Nice knowing you

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EmanuelC16 & community member "DrDunne" conclude the series in a special format using before and after


Beginner hand history review Knowing Me Knowing You series Theory Video User Session Review

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the finale of the season with EmanuelC16 & DrDunne!

    Your thoughts & feedback are welcomed as always!
  • Yordi85


    at 37 mins you sniff what?
  • DrDunne


    i'm pretty sure that was me moving my microphone at 37:10. no sniff lol, sorry about that.
  • puccini1


    Nice series boys. I like the follow up review of how your game has changed.
    Just one quick question. Did you say most of the NL10 hands in the AFTER graph were @ Fullring tables? does this mean most of the ones in the BEFORE graph were SH tables? if so is it a fair comparison?
    I'm desperately trying to sort out my Button play and i know it's a huge leak and you've given me plenty to work with.
  • DrDunne


    no the graphs here are all from SH :) i don't have any hands from NL10 FR in the database.
  • puccini1


    Cheers for clearing that up.
  • BigAl123456


    Nice series guys...whish I was playing 6max when u made this last vid I have a lot of questions now.
  • jukitas


    how can a wr of 2bb\100 in a 60k sample make only 20$ ?

    2bb\100 = 0.20$\100 = 2$\1000 hands

    60k hands x 2 = 120 usd