placing them in Categories. Hope there is a next video
  • 2phil4u


    I like this video, because its nice to see how a Midstakeplayer try to crush theese games.
    Even i have not stats and dont know exactly they common play style on Zoom, he make the best from what he understand from poker, and this is a very high level.
    I can leran more from theese videos then from videos, where they discuss about half an hour of one hand.
    I play almost his kind of style, but he always know all after the flop about possiblitys so quick, its amazing, wish to play like this.
  • pleno1


    Hey guys, sorry missed your comments, they were from months after the video was released. Thanks for the continued support <3 you all
  • pblankfield


    Ok I'm gonna be THIS guy but this video shows absolutely nothing that would help anyone to beat Zoom NL10 - this "raising every playable hand on button" strategy is completely transparent to anyone that has a brain (or a HUD) and you're going to get totally owned by light 4bets when people will notice you basically fold 90% to 4b when you raised the BU. Opening 80%+ hands on button is pure bs for the same reason.

    Basically you can play maybe 10k hands the way you showed and then regulars will eat you alive.

    I know that plenty of guys who play higher don't understand (or pretend not to) but people actually aren't that stupid to fall into this "strategies".

    It's one thing to make a half an hour video and show "it's easy, just open/3b when on BU and print money" it's another to grind up a limit which requires weeks of profitable play.
  • Jumbleboy


    thank you for the video! I got some questions:

    - 7:59 what is ur plan with JJ OOP? 3b/fold or 3b/AI?

    - 27:12 do we all the time should fold AJo vs UTG open? he can open a lot more worse hands

    thx in advance!
  • Jumbleboy


    also do u prefer begginers to play with 100-150bb stacks and reenter ZOOM when they have 160-200BBs?
  • mikah77


    Fantastic video - was somewhat a game changer to me as I was really struggling with loosening my game and doing too much fit or fold.
  • Harnas31


    #67 +1
    [27:10] folding AJo
    why ?

    thx for video, great one
  • ElDenisius


    i already watched it 3 times and probably i'll look at it soon again :D i love it thx alot Pleno1
  • KannabisFury


    Gem of a video, gutted it's too short =/. Also pleno1 mate I'm sure you're a winning poker player, it's evident from this short video, the stakes that you play at should be allowing you to make plenty of cash already haha so please post some more free stuff will ya =p