Slam5 Reviews 400NL

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Shorthanded
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A warm welcome to new coach 'Slam5'. Who reviews a 400NL session he recently played on pokerstars and gives us his analysis.


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  • fitzinator18


    Welcome to new coach Slam5 as he takes us through a 400NL session, enjoy!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below!
  • aXSesPS


    the first 4 minutes of this video doesn't seem to work.
    Might be my browser, but other vids are working.
  • kalahari


    I have the same problem, it goes through the 4 minutes in 3 seconds and makes some funny sounds (firefox, opera, chrome and ie)
  • pleno1


    Hey guys,

    The teaser has a bug that will be fixed soon :)

    @all, this is Slam5's first video, we have helped him with the resolution and a couple of technical stuff regarding the video but we are very very happy to have one of the biggest mid stakes winners as one of our producers.
  • stylus20


    had to laugh when you thought gosudiac was about to start a table with you :D
  • Becks777



    min 6: You 3bet QJs in SB vs. CO and cbet J83 r. On the King Turn you decide to 2ndbarrel cause you would bluff this card and he could call you with JTs J9s. What would you do on an offsuit 2 Turn? And what would your plan be on a blank Rivers?
  • Mantelo


    That was some nice qualitative poker! Very liked your thoughts on played hands. Looking forward to next parts :)
  • barbeysize


    "dat regular"

    nice :)
  • Slam5


    Hello everybody,

    first of all - i'm sorry that the resolution is not as good as it could be, before releasing the next vid, i intend to get some coaching for Camtasia :)

    Becks777 - on such a blank turn (offsuit deuce), both checking and cbetting are fine. It depends greatly on 1) hero's image, 2) history, 3) villain's tendencies. If there were dynamics, where both of the players had been bluffing and barreling light a lot, then i'd be more inclined to just bet-bet-bet, however most of the cases (like our hand) i prefer checking on the turn, to protect our give-up range, which includes some Ahighs/bottom pair type of hands, which have some SD value. If he checked back the turn, i'd definetely be valuebetting most rivers, but if he did bet on the turn, my plan would be to call him down on both streets, as he can have floats in his range.

    Thank you for the warm welcome, and feel free to ask more questions!
  • MrPGrey


    Rly nice Video :)

    1 Question:

    Whats ur usual 3b-Range on bb/sb vs bu opens with like 20/16 stats.
  • Pumper247


    nice video!
  • Slam5



    MrPGrey, i'm afraid your question is a bit too vague, as it depends on villain's BTN steal %, his fold to 3b %, fold to cbet % and also whether hero is on the SB or BB.

    But assuming you didn't have those stats at the time ingame, i'd say resteal around 11% on SB and 9-10% on the BB sounds fine, considering that he steals probably tighter than the average reg.

    SB: TT (99)+, KJ+, AJ+, some low PPs & suited connectors like 67s, 78s, T9s, A5s etc
    BB: TT+, AJ+, KQ, some suited connectors that are too weak to call.
  • opal99


    more please!
  • MrPGrey


    Thank you :)
    More vids !
  • instaflip


    n1, both the video and not hiding your screen name, always good to know... ;)
  • G1wave


    nice video, looking forward for next :D
    CU buddy :D
  • fidelloz


    do you offer private coachings?
  • Slam5


    Thanks for the nice feedback!

    Fidelloz, yes, i've actually been thinking about making a thread for that in a few days.
  • fidelloz



    I just added you to friends. I am interested. We have been playing for some time on P* NL100 and a bit on NL200.

    Once you accept my invitation we can settle on details.
  • Pabloka


    Deluxesamy weak player??? xxxD
  • MoronDuck


    #21 yup
  • pleno1


  • SPeedFANat1c


    NL400 looked so simple in this video, I dont' know why :D (I play nl20)
  • ixdon


    Nice video.
    32:00 - is it your default isolating betsize - 2.2bb vs UTG limper?
  • ixdon


    (2nd table)
  • ixdon


    Oops, you opened from CO, I'm idiot. Moderators, please, delete my 3 comments.
  • bananendealer


    habe mir das Video angesehen und bin schon arg überrascht über einige Plays und glaube auch nicht, dass das profitabel sein soll. Falls doch, muss ich mal 10.000$ einzahlen und dann beate ich das Limit auch!