Hot $75 MTT Review - Opening Stages

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Chenny8888 looks at the early stages of the hot 75 on pokerstars discussing his thoughts throughout


Contibet hand history review PokerStars series

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy the latest offering from our MTT Coach chenny8888.

    If you have any comment/suggestions for the coach please leave them below
  • Erikk17


    I like your analysiz. good video
  • Kaczmarol


    AQ in 15:00 : how about AQo AJs ? What is your range there ? 88+, AJo+, AQs+?
  • mblazic87


    I know that I'm bronze, but I'd like to see the preview of your videos anyway. Lately almost every video preview that gets posted (almost all of the last page in video section) doesn't work, including this one. They all seem to load very fast and just jump through those 4 minutes, but there's nothing on the screen. Is there something that can be done about this? Thanks!
  • axelduret


    nice one !
  • geoelt



    I'd really like to see range breakdowns for the AQs hand @ min 15:00 and the ATs hand @ 33:00

    The AQs hand, from my experience, in the high BI turbos opening ranges are really tight especially under the gun since there are always reshove stacks around and nobody makes herofolds vs utg in 2013 early/midways in a high BI turbo. I personnaly think its very hard to get an AQs shove profitable there, but maybe I am wrong ;-)

    For the ATs hand: I think I probably shove this as well. In your commentary it does however sound like ATs is not even close to the bottom of your range. I hardly doubt you should shove much wider though. Given the stacks behind I don't see villain stealing that wide cause he have to call of against the shortys anyway and loosing to them somewhat crippels him. And there are 3 people behind who will again not herofold imo.

    It is a good video, but I think it would be way more educating to break down ranges instead of saying "I need big sample nitty stats to fold this" and than sucking out ;)
  • chenny8888


    @2, 6: I haven't actually done the math on either of those 2 spots, however I'll attempt to do so now.

    15:00, AQs: 19bb deep I wouldn't expect my opponent to openshove any of his range, so his range is uncapped (as is "proved" by him turning up with KK). I think his range looks something like 99+ AQ+ (5.9%) for calling. From this we can work backwards in Holdem Resources Calculator (free trial here

    The breakeven point appears to be about 8% for UTG (or 99+ ATs+ ATo+ KQs KQo). Some people may do stupid things like raise pairs and fold them (which have no blockers, so are horrible for this purpose), or raise too wide. I think in general most people aren't raising tighter than this, though there are definitely opponents where this is the case. FWIW our opponent should be raising 25% (!!!!!!) of hands if we are only 3betting all-in or folding vs his UTG raise, so if you're ever worried about being "exploited" or whatever, just realise that UTG is giving you a "walk" way more often than he should.
  • chenny8888


    33:00, ATs hand: I think I'm shoving KQs, KJs, and possibly a couple more suited broadways. That being said vs a 2.5x, we can drop a couple of those hands out. ATs is significantly better than any other hands, so it can be an easy shove even if A9s is an easy fold.

    His call range here looks something like 77+ AJ+. I think his raise range first in from the HJ is reasonably wide, though maybe he doesn't 2.5x the weaker parts of it. BU, SB and BB are calling 99+ AQ+. Provided he's raising more than 28.3% of his hands, we can shove any ace, KTo+, K9s+ Q9s+ QTo, JTo, 98s, T8s+ and any pair. If he's openraising 44+ A2s+ A8o+ KTs+ KJo+ QTs+ JTs, then ATs becomes a marginal shove (it's the breakeven point). Seeing as how I think most people are raising more than 17.6% of hands first in in the HJ (in fact I have very few players in my DB tighter than this), I'm fine with our shove.
  • geoelt


    Thank you very much for the explaination and clarification!

    Although you might be right about him raising wide enough on the HJ to shove ATs, I think it's very dangerous to compare somewhat shallow-deepstack situation raise first stats on the Hijack with situations like this in turbos with 3 super shorties behind. The range you have given him for the breakeven point looks reasonable, but given he is 2,5x I think its just as likely that he is tighter than this as it is that he is wider, we simply don't know without reads I guess...
    Obv he shouldnt be too tight, but no point in playing threse mtts if all opponents were playing correct ;)

    for AQs you are probably right about that numbers if he is r/f 50% wich again sounds reasonable (the ranges you assinged)
    Do you ever call in this spots vs 20 BB utg open? If so, what kinds of hands would you flat call there?

    Thanks again for the time you took answering the questions :)
  • theReSult


    Hello, i am sorry, where i can get same layout as yours? Nice popups, man!
  • gusma


    Hey bro!

    Even with you argument I still do not like the shove with ATs in the minute 33. I disagree his range is that big . SInce he's opening vs 3 mid stacks I dont think he has a raise/fold range and he's calling 100% of the time there.That being said I would give him something like that 66+,A9s+,KJs+,ATo+,KQo , vs wich you do not do very well.
  • chenny8888


    I really don't think he just openfolds KTo type hands or A8o/A9o, and he certainly shouldn't.
  • chenny8888


    *though he isn't necessarily 2.5x-ing them