Fast Fold Frenzy: Part 1 NL2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $2
  • Shorthanded
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EmanuelC16 takes to the micro stakes as he gives us a brief intro of fast fold games and plays 4 tables of NL2 zoom on his climb through the low stakes.


Fast fold Fast Fold Frenzy Live Video Rush Zoom

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  • fitzinator18


    EmanuelC16 brings us some micro stakes zoom, Enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated, please post them in the comments section below!
  • MonkySandwich


    Hey Emanuel,

    Very nice to see some 6m micro fast fold videos.

    As you can play many hands in fast fold games, I think recording a video with just two tables is better, as you can follow the action better and have a bit more time to think or tell something about a hand. I also think a highlighted mouse makes it easier to follow your actions.

    Then some questions:
    - Why do you use RFI by position as you never have a decent sample on you opponents?
    - Why do you use a HUD at all? By the end of the video you might have a sample of just 30 hands of maybe one player at the table.
    - @ 27:00 - Villain steals 4x, IMO, especially vs. some unknown @ micros you can use ATo here only to re-steal as bluff, not for thin value. Then I think they would rarely bet flops as bluffs, meaning that you're holding only a bluffcatcher here and burning money by calling. Whats your plan when he bets turn or river? Herocalling?

    I'm looking foreward to the next episodes.

    gl. Monky
  • EmanuelC16


    Hey Monky,

    @HUD: I get hands at limits I played more. I will have hands at NL50.

    Apart from NL5 which I recorded immediately after this video, I will have only 2 tables.

    @Hand: People raise 4bb as a default quite often so their range doesn't change, therefore I think they raise/call T9s, KT, QT, KJ, Axs, small pairs etc. On the flop it's not great for me since I expect them to usually call some medium suited connectors and broadways so I don't value bet. I can however bluffcatch against random pairs, worse Tx, AQ and some 89, 79s type hands, plus a few hands like 66 still bet once there. My plan was to decide turn depending on texture. That specific case was a clear fold vs a bet imo.

  • MonkySandwich


    OK Thanks,

    I think I have to think way more about ranges in general, now I just esitmate roughly where I'm standing.

    Can't wait for other vids :D
  • Saren113


    Shouldn't this be lower so all members can see it? Just my 2 cents. Or atleast the parts on NL 2 and NL 4.
  • ixdon


    "I think I have to think"
  • ixdon


    Why is this video for Silver+?
  • Agosfc


    Good job, thank you.
  • pleno1



    Silver is currently the lowest that we release videos except for Basic.
  • nurscheisskarten


    i think 4 tables 6max zoom is too much for a coaching vid on 2nl. Just saying...
  • timukasr


    I agree that the tempo is high in this video, but I prefer it compared to 1 hour videos that cover only 10 hands. I like seeing more small plays and noting where I'm acting in different way (for example should I raise A2o from CO or not). I feel that with this kind of video I learn more, in video sense. Imo strategy articles/forums are places to cover in depth topics. Good job Emmanuel, would love to see more SH zoom videos (NL5, 10, 25 etc)!
  • Protexinhu


    omg soo slow player
  • marzelz


    didnt really like it ... to much tables and your thoughts were somethimes a little bit strange (4 example 3bet K7s because he can call worser hands like Q9 ... )
  • Johniiicek


    Very good vid. Like the general thoughts and so. What i really dislike was the mouse cursor suddenly left at one of the letter of the hole cards of table 1. :)
  • VardaiFerenc



    I don't understand, why you fold ATo preflop in possition Hyjack (18:47)???
  • EmanuelC16



    Was probably just focusing on the hand that went postflop. ATo is close to the bottom of my range so since I was distracted I made a fold. If you play 100% focused on tables, you should be able to open that profitably unless you have very strong CO and BU.
  • Jumbleboy


    thanks for the video! the first 2 minutes were really very important.
    To my opinion(currently playing nl10 SH BSS zoom) u're moving 2 much on nl2. Also got some questions:

    - why do u select fishes when there are thousand players there and we will see him in next 20 hands and he will obv do min-raise or limp?
    - 35:53 personally don't like these overlimps :)
  • Jumbleboy


    test comment :)
  • MrIndependent


    I'm with #14. This mouse button was really getting on my nerves.

    For a video inkluding explanations I also think, 2 tables would have been enough.

    #17: I share your opinion that marking fish on NL2 isn't worth the time, but as a general good habit shown in a pokervideo, I appreceate to see him doing that.
  • gizmos666


    i liked the video..that being said,i think you are going a bit far about that avatar or football thing.i can think of a few top online player that have it in their name and are crushing.same for the showing of the status...but hey its your opinion and so this is mine :)
  • igotyouu


    nice vid, now I know how to lose at nl2