Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest - Part 2

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Raskolnikov follows up the very popular freebie with part 2 of his series "Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest". He carries on from part one discussing some of the theories and challenges he put forward there, Focusing on taking responsibility for our shortcomings in poker and challenging us to adopt new beliefs.


Champions Stand Up series thematic video Theory Video

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the anticipated part 2 of Raskolnikov's latest series as he challenges us even further.

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • rob7250


    after listening to the first video in the series i found it very motivating then when i went to watch the second video my level was to low its a double edged sword how can a new player learn things if they are struggling to climb the levels be locked out of the much needed information
  • pezack


    Why Gold status now ??
  • habeichja


    @3 why not?
  • ThePirateSword


    this is bullshit man , i think the next parts will be only for Diamands.
  • Padde


    stop whining, go grinding
  • Kramnand


    Great Job ! Thx a lot !
  • pleno1


    Hey the rest of the series will be gold.

    If we made the whole series for every freebie basic then all of the top series would become basic and then where's the motivation for the guys who grind?

    Another great video raskolnikov, I liked a lot :)
  • EmanuelC16


    Heh, right people indeed.. Already thought about this a while back and a bit more recently I made a post about it as a way of improving:
  • MonkySandwich


    Hi Gordon,

    I really like your vids. They help a lot to improve my way of thinking.

    Also a good motivation to keep learning instead of just playing your game.
  • ruuuic


    ty, great video once again
  • Jmvv


    the first one was free and this one is gold? pfff.. nice try..
  • nacl


    great video but I would like to see a good example. For me it is too theoretical just to say. We have no information about this guy so we not judge the hand in a better way. you tell us the game is simple and in most cases the answers are simple. Look at the hand with the raise on the River (K:club:Q:club:) We all can tell you raises on the river are strong. Same Turn. It is more often the set then the draw. Anyway:
    What I like to see is an example, like see in the next video maybe someing like. Lets anaylse this guy.... we find something intresing and then we can judge a hand against him in a better way. Like we spend x hours in anaylsing him and now I would call his raise on the flop with XZ because of the information....
  • nacl


    Do not understand me wrong. I am your fan Gordon. But I watched many vidoes and all vidoes tells me well not enough information or then we can exploit them easy.
    Then I look at my database and I have just ~5 opponents with more then 4k Hands. And the 4k opponents are playing ABC. And I am lost how to gather the information to make the expoits all are talking about.
  • Shevtshenko


    can you post the references/links for the studies you mentioned? And imo, it should be done in every vid, regardless of producer and the topic.
  • DannyJQ


    I'm really proud that im already doing things that you suggested in the video. For a long time i was feeling that the environment I'm in is not suitable for poker and now i finally had enough of it and im moving out in a poker apartament next week. It might be a bit risky since im still playing somewhat low limits, but im willing to try and fail and apalogize later than to stay at home just because my parents think im not ready to move out. Thanks for a great video once again!
  • SkyTheSlayer


    I rly like the series as far as it goes - very motivating and alot of new usefull info. As for the limited @mana@ used to make the decisions - I prefer thinking of it as of timeslots, brain processor time, which is limited and should be used the most effective way. Really deep ideas through the video, thanks alot and keep this coming.
  • Raskolnikov


    #7 Thx!

    #8 Thx and agree with what you say. I'd like to continue the challenge with as many people as possible.

    So those who can't see the vids, continue your blogs, watch vids that you can watch and keep improving. My promise stands if you put in continuous work

    #9: Yep, agree and good post
  • Raskolnikov


    #10 Thx!

    #11 Gracias (always thx would be boring)

    #12 I don't make these decisions, nor did i know the first vid was free and that the second one would be gold.

    I i were you, I would probably send a big FUCK YOU to PS and Raskolnikov, and then look how i can beat everybody at the poker table.
    In another day, i may then realize that they (PS) do a really great job overall and don't owe me anything.

    Happy new year!

    First goal 2013, reach GOLD ;)
  • Raskolnikov


    Ooops, have to get ready, new years party starts in an hour. Will answer tomorrow or second of Jan.

