WSOP Final Table Analysis - Part 3

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Braminc brings us part 3 of his WSOP final table review in which he continues to discuss some of the important hands during the 2012 WSOP main event final table with the help of his personally created hand histories.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy part 3 of Braminc's WSOP review!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • madein1984


    first hand: what about Hands like K7o-K9o, Q8o, K2s-K8s, Q6s-Q8s? I could see him reshove those hands too. I think Thomas should have a plan when raising in the first place. If he doesn't want to r/c A9 here, then he should probably limp/stab.
  • braminc


    I believe most of the hands you list there are more likely to be flatted. Usually a thinking player will have either a narrow value range or a wider range that is a bit more polarized in this type of spot (depending on how he things his opponent will react). 3b shoving most of the hands you listed would consist of quite a wide merged 3b shoving range that wouldn't make tons of sense unless Russell was calling with lot of hands like J9o and stuff (not happening!)

    With that said, its still certainly possible that Jake is doing that, I just don't think its very likely. And limp-stabbing with A9o seems weak and awkward here, but I think it could be a reasonable option at these stack depths (as well as limp/shoving).