From the Bottom Up: Mistakes Later On in a Session

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Boomer makes some mistakes as he continues his 'from the bottom up' series. He explains his thought process throughout this live session and explains why he believes some of his hands were played incorrectly.


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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Boomer!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  • Sascha26


    Hey boomer nice vid again, i would like to ask you about the Q6 hand at 9.45.

    you bet the turn without even thinking about it. What would you do if you get a raise here. Calldown on a non spade river ?
    This time it is a fish, but how do you play such spots against typical 35/25 LAG/TAGs
  • Boomer2k10


    I would call the turn raise and probably the river as well unless it was awful

    Vs a 35/25 LAGTAG I'd expect to see some action with a strong hand or decent draw on the flop (or preflop in terms of big queens etc) and that turn card bring in a ton of peels he can now semi-bluff.

    We're in the top 35% of our hand range on the turn so folding is out of the question to me at least until the river gives me a reason to fold

    I'm not exactly going to jump for joy if raised but I'm not going to instantly think I'm beat vs a laggy player either.

    Checking here I'm not a fan of because we have a strong hand for our range, we're going to have quite a few bluffs in our range we're going to want to balance and giving nice naked As and Ks peels a free card here is a borderline disaster.
  • faktor1


    Hi Boomer!

    About the hand with AJ - whats your checking range? (31:00)