    Happy New Year, Guten Rutsch and may 2013 be the luckiest most outsucking year of your life !!!
  • Matziano


    watched the vid im done with the home work (monte christo) loong film =) strted watching in 2012. but liked all the little messages. thanks sooo much for ur great work gordon.i loved the thougts about the hand analysis. please more homework. happy new year ;)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    hey, good video. I liked part - leave the GF if she does not support poker :D
    One question - you said don't hang out with negative people. I have heard this before. I have one negative friend (not poker, but real life). He is good friend on other aspects. I cannot afford to leave him, because what if from those 6bilion people I don't have many friends. I mean good friends, which I can trust and so on. I cann count on fingers those real good friends. So I try to keep them.
  • Raskolnikov


    You are right. The 3rd part was already produced before the 2nd got published. So i can't change that.

    But you know what, you will see exactly what you want to see! The next logical step is to analyze this in practise and show some examples.

    You will see that it's not many hands next time, although i planned to. In any case, i'm thankful for feedback


    Ok, first of all you can buy datamined hands. This will enable you to exploit stats.
    On the next level you can go through 10-20k hands of your opponent and filter all SHOWDOWN hands and see if there is anything weird/special.

    Betsizing, how he plays the nuts, how he reacts to when checking behind and sombdy donks the turn... actually ANYTHING.

    The biggest skill and (imo) my biggest strength is detecting and remebering all kinds of patterns.

    So i could say " WATCH OUT on the table and take notes" . But if you 12 table, that's gonna be hard and more applicable to Hu. 6max is more "technical" so therefore i recommended buying datamined hands.

    At HU you don't need those, but need to pay more attention. In Part 4-6 of the series we will focus a bit more on HU.

    Also, watch all my other vids and - if you can - the german ones as well.
  • Raskolnikov


    Also @nacl, i assume you're German, because your nickname is the only thing i remember from chemistry lessons back in Gymnasium.
  • Raskolnikov


    #15 You have a good point.

    Some things seem very logical and self-evident. And in those cases an academic reference isn't needed. That's why i often ask everybody who watches my videos to make real life experiments. First of all they are fun, second of all, it will make you understand things on a deeper level if you DO it yourself compared to just me saying it.

    Generally speaking the advantage of citing concrete sources is that the speaker can't just bullshit and say whatever he thinks. So quoting/citing is imo very important when talking about other people.

    In any case, i did a little google research:

    Cliffs: The article shows how we are affected by circumstances and have less control than we actually think.

    BUT: Once we understand WHAT influences us (for example the fact that we copy the people we spend most time with / become more similar),
    then we CAN consciously influence our behaviour, life and success


    In any case, my take on the issue is that these days you can find "facts" for everything. Give me a topic and i can "prove" the opposites.

    Citing has lost its real value in most cases. I hold myself accountable on an even higher level. I tell you to do what i preach prove things on your own. This way, there are no excuses for me, and no excuses for you - the student.
  • Raskolnikov


    #16 Awesome man. I'm proud and happy for you that you made a decision that takes some balls.

    I'm very confident that you will not regret having tried it. You will not be like some of my relatives who love to hear about my travels/adventures and then telling me that they also wanted to this when they were young, BUT

    * excuse 1
    * circumstance 2 etc

    You will be able to tell your grandchildren that you have done it - no matter how things go.

    And for that I respect you! Awesome.

    Next Step: Increase the pace
  • Raskolnikov


    #17 Appreciate your thoughts and compliment. Thx!

    #21 Thx. Will keep that in mind. Perhaps i can create a public homework list, so even the non-gold members can get at least a little bit out of it. It's not a promise, just a thought and i have to see if its possible to realize this in a reasonable timeframe


    You say you can't afford to leave him.

    I say you can't afford NOT to leave him

    Just so there is no misunderstanding. I'm not telling you to call and sack every friend that you think is not "perfect".

    However i do know that most people are scared of any form of change, because this will cause discomfort (like in your case). Do you REALLY believe that there is possibly so few people who can be trusted like this person?

    The real question is, if you can't find more positive/trustworthy friends, perhaps its because you don't attract positive people?!

    If you develop yourself/improve the way you want, what will happen is that many friendships will change automatically. I see it happening in my own life. For example, i'm not very active in the poker scene besides coaching, because my focus has shifted more towards the business world. Now even with a very good friend, the guy i moved up limits with together, we maybe speak 3-4 times a year now (instead of hours each day).

