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PhilShaw concludes his new series featuring theory and session videos relating to hyper-turbos. On the current approach to the Hyper-turbo games within the poker world. He gives valuable tips & advice on the current situation and how to potentially best tackle this.


hyper turbo series Theory Video

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the third part with Phil featuring the conclusion to the series on Hyper-Turbos - please leave your thoughts & feedback about the videos here!
  • Phgrinder


    what happened to the audio? it stopped for me @6min mark
  • EuanM


    As far as I can tell, the audio is functional throughout the entire Video.
  • dydukas


    Just watched the whole video. Yeh, audio works fine in this one.
  • pleno1


    Hey Phgrinder,

    Audio is working fine for me for the whole video. Can you maybe try again and let us know? Pretty sure the problem is on your end though.

    Hope you get it fixed
  • Steambull


    41.05 U look at the wrong nash callingrange. Thats the range u can call when SB goes allin. U were right on the dot with 88 again.
  • Tiriac


    i know these are very high variance, but ur mindset is just sick!
  • PhilShaw


    Hi folks,

    thanks for watching and for the comments. Just posting to let you know that I'm now available for sitngo/mixed game coaching again and that Ive just released a comprehensive series on hyper-turbo sitngos. More details are available on www.yourdoompoker.com and in my 2p2 coaching thread:


  • elpsycho


    Hey Phil, do you use hud on your limits? And what stats are you using if you do?

    btw, nice vids on hypers, keep them coming )
  • Yoghurt1973


    Where can i find a chart for min raise calling/folding a shove?
  • Gentari


    I would recommend scoping some of these players Phil, live@pompeii and Sandmanness are good regs. Doing a quick check to see if they are sat at tables is not good enough IMO.