Fast Fold Frenzy: Part 5 - 50NL

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EmanuelC16 has been showing us differences between all the stakes as he continues to move up in this series. Here he hits the 50NL zoom tables!


Fast Fold Frenzy fast-fold Live Video PokerStars Rush series Zoom

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  • fitzinator18


    EmanuelC16 hits the 50NL zoom tables on stars, enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • RobRoy1001


    Min. 6: Standard play against the unknown reg? 3bet 44 OOP vs CO OR?
  • Yordi85


    Ìn that 4bet spot with KK where the bigstack call's your 4bet. I don't understand your cbet sizing. 25% looks kinda weak or bluffy. If he shoves you have an easy fold then?
  • EmanuelC16


    #2: Small PPs OOP don't play that well actually and since he was a reg playing many tables it will show a profit with an instant 3bet + play OK postflop (not spew).

    #3: What minute? In general the answer is stack/pot is very low in a 4bet pot so you can bet a lot less to leverage stacks plus a 4betting range should be very strong thus having fewer bluffs therefore needing very little folding equity.
  • Zunri



    Imo this bet sizing is fine because we can sometimes extract value from lower PP also we can balance it with playing nuts this way cuz the board was paired

  • double2


    ~min 29. Why would you snap call river on the KQ 3bet pot hand vs dawarsow? I would assume he is putting you in a lot of top pair type hands which he will expect you not to fold. Are you calling his turn bet with 88?
  • EmanuelC16


    #6: He doesn't have enough AQ, AK, KK, AA to bet 3 streets there plus 2 flushdraws busted, QJ, JT without FD also busted, 44, 55 also busted. Just so much busted there I think I have to snap call given the odds I get and given his range. I was more worried about losing when he checks because now he can have any AJ and lower imo, while when he shoves his value range is a lot narrower. K8o from him doesn't make sense to me like I said in the video as well.. Makes me think he has no idea of how I play which is good for me! :D
  • habeichja


    Dont really like your plays. i dont really see your edge on the tables. So many weird played hands like QJo 3bet against unknown opponent with fishy Stack oop? Why?

    The Early Hand with 99 is pretty close against 3 Streets donk, you are almost behind on River.

    Your explanations arent deep enough for me, its sound like i do that because mhmhm i just do it.

    just wasting my time to watch the video
  • EmanuelC16


    I rechecked both hands and only 'mistake' I see is in 99 hand is not saying all the worse hand combos he can have. Otherwise I explained quite clearly for a Zoom video. If this is the first video of mine you've watched or first time you hear me talk poker I can see why you have no idea what I am talking about because fully understanding requires you to know more thorough explanations covered in previous videos and strategy posts in the NLHE forum.

    @Edge: Weird plays = edge. I know they are +EV. When possible opponents don't understand that I have already created an edge.
  • sanpnat0rRNMD


    Are you a winner in these games? What's your current level and results?
  • EmanuelC16



    In the meantime I played a bit more NL50, winrate going to around 5.50bb/100
  • xNikoBellicx


    EmanuelC16 how do i get that popup im hem 2 for 3b bet @56sec in the vid ?
  • EmanuelC16


    It's a custom made pop-up. I had it in HEM and imported it to HM2. I had to adjust a few stats on it but no biggie. It should be on the HEM forums.
  • ArtisSkirpa


    That was the weakest poker training vid I've seen in quite a while.
    For one, if you record a session and no hands go further than a cbet, maybe it's worth considering recording another one.

    It seems like you're just trying to cooler people, not trying to win pot when you don't flop top pair. I'd also say that you're playing way too tight preflop, folding a lot of hands you could have easily opened, but I guess that just ties into your overall strategy.

    You should focus less on stats and all of this "folds x% from this position, barrels y%, folds to steal z%, 3bets COvMP xyz%" nonsense, but focus a little more on playing your own range and putting a little bit more pressure on other regs, in spots where their range is weak. You shouldn't just bluff the turn on cards that give you a straight flush draw or cards that are the nut worst ones for your oopponents range.

    Same with 3betting preflop, don't look for someone to have a 75% fold to 3bet, but just 3bet a linear range vs most opponents because people flat crappy hands and have weak ranges that can't get to the river.

    And how do you not cbet QJ in a 3bet pot vs a fish when you have a gutshot and 2 overs and he can have like any random Ax or whatever in his range for all you know?

    I'm quite honestly amazed that you can win at 5bb/100 playing even worse than ABC. Well, good for you if you can, guess you might just run really good or be really good at things like tilt control and always playing your A game, but your fundamentals are not particularly good and then you're not really doing anything else that a 10nl reg doesn't know how to do. It's cool that you're able to win that way, but you sure enough don't deserve to make training videos.

