Fast Fold Frenzy: Part 3 - 10NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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We get taken to the 10NL tables in part 3 of EmanuelC16's fast fold series, he plays 2 tables and discusses his thoughts.


Fast Fold Frenzy fast-fold Live Video PokerStars series

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  • fitzinator18


    The continuation of EmanuelC16's fast fold series, Enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • TriplexXxAA


    Nice Video, 2 Tables are much better 2 watch
  • Johniiicek


    @2 +1 on fastfold
  • ASDA7


    I wonder how profitable this game might be.
  • danic00


    min 11: wouldnt u cbet ur A high FD on flop? I would rarely give u a flush there :)
  • EmanuelC16


    I'm not trying to represent an A high flush, nor am I trying to make him fold a flush. I want him to fold Jx, Kx he checked back, TT, etc. If he folds some 44 flushes it's a bonus.

    I do check flop sometimes vs some opponents with Ah there though. Not often and probably not against unknown.
  • danic00


    U really think he folds that to one barrel in position??
    Think u are rnot repping much.

    Anyway nice Vid.
  • EmanuelC16


    Does he know what I am repping? Or is he looking at his hand and playing it? That's the whole debate really imo. Obv I rarely, if ever, represent anything much else from Qh (which is not 100% either) but does he care? :)
  • EmanuelC16


    Just so we are clear, I'm not in love with the hand, it's just a spot where I think stabbing once can be profitable at NL10 and under. I can be convinced otherwise by regulars at those stakes quite easily.
  • acetbfish


    min 09:30: Why you ch-fold on the turn? I think that since he checks the flop you could easily have the best hand there.
  • acetbfish


    *min 09:15
  • EmanuelC16



    One he checks back the flop I don't think he has complete air that often. It's a board where complete air bets about 100% of the time. This means he has something with reasonable showdown value. The turn improves that reasonable showdown value range so I don't expect to get a fold too often plus if he checks again, I can be confident in bluffing any river. On the turn I don't really have good FE and no read that he calls turns to fold rivers.
  • Zdenekbside


    nice vid but next time u could turn off sound your poker client´s kinda uncomfortable :)
  • elchipriota


    Something I noticed! When you search a player and he does not appear it doesnt necessarily mean that he is not playing more tables and he is a fish emanuel.

    He can just opt to hide from the search features. You fold early to a 3bet sb vs bb based on that so have in mind that what u said is not always the case.

    Thank for the video! Great stuff quality wise IMO.
  • EmanuelC16


    #14: What is the default settings when you install Stars? Recreational players don't fiddle around with the settings so if hidden is default we have no idea, but if hidden is not default, usually a hidden player is less likely to be recreational although not impossible. I don't go just by entries played though. I look at stack size, avatar, bet sizing, VIP level. I just add all these small pieces of info to decide if he is more likely to be a fish or not, it's not an eexact science but it does tilt the balance one way or another.

    I've seen fish that look like regs too: play multiple tables/entries, don't show VIP status, no avatar and full stacked. You just have to use what you have to make make the most likely correct decision, knowing that you will be wrong sometimes.
  • antstruk


    For some reason it isn't loading for me
  • toateslafel


    bun video ema :) felicitari
  • luckyfoxcub


    nice video, I liked the logic of comments very much
  • Oly0909


    At 13:50 with QTs we call turn and fold river!? If we are affraid of him having FH or quads then we have only 1 out, doesn't make sense to call, and if we are hoping to hit flush then I think 6 on turn is almost as good because only JT hand beats us, and looses to a flush. Can you explain that turn call please?
  • 599ALG


    Great video!
    Can I ask who would you label with a blue 'Midstacker' label?
    Thank you!