Insyder Info: Mid-stakes PLO

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $400 - $600
  • Shorthanded
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Insyder19 plays $2/$4 and $3/$6 PLO whilst giving his thought processes on hands throughout.


Live Video PokerStars Session Review

Comments (23)

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  • fitzinator18


    Insyder19's new video where he 4 tables mid stakes PLO games. Please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below! Enjoy!
  • ruuuic


    First time a PS video freezes on my pc, pls check if it has been properly converted.
  • kingpowl


    works fine here :) nice hittaments and good thoughts as usual
  • veeRtje


    10:20 you say your opponent with a 70 VPIP is gonna fold to your preflop minraise....
    Is this german joke?
  • likandoo


    :D nice hand with quaaaaaads
  • Infiesta


    sick run, animal!
  • krush22


    freezes all the time! sad, otherwise nice vid
  • allbusiness


    freezes also for me =(
  • xxpavelx


    first at all insyders english is very good, i could understand more than 95%, nevertheless it would be nice if there would be subtitles for english videos. it would make it easier for non british people to follow the videos
  • Zivilist


    min: 2.50: how do u see an easy call if he 4bets?
    he will like always have AAxx, weve only got 1.5x behind on the flop then and rarely hit well... id much rather call the hand before compared with this one... ?!
  • Qwertz321


    @2 same here :( The video stops from time to time and needs to load.
    Seems to be a very big video file. No fun to watch :(
    Could someone from PS try to make it a little bit smaller please?
  • Infiesta


    #11, I am Spanish and I understood it perfectly...

    And the video works right so far, atleast to me...
  • Qwertz321


    tried for more than an hour... the video stops and needs to load... omg PS you need a Quality Manager... this is insanly bad :(
  • suitedaces1701


    it worked fine for me
  • elfigus


    I noticed you tend to have a wide open from SB, is that ok? cause against the field i'm playing against, people tend not to fold from BB (average is less than 40%) so I find myself many bad spots giving that they also fold to cbet less than 40-50%.. ==> I raise from SB less than 25%
  • pleno1


    Hi guys,

    We looked over the video and on our two different computers the quality was fine and worked great. Just watching it again it seems to work perfectly for me. What browser are you currently watching in it?
  • EuanM


    Hey guys,

    This video is fully functional, of course. There is one issue which may cause delays during streaming which is the file-size. I'm working on a fix, in the meantime, leave your windows open and let it steam a little bit before watching!

    Take care,
  • yomatiyo


  • Zlaine


    Had the same problem with freeze and counputer crash. i updated the driver of my Video card and everthings fine now!
  • insyder19



    I agree with you, I probably auto pilot there too often. I def raise SB vs BB if BB is weak player or the spot at the table. Other than that, probably limp sometimes when you get 3bet a lot and mostly play tight.
  • navystars


    video freezes for me too
  • tedyizpiti


    oooh man the hand with quads .... lol
    that was so funny the way you enjoyed it :D
    do you always have so much fun when you play :)
  • Lasso


    god that heater x)

    great video