Hot $55 MTT Review

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  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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DonBartos reviews the hot55 turbo MTT he played on pokerstars.


Equity hand history review PokerStars

Comments (21)

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from DonBartos!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
  • Erikk17


    Review turnament older than half years is waste of time. Its completly differet game today.
  • xxpavelx


    it is a turbo tournament. what has changed significantly in a turbo tournament? it is still push or fold
  • Havlisak


    I am not really sure about the Q7o open min 26, i think nowadays they shove over your raise too often to make it profitable
  • yellowsock


    great stuff
  • cyberraver


    Old Video full of masstabling errors
  • DonBartos


    @2, dont really agree about the fact that things changed that much in half a year.

    @6, yes there are masstabling errors, but I think a big part of turbo mtts is masstabling and this included errors. The biggest value of turbos are volume though.
  • DonBartos


    Just keep any comments coming though, I'll review the video and I'll get back to all strategy comments
  • onmybike


    no doubt that this is first good mtt vid in a year or something from pokerstrategy. And it is great if you compare with the other enlish mtt stuff out there.
    but it would be better if we see also stats of our opponent because that is a big part of the decision making ingame. And like to see really up to date stuff, not that there change a lot in a half year but also for the reason that pokerstrategy also wait a lot of the time (or they did) before the publish it.
  • DonBartos


    @9, I might use HM replayer at some point to use stats, but my HM is very slow and crashes a lot, which kinda makes me prefer using Universal Replayer.

    Also, I didn't make this video so long ago, but the HH was pretty old. But this shouldn't be a huge deal since the gameplay of others shouldn't be much different and my own thoughts were pretty much up to date.
  • DonBartos


    I do however think stats are less important than a lot of regs might think, but then again I don't use them that much or that effective so I'm not the best one to ask. I do believe it helps though and I might use them in next videos.

    I haven't made part two of this review yet, so any comments on this video will be reviewed and worked out in the next part.
  • DonBartos


    @4, agree that Q7o is very loose and I'd only open it if the table kinda allows it. I usually just fold in that spot but at the time I think I figured the table was tight enough to be opening.
  • DonBartos


    I should note that I made a mistake at 56min, I didnt calculate the 24k + 24k at the A7o hand, so you need a bit less equity which probably makes it a mincall vs BTN and CO if you min, but I still prefer a jam either way
  • Targetme


    make me gold ffs
  • IvanFlay3r


    When part 2?
  • DonBartos


    Hey, Im working on part2 right now, should be online soon!
  • xmiammiamx



    I have a question related to something you said in the video. At some point you mentioned that you were also multitabling SNGs while playing this tournament. How do you organise your tables for that ? I don't like mixing different games while playing too many tables cause I have to remember what it is when the table pops up. You probably wouldn't raise Q7o UTG in a single table fullring SNG lol :-)
    Do you have several stacks/cascades for each type of game, or what?
  • DonBartos


    I play tiled so I can't really help you with that. I do however have different colors for the MTT and SNG tables, but other than that tiling tables obv gives you more overview than stacking
  • Puscherbilbo


    @min 10:00 Not too sure about a call on the River. You seem to be forgetting that the flop was 4way so i assume he has some sort of equity in the pot to begin with. that means he cannot delay-2ndbarrel his giveups here since he does not bet them to begin with. That leaves basically 98 as missed bluff that he could bet but the rest has us beat since he is not going to bet the river with Ax for the same reasons you do not want to lead out.
    But tbh i highly doubt i could make the fold ingame. :)
  • Puscherbilbo


    min 17:30 is quite ambitious too. Even if everyone defends 10% of hands there is no autoprofit. Besides everyone behind you has reshove stack. I highly doubt it is +EV.
  • Puscherbilbo


    min 27:25 This spot should be closer to bubble so here it makes more sense to try a loose steal. But after seeing Q6s in his defending range you do not make a conclusion towards the EV of your play. Furthermore you assign hands in his range which should not be in it according to your preflop reasoning. Against a semi-wide-Range this is a good spot to bluffcbet obv. But in that case we should not be in the hand to begin with.