    It's not even because we don't "like" each other anymore, but simply because interests and some values have shifted.

    If we meet, we'd still hit it up, like with old school buddies, but the commonalities just aren't there anymore.


    Practical advice:

    This sounds very "cruel", but try to measure how much negativity his trust is worth.

    Also another good measure is if you do things out of weakness ("i have nobody else" )
    or out of strength ("this guy is negative, i know it, but besides that he's the coolest mofo on earth and overall just awesome")
  • SPeedFANat1c


    So you think it is not possible to deal somehow with negative people? Like for example we need to deal with tilt at the tables.
    If we learn to deal with negative people - take positive things and ignore negative ones, we have +EV situation :)

    And that is what I am doing when I talk with him - just ignore negative things and take positive. And I often get help from him in various situation (car small repairs for example).
  • ManiaculDinamovist


    It's not fair. I watched the first movie, I commented and waited to see the second part. Nevertheless, I can't see this second movie because I have just bronze status on So how can I continue to learn how to become a better player if can't even follow to the following parts of the coaching?
  • Raskolnikov


    #28 Yes, you can also learn how to deal with cancer. You can cut off your feet and still be happy.

    But what if you have a choice? I assume you'd rather not have cancer and having 2 feet is always better than not.

    Also: The BIG POINT is that your environment has more power over you than you think. You might underestimate how powerless you are.

    Everybody says they are quite an individual. Expecially in the travel community you have the "backpacker scene" who try to be different, but they're are the same ;).

    Btw, i like backpackers.
  • Raskolnikov



    I don't like to defend decisions that i didn't make. But what i would have done doesn't matter.

    If i were the PS boss, then i'd charge every user more for the good videos. So perhaps, be happy with how things are and pray to god that i'll never to anything else but creating vids ;)))

    Anybody who feels like complaining, i totally understand you anyways, but pls read comment #19.
  • MITStudent


    yeah #8 for sure... show me how to grind gold-status without getting points for playing... oh wait I can buy the gold status for only 180$ - ez money
  • dhoratiu


    I have learned from your answer @ # 14 to analise our villans showdown hands. This is a new think for me and i think is very important if we want to improve our "empirical evidence database" abuot a player. We can also learn from succesful players (regs) and the way they played their hands thing who is gonna improuve our game against them. The bad thing is taht we will never be able to monitorise the game of all players from our stakes specially fishes who are most of the time new players and we will have to play without a solid statsistic and empirical database... In that chase i think we should play a little bit with the sizing of our bet to narrow the vilan's range and be very careful at hes timeing.@ the last hand from the vid, I think a better game would be if hero makes a bigger C bet on flop to generate more fold equity, and if call we have a huge of equity on that flop so is not a problem. On the turn i suggest a small bet, smaller than half the pot some thing like 1/4 pot if he raise and we still have odds to hit the flush or our overcars(suposing he is raising wihh PP JJ-88 for protection and value or sets for value). in chase he just calls we can bet on the river for value when the K comes but i like also to check to give him the oportunity to bluff hes busted draws asuming that he will never let a cheap card on the turn with a set or a strong hand and we can not get value from lot of cards. If he raises the turn i probably check call a small bet on the river or check fold to a big bet more than 50% pot. The point is taht i didn't like the way the hero plaied that hand because he did not make no pot control. He just bet on 3 streets without getting information, and finally when he hits a card he might fold. In that hand the villan is he is a good player can think that K is a scarrcard for hero becouse he could bet for value QQ-88 and turn hes busted draws in a bluff or bet for value hes set.
    Do you think it is correct how i think? If not why?

    Also i would like to know what stats do you recomand us to use in our HUD for a 6 max nlh game to have the best statistical results.
    And like others who wrotte before me i would like to see some hands with a solid statistical and empirical database ant to teach us to THINK in the RIGHT WAY.
  • ThePirateSword


    it's not about volume man , with my volum i will be close to diamont member, it's about playing on a non-affiliate site, so stop telling me to start playing more.
  • Raskolnikov


    #34 Oh, you're the guy with a million hands, ok ...

    In any case - get your head straight and change your attitude.

    PS has to pay a lot of people (myself included). I'm not apologizing for making money as a video producer. I love doing it and everybody can see how much extra time i invest to answer people like yourself.