    On a positive note, your English is incredibly good for a non native speaker. You don't even have that pokerstrategy trademark annoying euro accent.
  • EmanuelC16



    Your statements are quite contradictory: you say don't look at your opponent's range and then say attack weak ranges. You can't do that if you don't play their ranges and play your own. The examples you gave about attacking some spots are exactly that: playing my own range and I don't put a shitload of air in my range as a default.

    My videos always received polarised opinions, this being probably the one with most extremes and I don't mind that. It's basically because I do things very differently to what people think should be done and not everyone can understand or apply it.

    Regarding the action hands in the video, I agree that there could have been more but when playing live you can't choose your hands or skip to the good part.
  • SteveWarris


    way to sensitve micro, i can hear every munch/smack. i find it realy disturbing.
  • ArtisSkirpa


    I don't see what is so contradictary about my statements. And you should have air in your default ranges, otherwise you just end up doing what I already said you were doing - trying to cooler people.

    To win at 50nl you don't exactly have to play GTO in spots where you have no solid idea of what your opponent's range is, but it is certainly better than what you were doing, which was just giving up a lot.

    And again, it might be working well enough for you to win, it's just that there was absolutely nothing to learn from this video, every other 50nl reg plays this way, so that is why I think videos like these should not be uploaded on any self-respecting training site. It's cool that you're involved with the community on the forums and what not, but that should not enable someone to put out bland and pointless training vids.

    And what are the plays that you think you do, that other people can't understand or adapt, because it seemed like straight 2008 ABC, what you were doing. That's the way I was playing 50NL and was always wondering why I couldn't move up. Never did it cross my mind that I could record a session with me narrating the [no]action in a monotone voice, put it up on a site and get paid for it.

    There's a reg at every 50nl table that could make a video like this one, which is why I think it's incredibly ignorant for ps to put out vids like these and charge 5x as much as all the other training sites out there, that actually vet their coaches.

    Where is the positive feedback btw? Or is it just polarized to the "-" end?
  • EmanuelC16


    You posted about one hand in my blog and you ofc disagreed with it again when it was a 'fancy play'. Now you disagree with the so called boring standard plays. The positive feedback is in my blog, on Skype and from all the students booking (plus the legit questions I take as good feedback and interest in my thinking).

    While you might find it useless and stupid some don't. I found 80% of the poker videos I watched quite useless so I don't expect everyone to consider mine excellent.

    You are the only person who are so negative about it plus you bring no consctrutice criticism all you basically say is that you don't want to play like I play, which is a legit opinion but doesn't change whether my play or your play works.

    Checked out your other posts around the forum and they are mostly to bash stuff so unless you actually want a constructive discussion for what to change in my future videos, hands from this video or poker in general I will stop answering your comments.

    #16: Changed mic since then but the thing is on Skype and when I play them back they all sound good plus not everyone says they have trouble with the sound meaning it could well be something about your sound output in combo with my mic.

  • ArtisSkirpa


    I wouldn't say most of my posts here are bashing. I will admit though, that I'm not exactly good with compliments, and I don't really do "+1" or "great vid" kinda posts, so it's just that I generally only post something when I disagree with someone or when I see something really wrong with the way this site operates.

    I looked at my posts in your blog, and I still feel thy're pretty legit, I might not think in the same terms now, but I do agree with myself from a while ago and I don't really see how that contradicts with what I have posted in the comments here so far.

    It's not about making fancy plays or standard plays, it's about having the highest EV gameplan, and in the case of making videos, it's that plus making the viewers able to understand why you are doing the things you're doing, none of which you've been able to accomplish in this video, IMO.

    I also don't really appreciate you saying I haven't provided any constructive criticism, I think I've pointed out quite a few flaws in your game, as have some other people here, along with asking about a specific hand (the QJo 3bet pot hand) and you've yet to reply to any of that. The replies you've provided so far to mine and some other people's criticism so far have been along the lines of "People post positive feedback in my blog" and "weird plays = edge". Now, sure, you've provided some actual analysis in the KQ and 99 hands, hands, that I would've mostly played the same way, except maybe calling the river vs dawarsaw, because the more draws miss on the river the less likely regs like dawarsaw are to jam a hand that doesn't beat KQ, and even besides that, you calling with KQ basically means you have no folding range on the river. I think it's ok to call down with any Ax you get there with and probably fold the bottom of your range such as KQ.

