Live 25NL FR Review Session - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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Bogdan plays 4 tables of 25NL in his new series, he shows us a different way to do a session review other than through holdem manager.


25NL Live Video review

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  • fitzinator18


    The latest from Bogdan as he brings us part 1 of a new series. Enjoy!

    Please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!
  • Johniiicek


    Good video, like the explanation and the aggression. With the 55, I spotted that we also can take in account that on of the players after us ("Cachavacha") is fish by that this player is seating with us on 3 tables, on every one of them-not full stacked :) Looking forward other vids.
  • Carsten81


    Cachavacha is a Midstacker!
    55 Hand i dont liked!
    i play this Limit on my own >800k Hands and this Villian is very nitty (but doesnt mean bad o non-thinking)! Raising utg with 10/9 Stats and C/C flop + turn + C/shove river is 99% AA in this spot! betting the river here is burning money, its a pure blank and he never ever folds there after C/C flop and turn with nearly 0 draws on that dry board
  • gxtwo


    nice video bogdan!

    Would be interested in how you play weaker hands, like the Q4s you could have raised. or 45s at the start =) I always feel like im value owning myself
  • Machocabrio


    Good video !
  • bubababu


    Another great video! GG Bogdan!
  • w34z3l


    I don't like the 55 hand vs nit.

    Maybe you can 2nd barrel to fold out pairs, 9x, but I don't think it's necessary, especially when you have such low equity vs his range - he usually has at least a pair to c/c A92r so barreling relies almost entirely on fold-equity.

    I don't think he's folding river with anything he calls turn with. If he does ever fold, his range for folding must be super narrow compared with his range for calling/raising.

    Anyway, I always like your vids, will there be some 6max stuff in this format? Thanks
  • alcrisus


    Nice video!
  • wilsonlok


    what range of hands would u use to iso vs players who always limp
  • BogdanPS


    @2,3,7: one thing to keep in mind that on that river we need him to fold about 40% of the time to break even.

    While I agree (and as I mentioned in the video) that he may slowplay hands a lot of these weaker guys also ck/call hands like TT-KK there and possibly the turn. And Kk is 6 combos while AA is just 3 (along with QQ). So if his range is AA/KK/QQ on the river he still folds half of it (assuming he folds KK).

    Since I didn't have a ton of hands on him we can't start with the assumption that he slowplays every big hand and just ck/calls all combos of AA/22/99/AK/AQ and so on.

    @4: These weaker hands depend a lot on who's behind us and who we are isolating/trying to play pots versus.

    For example the 45s would have been against bala the fish we just stacked with AA vs KK. And he also seems very loose and thus my 45s would be a really thin isolation because I'd expect him to be more of a calling station (and since we just stacked him he may be out to get us and either not fold or play really aggro).
    And 45s is a hand that requires quite a bit of FE postflop to show a good profit and deep (200+ like we are with the fish) it doesn't play that great.

    @9: as you may have seen in the video I like to iso a lot. There are factors that we need to consider such as positions, stack size of limper, players behind us, recent history, etc. All of these variables play a big role in deciding the range we play so I can't really give you a general rule.
  • badugiplayer


    nice video, zhx!
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video! :)