Fast Fold Frenzy: Part 2 - 5NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $5
  • Shorthanded
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for the second part of his "Fast fold frenzy" series, EmanuelC16 4 tables 5NL zoom and discusses his thoughts.


Fast Fold Frenzy fast-fold Live Video PokerStars series

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest in the fast fold frenzy series!

    As always please leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section below!
  • timukasr


    Enjoyed it very much, can't wait for NL10 video :)
  • djpj1111


    "he's a bronze star, so he must be a noob"

    you're a bronze star yourself xD
  • EmanuelC16


    People that show their status + are low status = weak imo. I don't show my status. :)
  • brunomp



    I agree with you.

    btw very nice video!!!
  • SneakyhanD


    could you explain a bit your bottom right hand KJo minute 15:20.

    Why not bet flop for value there ?
  • EmanuelC16


    #6: What worse calls? How many streets of value can I get?
  • kbwinsagain


    Two pieces of logistical advice (I'm a long way from giving poker advice):
    1. I reckon 2-tabling this format of poker is better for coaching video purposes - there are more than enough hands to play/discuss, there is less confusion over which table you are discussing and the table-size will be slightly larger for those of us watching on laptops or without a mega-screen.
    2. I recommending adding "zoom" as a tag or within the title
  • EmanuelC16



    1. NL10, 25 and 50 are 2 tabling.. these were recorded back to back and I think I can handle the very basic play here so I didn't feel I sacrificed quality but it did feel hard to go more in depth which is what I wanted on the higher stakes.

    2. I agree, hope someone can add that.
  • JOYS3R


    01:00 AKs

    haha,its quite funny:
    I'll translate for u, what the hungarian player said, but sorry for the bad language,he was really mad at you for stealing the pot :))
    Push Romanian soddi*g bi*ch!
    Romanian b*rb*rian f*ck*r with hairy foot :D

    anyway nice vid and fun to watch u playing in 4 tables imho, so thx!
  • danic00


    min 15:55
    TT Hand:
    Why not betting for value at least at the river??
  • EmanuelC16


    #11: I would usually check/call river there as well.. hands that can call such as 9x would have bet already. There is value in betting ofc but I also want to be able to check/call with some hands in my range, not always check/fold.
  • EmanuelC16


    Forgot to add: This might be reflex from higher stakes where people stab there more often.
  • alexxpiciu


    i'm acord whith you. nice video, thanks
  • DrDunne


    @ 15:20 you say you'll overbet turn because you won't get an A to fold which i think is really cool.. but i think because that line is so strong won't you only really be getting called by better hands if you jam the river? i can't see many Ax hands going broke when a flush is on the board for example - even if you rarely flop a flush.
  • EmanuelC16


    He never has a flush because he bets it on flop imo. I don't have a flush that often if I check flop but he doesn't really know that. He plays his hand, doesn't fold Ax or Jx so my line should be to maximize value vs that. If he has air he folds anyway. In other words, he has almost no better hands for me to worry about that.
  • DrDunne


    @ 16:50 i consider barreling here because although i don't have equity i find people will be peeling once pretty light since most people understand the whole raise pre - cbet flop - checkfold turn line so they might peel with really weak PPs or Ahi. so is that bad to barrel without turning some sort of equity?

    @ 30:15 i dont understand this sort of line because surely if he has a flush can we not assume he 2nd barrels the turn?
  • EmanuelC16


    1. Equity + folding equity > bet/pot you can probably bet. You just need more folding equity if you have less equity. It's not a rule but usually have pot equity means you can bet more often because the times your bet fails you have outs to improve. In other words, given dynamic equity, you don't need your bet to work as often as the bet/pot ratio tells you in raw math.

    2. Passive player wants to see all cards with a draw, that's why he calls draws and not raise them, that's why they often checks them. They are after making hands and winning pots, not money. They don't think in EV. Plus, A6, K6, 66 still makes sense for him often, not just a flush.
  • Antonioull


    Is there a prb with the stream ???
    Cant see the video properly
    (saw the others and they wehere fine
  • luckyfoxcub


    I liked the video very much, thank you
  • zuki14


    Great video, personally I liked the fast fold over to play, as opposed to cash games.
  • Plompoker


    I've recently started grinding NL5, your videos are very helpful!