Faarcyde's New Year's Resolutions

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Faarcyde presents us his new years resolutions and shows us some examples of bad new years resolutions and resolutions that are destined to fail. He also gives us ideas of how to construct our own goals for 2013.


2013 goals new year resolutions targets

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  • Raiden1905


    1st :)
  • pleno1


    Enjoy Faarcyde's New Year's Resolutions video where he discusses his plans for 2013.
  • moto2


    Thanks for this video. Really important things and motivational.

    * I had very similar with 'volume'. Fix it a lot in the half of 2012, but more has to be done. :)
    * I think I should study more, because sometimes I just guess if my play is 'correct'/'EV+' or not. Focusing and autopilot is also sometimes an issue.
    * With record keeping I was always quite good and lastly I started to think about: why I play?, what results I have right now, where I want them to be.

    So.. Your BiG Three is in fact very similar to mine

    1) Put in more volume:
    - aiming for supernova this year
    - continue sticking to daily/weekly/monthly volume (man it's sometimes really hard! - life happens;) )

    2) Increased focus and more study
    - start using ICM calculators regularly! to evaluate my play
    - no other applications (except music)

    3) Reflection
    - start weekly reviews on my play, volume, goals
    - record keeping on time that I spend learning
    - make another income sources, poker or non poker related
  • Mantelo


    Nice video Faarcyde, I will definitely add some of Your insights into my own Resolution :)
    One thing that caught my eye is that You play only 4 days a week. Are You completely remote from poker on those 3 days rest or do You spend time on studying, reviewing sessions?