    It's a pretty bold statement to say that 80% of vids you've watched have seemed pointless, but vids like these are just that IMO. And I mostly play rush/zoom, and I also really love live sweat vids, so if anyone would find this interesting, it would be me. I just found this particular video incredibly boring and
  • ArtisSkirpa


    .... not very insightful nlhe theory wise. If you want specific questions about specific hands, you've yet to explain the way you played the QJo hand, where you 3bet vs unknown, likely bad player and ddn't cbet the flop. I think you were even trying to say that you're gonna make him fold a .lot postflop, but then choked on the cbet.

    You seem like a nice guy and I don't want you to get too offended about what I've said (not like you care, people love you in your blog thread and they keep paying for coaching), but I really think that there are a lot of better microstakes players, that would deserve to be in the position you're in way more than you do, because you kinda have nothing going for you as a coach, monotone speaking, not particularly good game theory, not being able to explain your thoughts very well, getting very defensive whenever your abilities are questioned.

    Feel free to say everything about this is not constructive criticism, but I feel like it is and I would love for you to get back at this
  • ArtisSkirpa


    OK, I randomly rewatched a few minutes of the video while I was making the last comment. The AAvQQ hand vs the bitchstacker, I think you're 3betting way too big, your 3bet size vs these players should be super small, because most of them will respond by playing 4bet/jam or fold, or occasionally calling with a pretty weak range and playing terribly postflop. I also think it's a huge mistake to flat the 4bet there, because, as you said yourself, he's commiting himself and he's calling it off 97% of time. Flatting there just lets him not to lose any money postflop when you get a bad board for his 99 or AQs or whatever, which is going to happen a lot.

    ALso, I noticed a couple of times, when you 3bet AQ MPvUTG and AK COvMP f I remember correctly. One of the you called a 3bet bluff and the other one "3betting for thin value". That is the wrong way to go about it, you should be thinking of plays in terms of EV, not in terms of value and bluffs, those might be the right terms to use when you are on the river sometimes, but the ridiculousness of them is highlighted in these preflop spots exactly. You're making those plays because they're simply more likely to be higher EV than flatting or folding in both of those spots, not because either of them is a bluff or a value bet. Until you get to the river, you should think in terms of equity and EV, not value and bluffs. It's not like EV goes away on the river, it's just that bthe line between value and bluff becomes more clear.

    Just pointing out a few specific things that I think are wrong about your game.
  • EmanuelC16


    @QJ hand: It's a flop that hits an IP calling range pretty good. Yes, I have a gutshot but that's 4 outs with very little folding equity. What do you expect him to fold compared to what all his range is?

    @3bet reasoning: I've written countless times on the forum and said it in videos that 3bet is not clear cut but when playing a live session I don't have time to go over it everytime. I do say this is more likely to be for value or more likely to be a bluff but I can't go through all the 3bet theory in a live session video and you should know that. Justifying thin +EV plays also doesn't happen in live videos.

    The goal of a live session video is to show dynamics, what to look out for in others' actions and more often a default approach because you rarely get into specific spots.

    @KQ hand: KQ is not the bottom of my range there.

    If you think you get to know anything about someone's game from a 45 minutes video compared to people I discuss on a daily basis then you have superhuman perception.

    If you are crushing already, what use does this video have to you? The target audience is NL25 players that are trying to move up. You sound like not being in that category so ofc it doesn't seem useful. Is your goal to become a video producer here? Commenting in the video section won't do much for that, you would be better off contacting someone from Edu department and sending in your application.
  • ArtisSkirpa


    QJ hand, how do you know what his range is there. I think you already established that he's not exactly going to be a very good player so why would you want to assign a reasonable flatting range to him. Even if a reasonable flatting range actually did hit that board in a way that leaves you with very little fold equity, which I don't think it does. And this guy can have like any Ax or 45s in his range, and besides that, in a spot like this where you don't know what your oppent's range is you should default to GTO and just play your own range and QJ is clearly a bet.

    It takes about as much time to say "3betting here is the highest EV play" as it does to say whatever it was that you said. Again, in your last comment you say stuff like "this is more likely to be for value or more likely to be a bluff", that is just the wrong way to think about those spots and makes no sense at all, no matter if your target audience is 5nl players or 100nl players.

    I've watched countless live vids and a lot of live 4tabling zoom vids and other coaches actually manage to explain both the theory behind most plays and overall game theory. If you can only do that in the forums, and whenever you get in front of a mic you're unable to even provide correct reasoning for the plays you make you should just stick to posting in the forums not posting videos.

