Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest: $100NL HU Live Session

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Raskolnikov brings us a practical live edition of his popular "Champions stand up one more time than the rest" series as he views his student playing 100NL HU and they discuss various spots together.


Champions Stand Up Live Video Multicoach PokerStars series

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  • fitzinator18


    Enjoy the latest in the "Champions Stand Up One More Time Than The Rest" series.

    As always please leave any questions below and Raskolnikov will be happy to answer.
  • KillBZ


    Great vid!
  • primorac


    I was wondering, are there actually people in this world, that praise you as much as you do it yourself?
    Turned the video on mute after "People ask me all the time: Oh Gordon, how do you crush all these Regs so hard?" or sth. like that.
    Sad thing is, the content might actually be good, but I personally just can't take you seriously and can't manage to sit through a whole video, because of comments like the above.
    I might just not be the target audience.

  • filipetheman


    on the table on the left, the guy 3bets a shit load 30%+ and doesnt fold post flop, so he´s just stealing way to much equity of use if we keep raising 100%. why not fold like the 10% or 20% of worst hands?
  • IPoker4k1I


    Hello Raskolnikov.

    English is not my native language, so ask if you don't fully understand something I'm saying.

    At first I want to say this method of coaching is against most poker sites rules (and if not then just unethical). It is not cool to one play and and another person to give comments about his actions. I like watching live play, but it can as easily (or even more so) by just recording at first and then adding an audio.

    Second, I don't know if you fully approve your students ranges, but 3betting something like T9s is ridiculous or 'retarded bullshit' as you say.

  • IPoker4k1I


    PS. agree some with #3 and 100% agree with #4.
  • CichyGrzmot


    This folded KK guy's playing 0.25/0.50 right now. LoLed. These guys always suck out on me :(
  • filipetheman


    btw 3betting something like T9s is NOT retarded. if you want to 3bet the best hands you would fold that´s an ok starting point, but 3betting is for sure +ev with T9s unless he doesnt fold to 3bets.

    and actually if villain folds a lot you make more money by 3betting T9s then calling it

    if villain folds a decent amount and when he calls the 3bet you have a hand that plays amazing post flop how is that retarded?

    flatting is also fine but 3betting has a lot of merits, very far from retarded
  • Raskolnikov


    #2 Thx

    #3 There's two sides to the story and to each his own. My goal is results and not sympathy. I actually thought the same about other people until i realized that those were the ones i learnt most from.
  • niceblack


    I play PLO, yet had really good time watching this video. I loughed a lot. And u now what guys? I like Gordons style of being (if he knows how to play as well, I can't check it). I'd like to have such a huge motivation. And I'm impressed with how the guys he teaches get so motivated and become so sure of their success.
  • Raskolnikov


    #5 Disagree.

    But it is the reason why i didn't make a live video before. But i got to many requests and personally i don't have a problem with it.

    We can for sure discuss this in more detail, perhaps you wanna open a thread and link me to it.
  • Raskolnikov


    #4: Of course that is possible and something i typically advise. In any case, he is still folding some % preflop, so it's not "bad" to play 100%
  • xWoodayx


    minute 4 links nutflishdraw am flo folden nicht sicher ob seriös ^^
  • xWoodayx


    ok ist kein flush draw epic fail einfach kein 4 color deck zu verwenden-.-
  • Raskolnikov


    #5 and #8 :

    I explain my reasons for why and how to 3b with which range against which opponent.

    I don't use religious terms like "3b with 9Ts is bad" . Rather we wanna rationally figure out why it is bad in a certain circumstance.
  • xWoodayx


    teaching ur students to use a phucking 4 color deck should be ur primary goal
  • Raskolnikov


    @ ALL : Pls give me questions for Part Nr. 5 of the series.

    Specific questions about hands please
  • xWoodayx


    as well as the fact auto rebuy should be enabled...
  • Raskolnikov



    Brille. Fielmann ;)
  • xWoodayx


    all together very nice vid! i liked the live format very very much! much more than reviews
  • IPoker4k1I


    #8 Usually I just start 3betting strong hands and strongest ones I can't call with (as you said), but he did 3bet T9s from the beginning. I didn't and still don't agree with that.

    Fwiw, I still would ~never 3bet T9s if my opponent calls too much vs 3bet, since T9s plays better w/ big SPR, and would rather 3bet like KJ for value, 'cause it plays well w/ small SPR.

    But please prove me wrong, trying to learn.
  • Raskolnikov



    I think whether or not to 3b with T9s is not a big deal. I don't think calling is bad, nor 3betting bad.

    What is more important is to understand the circumstances in which play is good. At the start we have no information, so gaining more info by 3betting a non-trash hand like T9s is fine.

