Hot $75 MTT Review - Into the Ante Stages

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  • MTT
  • $75
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Chenny continues to review his 'Hot75' tournament on pokerstars, discussing spots when they happen as we begin to see stacks getting shallow.


Contibet hand history review PokerStars push or fold series shove

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest from Chenny8888 as we move deeper into the Hot 75!

    As always feedback and suggestions are appreciated.
  • SSDbg


    Nice video :)
  • mahoarca


    Thanks, nice vid
  • Premiumnerd


    chenny8888 nuts as always! but the slowness of HM2 is really annoying :/
  • ByronJacobs


    Hey Chenny, This video (and 1st part) I liked a lot. The stuff on bet-sizing and light 3-betting is very good. Nice work.

    However - I know there are HM issues - but it's soooo slooooow. It feels like watching a slow motion replay. If the HM issue persists maybe you could export to Univ Replayer which zings thru the hands. Obv there won't be the hud but you can just identify the reads in the commentary.

    Looking forward to the next parts.
  • chenny8888


    Hey Byron,

    Unfortunately all parts of the series has already been recorded, but I will definitely attempt to do something else for my next series (which will be on a normal speed tournament). I think the HUD is necessary, though HEM2 isn't the only program available for that.

    PS: I'm a big fan of your FLHU videos!
  • ByronJacobs


    Hey Chenny, Thx!

    Actually I did have a question and then forgot to ask it <smacks hand on head>.

    3:51, JTs hand. I made a similar play myself a couple of times and then wasn't quite sure about it. The stack sizes look to me a little awkward: whenever a short stack pushes on you, you call which is neutral EV at best (usually you got something like 38-40% equity and you need about 43% - putting ~7K into ~16K pot - for breakeven). When the big stacks push obviously you fold. So except for when you steal the blinds (and it's not often as there are six live players behind) it's hard for something good to happen.

    Also right now your 25K stack allows you to play minraise/fold comfortably. If you lose 7K and drop to about 18K, it's getting a little tight to have minraise/fold in your armoury (especially after the next blind increase) which limits your options, but maybe this isn't a big deal in the turbo structure.

    I like your presentation and explanations very much - good work!
  • chenny8888



    I still think you can minraise/fold plenty with 20bb stacksizes. I think people overestimate how often they are getting jammed on: even a very loose reg is rarely going to resteal wide enough these days. I think a large part of our edge in fact with our current 30+bb stack is being able to survive and play, even after we've taken these marginal spots. I don't think it's that marginal though, as I think our steal success rate is easily high enough.
  • maiunagioia27


    hi, min 05:57 with QJ from the button, not sure i've understand your explainations because of my bad english, so i wish to know if it's possible what are your considerations about opening or shoving a hand like that on short stacks: what makes the difference for you between those two option? ty
  • chenny8888


    If people aren't restealing (tight players often have this leak), AND you can raise/fold it without getting the pot odds to call it off, then you can raise/fold a hand like QJ. If either one of these Ifs are not true, you should just openshove these hands that have great equity.