    KQ, care to elaborate what IS the bottom of your range there? I assume you don't really get to the river this way with a draw or a pocketpair, so Kx is the bottom of your range, or at least it is the bottom of my range there. And it's not that it's never ok to call with that, but you would have to have a pretty good reason to call with something that's at the very least towards the bottom of your range.

    A 45 minute video is enough to be able to make reasonable assumptions about the quality of someone's game. Now, granted, if you make videos enough, you're gonna have a few that are bellow your own standards and this might be one of them, but I'd say it's still pretty easy to spot some serious leaks in your game that a 50nl coach shouldn't have.

    My goal is not to become a video producer, much less here, but I'm pretty sure that if I did produce vids, I'd put a hell of a lot more effort into my videos than you did in this one.
  • Jazzy8


    @12.10. the A9s hand. you say its better to 3bet and not to fold. is coldcalling also an option? how do you treat A2s-A5s in that spot? ist there a difference to A6s-A9s cause of the straigtabilities?
  • EmanuelC16


    @24: High cards > weak gutshot in my view. I think a good pair that can get you to showdown is very good to have. There's a huge difference between A9s and A6s so I would not put them in the same category. Flopping a pair of 9s is way better than a pair of 6s while there's not much of a difference between a pair of 5s or 6s with A5, A6, so in that case, the straight counts more imo.

    Furthermore, people defend medium suited connectors and you dominated their pairs with AT, A9, A8, while with A6s you don't because you get more calls by T9s, 89s, than by 76s, 65s stuff. Therefore A9 will have way more playability postflop with position and can actually get decent value in on more boards than the A5-A2 hands which rely on good equity to barrel not getting to showdown.
  • Padiz0


    Please turn off this annoying sound from PS :(
  • lodinn


    Due to the above discussion I'll add a positive feedback so you do not only have to refer to your blog ;)

    Nice video. Although there wasn't that much action I liked it. I also think that it's good that you keep your thought process brief, otherwise you will just end up sitting out so much so you might as well make a hand analysis video.
  • joefraizer1


    Min 27:50. Changed his nickname? how? is that possible?
  • EmanuelC16


    @27: Thanks! Live play is to go more into dynamic and see how someone actually applies all the theory quickly. I had several hand analysis videos in my previous series where I got comments I got too in depth, so what can you do. :D

    @28: I said changed his game, not nickname. In very extreme cases, it is possible to change your nickname on Stars from what I know. Those extreme cases are having too much personal info in your nickname but even then it's a long shot.
  • 2phil4u


    I find the video o.k., because im a NL25 Reg and from the 2 Videos i see from you, i can see i call too much on 3-bets oop.
    And i defend too much on BB against early raises, but in your last video on NL25, when you fold QTs on CO against a very small 3-bet from BU, i really think you cann call here, because opponents first stack of with top pair or better and second just barrel one time with their air, so that you could call one say on a Txx Flop.
  • 2phil4u


    and you can hit so many FD and Str8draws and 2 pairs, so it depend on your opponent just get it in with a check/raise with good Equtiy.
  • sebastien0012


    i usually just look French videos and Moshman's ones. I love him. Nice voice, clear analyses. After 25 min, I start to think to myself, Wow this guy is a Robot, checking stats all the time to make the right move. And then it starts to be a "let s play against dawarsow special video", like trying to show us that you are better than him. And I guess that where you lost yourself in this video. then ArtisSkyrpa is maybe expecting a video too show him how to win 500000 dollars in 786 hands as Viktorbloom does but come on.. That s not real life.And I guess It s better to play against weak players as to spew against Reg. Then we should all agree on the fact that you are a winning player because of a great self control than talent. And it s probably what we Pokerstrateges are watching video. It s a silver video and it s a nice now!! Thank you.
  • fortunewheel


    fix the damn sound , buy a proper headset. cmon emmanuel , got to be kidding us right? nice vid but supperannoying distorted sound that's just unprofessional and noobish for a coach. period.
  • fortunewheel


    8:20 : u justify not 3 bet squeezing ATo becuz ' even if he opens 20% and folds to 3 bets 83% he is 4 betting u with a stronge range'. That is simply retarded. if someone is basically folding 4/5 times to 3 bets AND opening 20% in a given position, it's a no brainer in a vacuum and ur printing monies. Obv whne he is 4 ebttign his range will be strong becuz he is opening in MP and folds a shitload to 3 bets.

    not the first time i heard u say flatout stupid stuff. no offense though. pretty ' decent' content but beware for silly slip ups
  • fortunewheel


    and lol at my typos >>> my mum poured a retard in my orange juice. apologies
  • ched2803


    Hey buddy, where can I get ur Hud, its awesome!