    How do you want to learn how to make money anywhere from people who don't do it themselves?!

    From a moral perspective, what have YOU done that makes you deserve free coaching/videos ?
    What have you done to watch Gold videos for free that other people have to pay for?

    I help a lot for free, but there is a limit of good will.

    And yes, it makes me a bit angry that after you get free stuff you have the balls to complain.
  • wlcKeD


    WOW, that part about "beliefs you should adopt", and actually the WAY you say it, and present your thoughts ... I want to talk to YOU in person ! :)) I mean really, I think, what it is related to the brain, we have sooo much in common, and it would be just fckng awesome to have a talk or two with THAT kind of person. If you're SOMEHOW up to it - please let me know ;)
  • wlcKeD


    P.s. Since I'm quite picky in watching movies and very meticulous about it in general, and actually somehow I haven't seen this movie you just "homeworked" us, which version did you have in mind - 1934 or 2002 ? I suppose its the latter, but ... Meticulous, huh? ;) SO I wanted to be sure :) thx ! Definitely going to give it a try.
  • pleno1


    I think I want you to have my babies.
  • ThePirateSword


    Anyway thank you sir
  • JJWic3


    Oh God.I will have to grind out the gold status.
  • xpravda


    i spend much time in HJ, but now i know it wasnt very effective. from now i will analyze my opponent and write notes before posting the hand into HJ forum.
  • Matziano


    yeah that would be awesome
    (public homework)
  • Matziano


    yeah that would be awesome
    (public homework)
    or at least more in your vid´s
  • OZSA


    Stay away from negative people, what if its yourself who is negative ? Any recommendation (material to read/watch) for this issue ? Your vids are good btw, gz!
  • SpiderZorro


    Hi Gordon!

    Did you read the comments #229 and higher belonging Video #1 (Champions stand up #1)?

    I would be interested in your oppinion to those!

    I really appriciate your answers to all the blamers/flamers here and especially in the PS-forums. So many users feel beeing treated incorrect and unfair.

    Beeing in a "victim-modus" is very but leads to nothing! (my opinion)
  • SPeedFANat1c


    It is hard to be not negative when the things don't go the way you want. But I am trieing just take deep breath, don't try to prove to some people that they are wrong (people have their ego and try to fight back which creates negative emotions). In lithuanian there is saying - give the road to a stupid man, don't know how this should be in english. It means don't try to prove to stupid man that he is stupid. If I have something negative to tell, I trie to just not tell at all. Yeah, often people treat me like silent person. Thats the way I try, but don't know if I am in good way :)
  • OZSA


    Speedfanatic, I'm not only talking about being negative when you lose or getting bad beats in a row, I just mean generally, like 90% of the time, even without thinking/playing poker.
    If you keep everything inside, slowly that can eat you aswell, you can't hold it forever its damaging.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    Might be true. But this strategy helped me I think. For example my father for me looked annoying and when I was teenager, like usually teenagers show their emotions, and so did I. But now I think - wasn't I the same or even more stupid than my father? (I don't mean that he is stupid, in some areas he is smart, but in some he is really annoing). And I really use to feel stupid when I needed something from him, for example a car. How can I ask for car when yesterday I was angry at him. This is just one of the examples. So now when he is annoying, I just try to stay away from him, but I cannot do it always, he is my father still. And he can make me lot of help I mean monetary help. I now might look good son to him, this is +EV for me. Not sure how should I do if I would have the house already and I really would not care about money. Do not talk to him at all? This might look too drastic I guess. But even rich people sometimes go bust and they need help.
  • nesterzhzhot


    Hello! I like your videos. Can I play PLO and take part in your program? I'm gonna do whatever you say
  • Simschi


    Great gold status, well i go grind then:)
  • OZSA


    Speed, yeah I know what you talk about, when I was a kid I had to rely on my dad, example for cash, but as I grew older I didn't need money anymore, like high school starting, or uni and since I live from poker (3yrs) its him that relies on me. I used to hate him when I was a kid and needed something, whenever we argued I couldnt do shit, and I never kept my temper, I told him the truth face to face always, so its wasnt easy.. now he has to hold his temper :) At least now if we fight at all, I can instantly end it with giving him money


    Wow. I love you.