    The BIG problem here imo is focusing on spots like these, because it is marginal either way. Those spots are not what makes you a winner/looser at these limits.
  • atllas20


    awesome Vid as always... I learned a lot
  • primorac


    #9 I still don't get it. Why should a student learn more from a teacher who is a show-off and doesn't miss a chance to point out how great he is? The people I learn from the most are those, who have 2 things:
    1.) great knowledge
    2.) the skill to equip someone with that knowledge
    I see no need for cockiness.
    Wha-eva, maybe I'm just too old (or my manners are too old-fashioned). :)
    There obv. seems to be a certain target audience, and you seem to reach it with the way you are, so everything's fine.
  • filipetheman


    min 24:32 on the right hero 3bets QTs flop 876s, cbet ok with Gutshot and overs. villain snap calls. he has a high check raise, so when he just calls theire it looks capped. why not 3barrel ?
    - on the turn he will call pairs and pair+ draws but prob fold them on the river, its hard for you to rep air, and top of his range are weak top pairs( if he doesnt raise them on the flop since he has a high raise flop%) 2nd pairs and stuff
  • Raskolnikov



    I think your idea is very good. His raise % is still due to a low sample, so we have to weigh it only slightly.

    At this moment we
    a) payed more attention to the left
    b) it still is a higher variance play since we "just don't know" how he perceives us, how he plays on boards etc and vice versa

    Nevertheless i just have to say that you are right. Your analysis of his range is good and sufficient to make the play you suggested.

    Thanks for the great input. Wish there was more like this!
  • JurassicDaniel


    Minute 3:50: Without Information, is it not better to cc the Flop and look how Villain responds (2nd BAR Turn often, gives up und Fold often to River Donk-Bets)?

    I would assumed (Level 1) that Standard Villains on lower Limits (like NL50 or NL100) are not very aggressive and play more passive. So I would prefer cc with 2 Livecards to 2nd Pair (Float Villain).

    When I would have more Information I would play like you and cR the Flop when Villain would CB more than > 70 % and 2ndBAR often.

    Same on Minute 38:30. Why cR A6cc on 884hh? We have Showdownvalue and don´t know how often Villains 2ndBAR the Turn.

    Minute 32:40: we cR with TPTK with 150 BB vs BAD-LAG. My question is, are we prepared to go broke with 150BB in a SR-Pot (SPR of 30). What about 200BB and more?

    Minute 62:30: why not BAR the T+R vs BAD-LAG? He Calls Hero down 3 ST with worse. Villain might Shove with Draws, Air (use the 9 as Scarecard to hope to get Folds from 7x) and Shove with worse like 7x vs Draws.
  • Swish29


    Nice video, but unfortunately it's again against bad regulars. Do you have any plans regarding doing a vid against decent regs?
  • Tim64


    Great video for what to do in practice; lots of good spots re vbetting and bluffcatching. Thanks.
  • Raskolnikov



    I've said anybody who thinks he is a good reg can just tell me that they wanna be on the next video.

    We sat against random people, and unfortunately they got owned. Before i get accused of self-love etc, please don't forget that one of the biggest strengths is to tilt people and stay calm & solid yourself.

    When playing myself, this was not normal to win 10buyins against everybody, but many "good" regs were killed the same way.

    If you've been on the other side of things (i have been owned ) , you know how hard it can be.


    Yes, unlucky, then again those regs were definitely better than most regs on these limits. The mere fact that they played Steve shows this.
  • Raskolnikov



    Thx Tim
  • Raskolnikov



    1) Agree and disagree. This flop is awesome to checkraise.

    I do what you suggest on different board textures. For example on KT2 i would make a VERY thin call with Ax to figure out the same thing.

    In the end, it does not make a big difference. Just don't do something retarded and justify it to "figure out" somth

    2) Same reasoning. We simply expect VIllain to fold often enough to make the raise profitable.

    Guy has been extremely tightish/strightforwardish...

    Calling could be fine as well.

    3) We're not going broke. His bad plays were all of passive/cally nature. Once he puts in actively money himself, his bluffing frequency is very low

    (our assumption based on what we've seen)

    Proof: The first checkraise where he called iwth 3rd pair.

    NOT checkraising there is a HUGE MISTAKE.

    4) Yeah, you're right and the decision was VERY close.

    I explained in the video why i went for the more passive line. Keep in mind we have a weak overpair and we were 130 or 135BB deep.

    While with TT or better i definitely happily just close my eyes, and barrel, with 88, i did elect to be a bit more carefully.

    There is the benefit of loosing less if behind, but also to get value from hands that would not stack off, but call a river bet.

    Or by "floats" from his side that will bluff the river.

    Again, lots of things to consider, i wouldn't send you to hell if you bett all the way.

    I think checking with 88 on the turn was slightly better (imo).

    Very good thoughts on your part, thx for challenging me and giving good questions for everybody else
  • Swish29



    You mean on the next video as in being the villain and play vs you + your student?
  • Matysek


    Great vid, thank you! May i ask you where could i get that great HUD? It is downloadable somewhere?
  • Raskolnikov



    That would be an option of many. As you've seen in this video, i try to say as little as possible and tell me opinion after the decision is made (not always, but as often as possible).

    Not because its right/wrong to do so, but to increase the learning effect.

