ImFromSweden vs Pleno1 HU Championship

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $200
  • Heads-up
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ImfromSweden brings us his analysis of his HU Championship match vs Pleno1


HU championship Live Video PokerStars series Session Review

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  • fitzinator18


    Imfromsweden's first video, Enjoy!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • yomatiyo


  • yomatiyo


    not the best sound, but nice vid. Like your thougts.. althougt I woudnt 3bet so trashy hands sometimes... but is a cuestion of styles I belive.
  • steveelmejor



    SWEDISH POWER! <3 <3
  • imfromsweden007


    Hey guys, if anyone has any questions or want me to explain anything in more detail I'll be happy to answer, didn't want to pause the video too to much, otherwise it would be like wayy too many parts, so perhaps some spots were not explained as clearly as they should have :) Any other comments are also welcome
  • cadhucat


    2:44 right table. What you do if he check/raises river? Call because your perceived range is Ax and maybe 4x and you dont bet that on the river so he should bet his strong hands himself?
    After he checks I dont like your bet because you cant have bluffs, and as I said he prolly bets 8x, and even strong 4x on the river, the only hands I can see him calling your bet. Am I missing something?

    9:50 right table. Do you think he is going to exploit a wide CB range on a AKx flop? What adaptations would you make if you know you opponent is barreling ATC on this board? I think betting is higher EV than checking back and balancing on that type of board is not really important because I dont expect most people to fight back with pure bluffs.

    19:07 right table. In what rivers would you call his shove besides an 8? A jack is double-edged card...

    Nice video so far and great explanations. Only watched half video so Im gonna ask more questions later after finishing it.

    Will you review your match against lnternet?
  • imfromsweden007


    2.44, meh, I do still think it's a valuebet. You're right that he rarely has a hand that can call my bet, but it's even more rare for him to have a hand stronger than mine! Like I expect him to bet river with Kx close to 100% on the river since my percived range for calling turn here is mostly like 4x and 8x, both of which he can't expect me to bet river with myself, so he should really be betting kx himself if he wants any value vs my perceived range. So when he does check I'm pretty much always good, and therefore I do believe it's a vbet even tho i wont get called too often. If he check/raises i'm calling, for the reasons already described.

    9.50: Yeah I do believe he's going to exploit our wide cbetting range in the sense that he'll play perfectly versus it. He will fold everything that we have beat, and call (or raise) everything that has us beat. He's not even folding like QT, JT, 42s, or any part of the board really. So he plays perfectly versus our hand. That's the main reason why I check back, there's just no (or close to no at least) reason to bet the flop, making any bet less ev than just checking back.

    19:07 hmm, that's a tough question. I guess i'd more inclinced to call on like 8-T since those should rarely help him, but also sometimes call on Q-A. It depends, most likely I would fold those cards since I don't think J8 is high enough on our valuerange on the river to makes us especially inclined to call.

    Thanks for the comment, and yeah I will review the match versus internet. Hopefully pleno1 will also join in on the analysis for the last two matches! unfortunally I was not able to record the screen for the last two matches, it was too much for my little computer so had to turn camtasia off :( So it will be a HH review for last two matches anyway.
  • pleno1


    nice vid sonny
  • 2plus2is4


    nice thoughts and gameplan

    i like your style
  • imfromsweden007


  • sandercvo


    At 38.00 you are betting 138 in a pot of 51. Why would you overbetting so big, I mean you could also bet 70 are something like that. You risk way less, and I think it will have the same results. Of are you doing this to balance so you can bet this big also with a good hand?