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A warm welcome for our new producer Parodiq as he brings us a live play of $1.50 6max turbos. He shows us why using a HUD is important


bubble HUD ICM Live Video

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  • fitzinator18


    Please welcome Parodiq as he presents his first video. Enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback in the comments section below.
  • kosmonaut111


    The calculations on 18:40, if u take just 3 players, but u have 4 in game. Then ICM tax will be wrong (bubble effect) and your calculations are wrong as well.
    Next hand q6s, i think the call will be still right, cause u need to be taking -EV spots. You dont have any fold equity with later hands, so yeah i like the call.
    Video for real SNG beginners! ;)
  • Anto11



    I just hid the calculation for the CO because it is irrelevant for us. The presence of CO is calculated but hidden.

    About the Q6s. Of course we can take the -EV call. Both are fine but because of the very tight range of the pusher I prefer the fold. Because of our small stack, it is just a small +EV or small -EV spot. In both cases it is not very important spot and it wont have a big effect in the long run.

    Best regards,
  • Anto11


    "Video for real SNG beginners! ;)"

    I'm glad you liked it :) .

    Best regards,
    Antoan :pokerface:
  • vyczn15


    I think that this zooming in and out thing is very annoying, couldn't watch till the end
  • vyczn15


    Btw, 22:41 Cbet with K4 is not very profitable in my opinion, against a tight player with 15% of top holdings (and ~73.5% equity)
  • ghaleon


    11:00 Q9o top right: Would be decent spot to just check flop. Hand is not good enough to go for multiple value bets and outside of flush draws its quite hard to get value from worse. Also not much to protect.
  • ghaleon


    14:00 42o: With such stack calling is huge mistake. Even with deep stacks its very questionable. We are looking to hit straight or trips that happens very rarely. Even flopping two pairs can easily bring problems postflop.
  • Anto11



    @vyczn15 noted about the zooming :) .

    About the hand. This tight villain got too often over cards and A high so against him I think c-betting is fine.

    @ghaleon in the Q9o hand I agree that we can check, but I don't think the c-bet is a mistake.

    About the 42o hand (facepalm). When I played I didn't see that my stack was so shallow. I also don't like my call us I said in the video.With this stack it is bad move.

    Best regards,
  • garsonieraRNMD


    Really Nice for beginners
    Thanks parodiq
  • kevvu


    Zooming is really good IMO. Makes it a lot better to watch!
  • bloty02


    Some good advice about hud,, n1ce vid


    What software are you using for your calculations? Thanks for the good video
  • Anto11



    Ty all for the kind words :) .

    @DONGSIM, the soft is HoldemResources Calculator - http://www.pokerstrategy.com/software/16/ .

    Best regards,
  • maythany


    at 22:40 you said that if we push JJ, we are going to lose value against weaker pairs folding, but the SB and BB are fishy players so they will most likely call your all in with 44+, A-x+, etc.
  • Anto11


    Hello maythany,

    The stacks are not that shallow. I don't think that villain are going to call often that loose. Of course if we have notes that they can do this, I prefer pushing. Much depends on villains.
    So there is why very important to make notes and have observations over our opponents. They are making us money.

    Best regards,
  • elpsycho


    Can we make a push on the first table at 7:50? Our opponent could have trips, a weaker flush or a king. And if he's going to fold to our push, he's likely to fold to our reraise also.
  • Anto11


    Hello elpsycho,

    The push is too big over bet. I don't like it. Imo even a trips is folding here on board with one spade flush. He can call with weaker flush of course but we want value from all his range. And with this bet in general he shows that he don't have a very strong hand. So with all this said bet to 250-300 chips looks better imo :) .

    Best regards,
  • LeTrac


    very good video
    thank you
  • Anto11


    Hi HiLeTrac,

    I'm glad you liked it :). I'm hoping you are going to like the other ones from the series too :) .

    Best regards,