    Learned a ton. I'm right now in the phase of realising it's time for a turning point in my poker career, so I suppose law of attraction brought me to these videos; as I rarely (even though I know I should, but don't due to lazyness+lack of motivation) watch videos here on ps. Your videos are most def on my 'next-to-watch-list'.
    Great stuff man, keep it coming.
  • Johniiicek


    Holy man with no religion! Trying to learn as much as I can beause i really miss theese thoughts throuhout my 5year (still not winning) career. Thumb up, looking forward to HU videos. Your attitude is just awesome! Hope to learn most of things you already know :)
  • KeinOhrSchwein


    Hi Gordon,
    What are Stats you prefer to view on the HUD ? I have no Idea what I need and what I don't need.
  • KeinOhrSchwein


    Sorry. I asked my Question before I watched the video. So now its clear ;)
  • atllas20


    nice vid once again ;) :)
  • niceblack


    I'm playing so low, beacuse I spend to little time playing and educating, thinking about the game. I'm not in "need situation"
  • AwinningReg


    1/ Not sure if this makes sense or not but I have a thought lately that I myself prevent me from be on the level I want.
    This happens in a way that I often afraid of higher levels and set myself to have a failuer at the very start.

    2/Another reason is my emotional issues. This is tilt and it's variants.

    3/ The 3rd reason the way I work on my game. Things would probably be much better if I made it more concentrated and well planned.
  • Avatars91


    Generally late comments don't get answered (sadly) + there is no notification system that would prevent me from forgetting about making the comment in the first place but I'll give it a try anyway:

    In example hand #2, why do we want to bet with our FD + 2 overs so big OTF and OTR?

    I suppose that with this combo draw we have a lot of equity and we just want to get more money in the pot, but say in those spots when we usually just have our 9 flush outs, why not bet a little bit smaller on the flop + turn given that we probably can expect our opponents not to pick up on such a betsizing tell? I mean, why not reduce the cost of our own semi-bluff?
  • Avatars91


    Late comments are usually not getting answered here and there is no notification system which also doesn't keep me from forgetting about this comment in the first place but I'll give it a try anyway (pls notify me somehow, my dear friend, if you do respond?):

    In sample hand #2:

    Why do we want to bet so big with our draw OTF + OTT?

    OK, with a FD + 2 overs it might make sense because we just have so much equity, but, for example, in such spots where we have presumably only 9 outs for the FD, why not bet a bit smaller?

    I think it should be a safe assumption that on these limits we can expect our opponents not to pick up on such sizing tells and after all – why not give ourselves a greater cost for our semi-bluff?

    Not 1/2 pot, of course (unless against a bad guy), but at least not so close to a full pot-size bet (between 2/3 to 3/4)?
  • Avatars91


    And this is quite buggy as well, as we can see. Oh well.
  • Puzzi


    Your favorit phrase seems to be "you know". You said it like >300 times in this vid :D. Still awesome content.
  • Atalol


    I wasnt working hard enought to be wining
  • Gerovit


    Piratesword you can just buy subscription you know!?
  • t33bo


    I love hand evaluations but i love the psycholigical part aswell. For the practical content HE's are very good but i do belive that the psychological part is very important and underrated by alot of players. So i allways learn alot from this because its allways the first that keeps very good in my mind. very nice videos. tyvm
  • Jennifer83


    Now what? I watched your first video, and thought everything was really interesting and helpful, but as I just started playin I obviously still am a beginner and do not have sufficient points for going on watching, but how am I then supposed to improve my game. And I cannot afford buyin any points, so what do you suggest?
  • Grigo92


    @ Jennifer83 If you do want toimprove as much as I do, you can leave me a comment on my blog (check my profile) and we can work together using the content from Gordon's videos I have access too.
  • misspookie


    at 51 min of video were talking about the kj suited hand hyou said you would bet 4.25 on the flop and jam the turn. What say we bet 2.70 on the flop. I like to check the turn if he checks back i get a free river. If he bets I like to jam. I think that looks just as stronger or strong then bet flop and check jam turn. So we actually might win more by check jamming when he has air and when he calls we still have same equity going to the river. And it also doesn't let him try to take advantage of us when we wants to float.
  • Arcanis23


    great video, you are one of the best