    #34 Thx, either email me and ask for the HUD ( ) or ask somebody here... i get that question almost every vid ;)))
  • Swish29



    Alright. I know it's a tough format of coaching so I can understand that. Thanks for offering this opportunity to the community, unfortunately my life situation is in such a way that I can't be the one right now, but there's a decent probability that I'll get back to you this spring ;). Take care.
  • tomasa82


  • JurassicDaniel


    Thanks for the detailed answer. I would be very interested to watch a video where you show, which chain of thought you make while playing a hand. I haven´t seen any video on, bluefirepoker and deucescracked, where anyone showed, which is his thoughtprocess like planing a hand, handreading, the method of elimination, .... I mean which thoughts do you make permanently while playing a hand on each street.

    Im very interesting in the following concept. Which thougts
  • Raskolnikov


    #37 Thank you!

    #38 Interesting that you mention this, since i thought this video will show you EXACTLY that.

    There are some hands where the thought process is more elaborated, but those are more to be found in the other videos. Reason why is bc u don't have enough time to cover all details.

    If you thought the thought process in this video was to simple, then i have to tell you that it is NOT more complicated.

    Most likely you think things are more complicated than they are. This is the main reason i advocate " Simple Poker"
  • JurassicDaniel


    Let me give you an example. You have Top and try to establish how many bets you want to invest on which streets are best for this.

    I have AT on T53r and want to invest 3 bets. Next question is how much should i bet? My thought process before any action would be: bet/Call 1/2 Pot (dry Flop), b/f 2/3 Pot, b/f (2/3 Pot). There are other things to consider like handreading (like what is Villains Range on the River after Calling F+T) or the method of elimination (Villain cR the Flop, I would think that I can´t Fold, can defininetely Call and maybe 3bet, which depends on Villain and history). Do you also use thoughts like this?
  • JurassicDaniel


    Minute 28: why calling with 55 on A63Q vs BAD LAG Flp and cR (or cc) the Turn? Its proable that there are lot Overcards to the 6 which Villain will bet. What about cf the Flop?

    Minute 38 (A6) and Minute 56 (63): Why dont 2ndBAR the Turn when an Overcard hits? Villain will mostly fold 2ndPair (he had on the Flop)?

    Minute 41: Hero had 77 on K5shh4. He said he wants to call the Turn one more time but it seems that he hand no plan how to play the river. Before calling the Turn do you had any plan how to play the river?
  • francisco42k


    minute 54, table 1 on the turn when hero made the flush on AKT board, villan bets 21 and hero raises to 68, what do you think of shoving instead? In his mind hero could be bluffing or semi bluffing w/ a shove, rasing to 70bb looks to strong /weird... and besides, dont you think a lots of cards can kill the action in the river? like a Q or J or diamond, even though he´s been a station to this point.
    minraising or shoving are both better than 3,5 Xing, what are your thoughts?
  • EverSteel


    Hello Gordon,

    38:00 JJ table 1
    IMO it's inconsequential to call the flop and fold on a blank turn. Can we even expect that he will check the turn with anything? He had previously barrelled turn IP with gutshots and small pairs, so it's not the kind of opponent who's gonna lean towards taking free cards.

    1:00:40 A2 table 1
    Same thing. We must either have a read that the opponent doesn't cbet, or fold, or calldown on most cards. "Let's call and see" looks like "Let's call for outs lacking odds".
  • poisoN88


    nice vid! p.s. you can't call someone retarded in a "friendly way".
  • Harnas31


    #44 yes you can, you don't have a brother ?

    it depends how you feel with other person
  • ETBrooD


    Minute 54 the J8dd hand I don't like how we just shrug our sholders and move on. That spot seems like we've misplayed the river, and probably the turn, too (I'd have raised much larger against this sort of villain).

    It makes absolutely zero sense for villain to show up with a bluff. I promise I'm not paranoid or results oriented. I knew right after villains bet that we are beat near 100% of the time.
    Because he called our raise on the turn without thinking, after clearly value betting or semi bluffing twice. It means he didn't consider bluff shoving on the turn. But then he considers bluffing on the river? Makes no sense for him to consider bluff shoving the river but not the turn.
    Couple that with the SDV that villain has with the value part of his turn betting range, which he won't turn into a bluff on the river, almost ever.

    I'm absolutely convinced we have a very clear fold.

    Had we raised much larger on the turn we'd be able to call down easily because of much better odds. In that case folding would definitely be awful.
  • ETBrooD


    As a counter example 1 hour in, the A2 hand is completely different for obvious reasons. Villain has called pre so he doesn't have any premiums in his range so he simply can't have the hands that he's repping besides maybe A8, but probably not even that. Since there are bluffs out there it's absolutely impossible for us to make an incorrect call, because villains preflop call range is massively capped.

    So I think the message I'm trying to get across is that we need to think how the hand went from the very beginning. We need to be sharp.
    Just seeing "I have two pairs lolz call" or "I haz flush lolz call" is really detrimental to our learning progress.

    I can absolutely see a lot of people disagreeing with my conclusion that we should fold the J8dd. They may be right and I may be wrong. I'm just looking for proper reasoning. Absolute hand strength is not a good argument. Winners think only in relative hand strength.
  • lixinfinito


    I can't believe that there are players like this "folded KK" playing NL100 HU