Insyder Info: Mid-Stakes Hold'em

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200 - $400
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Insyder takes to the mid-stakes short handed tables on pokerstars. Playing 200NL and 400NL, he discusses some of the psychology behind playing these stakes and differences to higher stakes.


insyder19 Live Video midstakes PokerStars Shorthanded

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy as Insyder19 gives us some mid-stakes action, enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • maiunagioia27


    1)ak hand in the beginning:
    if he checks back on the turn what r u doing on which river?
    2)97s hand when u 3bet preflop:
    whats your plan for the turn?
    3)qto hand when u 3barrel:
    do u ever consider an overbet on the turn/river?
  • ariwald


    Interestingly you played a "antes" table. What changes in your strategy for that?
  • instaflip


    table 3 @ 24:00
    you say that there is no point in betting the river bec we dont get any better hands to fold. but as he checks turn mostly with kinda weak/medium hands having SD value our A high should not be good ever. so bec he almost never has a flush or FH here, isn´t that a perfect spot to overbet the river?

    is there some specific reason for you not to buy-in deep on table no.2 as you have an edge on everybody?
  • insyder19


    Hey majunagioia27,

    do you have the minutes when those spots come up?

    @ airwald,

    you will have to defend even wider from the blinds vs steals because there is more money in the pot given those antes. Stealing becomes more important and 3betting vs light opener who fold too much preflop will be more +ev given there is like I said more money to win right away.

    Overall though, I don't think its too much of a difference compared to PLO, where ante tables are being played wayyyy more aggro because you 3bet in PLO more than in NL as well as 100bb you can 3bet and pot call more flops.
  • Yordi85


    That AK hand,
    What hands do you expect to get vallue from and what hands do you expect to fold on the flop?
    Or why do you cbet at all?
  • instaflip


    gameplan changes when getting deep - just a suggestion, but this could be a topic for your theory vid. sth like how to expand and construct your ranges when there is more money to win right away and when implieds (and reverse implieds) are so much higher. what ranges to 3bet from the blinds (vs. good players) as you get way more calls and 4bets from regs having position on you when deep. when to overbet (balanced) with much money behind and stuff like that.... would be really nice
  • pKay


    Whats your range for UTG open?
    Bottom left table I saw you folding A4s, A5s, KTs.. for me they are in my opening range and I am "aiming" for ~11-12% UTG as my "default" and thats fairly tight I think; so I was just wondering?!
  • xWoodayx


    everyone is solid :D
  • taschendamenfalter


    like the vid (as usual), but got some questions:

    table 1 at the beginning: you labled the korean guy as fish (green), not knowing why ("maybe i played him before"), the hud apears, you obv. didnt play him before (at least on this limit), why dont you unlabel him?

    around min 10 you're reflecting 'bout chasing sne. does that make any sense for people playing on higher limits like you? dont you miss lot of money on your reg. games by chasin' sne on lower limits?

    the 44-hand around min 29 (table 4): you overcall ip vs. a laggy guy in CO, inviting the blinds to overcall as well. you fold on a standard contibet on an ugly board (in the sandwich). would you have called the contibet heads-up vs. the laggy CO? gameplan on the turn (asuming you dont hit a 4 as happened in the vid)?
  • taschendamenfalter


    and leave the theory-vid-stuff to others, you're the last man standing on live-play
  • barbeysize


    realy, wussup with KTs on UTG-MP around 35-40 min?
  • Pumper247


    33:45 QT what about an overbetshove with your assumptions that hes not folding?
  • insyder19


    Hey everyone,

    the Timestemp for the hand you have questions for would be nice :)


    That guy was pretty loose, We do have showdown value vs him with A high here quite a bit. Vs a regular with normal stats I def bet the river to get him to fold a mid pair type of hand but even then I doubt it will show profit because we are repping very thin.

    As for buying in deep. I forgot about that. For sure wanna be sitting deep there and put pressure on all of them postflop with lots of money behind. Completely different poker 200bb.
  • insyder19



    I mainly cbet to barrel and bluff turns/rivers, blank turns especially, as well those when I pick up a K or A.

    However, after reviewing it right now I don't really like my call once I get raised. I still think a cbet will show profit here when he just doesn't have a strong enough hand here (two pair, sets, straights). I can profitable barrel him off weak pairs as well as hes just right away folding overcards on the flop.
  • insyder19


    To those asking about UTG opening ranges.

    There is NO way A2s-A5s is playable from UTG on a tough table with NO fish in the blinds. A2-A5 is slightly better than A6-A9 because we can make a straight more often yet still you are playing OOP and most flop textures it is difficult to play on postflop because nowadays people are not 3betting all their strong hands otb vs UTG.

    Maybe I auto folded some KTs there 5 handed, that would be an open.

    I would say opening range from UTG should be around 7%. Also remmeber that most people don't 3bet vs UTG therefore when you are trying to rep those Axx, Kxx, AKx, AQx, etc boards postflop your opponent in MP/CO/BTN is very likely to have those hands himself and just not fold. Not to mention a bunch of boardtextures you just get raised on or you can't cbet.

    Opening 9Ts+, 88+ from UTG seems about right. Notice I am folding low pp there too, just really bad playablility as well as not guaranteed to be paid off if we hit a set.
  • insyder19



    I did play him for sure just my database does not show all the hands I have on him, maybe it's a year ago. I kept him green because if he is at my table again I will at least figure he will be kind of a weak player, maybe not a total fish.

    going for SNE, I do think it makes more sense at lower stakes unless you are trying to move up. At lower stakes you can just go and play 15 tables and have weak players all over the place compared to highstakes where tables break fairly quickly once the mark is gone or you miss those good tables where a big fish sits, because you simply fire up 15 tables and grind not checking the lobbby. At higher stakes you do reach SNE quicker/easier but you need to work on your game A LOT.

    the 44 hand, I for sure fold the flop even IP vs that laggy guy. If the flop come 268 or A82 I call for sure if we are heads up. On AT5 there are too many really bad turn cards he can barrel or hit, especially because he is likely to have broadway cards in his range much more than 67s type of hands.
  • insyder19



    I think with history and more reads it is an option but overall for our gameplan we gonna end up being too polorized there. We will have to overbet shove QQ, AJ as well in order to be balanced given there are 2 flushdraw and bunch of gutters which missed. I do think we should bet maybe slightly bigger there.

    In my experience people do fold more to overbets so we might consider overbet shoving as a bluff sometimes there too. But value betting, I probably go more for normal size. We are not balanced in this case, but should be good to fool around with his brain from time to time :)
  • insyder19


    Edit to the opening range from UTG:

    I just did some work with PPT and it comes out about 10%.
  • Porter1000


    What`s PPT and what did you do with it to find out the correct oepning range? I would like to be able to do this for my games.
  • Porter1000


    Nice Vid by the way :)
  • insyder19


    PPT is Pro Poker Tools. A very good tool to figure out equities of your hand vs someones range on certain flop/turn/river textures.
  • Porter1000


    Ok, googled it. Thanks.
  • 1667Paranoid


    how much open% would you suggest from MP? does it differ a lot from UTG? regarding small pocketpairs, low suited connectors, suited aces.
  • 1667Paranoid


    i just found your comment on utg-ranges interesting, maybe im too late