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Collin Moshman brings us a Range Quiz Video concentrating on Pushing Ranges especailly for Turbo tournaments


ICM preflop thematic video Theory Video turbo

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi all

    Please enjoy our latest offering from our legendary SNG coach Collin Moshman

    Any questions or comments for Collin please leave below
  • TotalStar


    nice vid
  • Kogologo


    nice nice
  • madein1984


    06:00 would you then openshove 22-44, T9s, 98s or any other hands?
  • CollinMoshman


    #2 TotalStar: Thanks.

    #3 Kogologo: Glad you enjoyed the video.

    #4 Madein1984: Pre-ante it's uncommon I would openshove 15bb from the button. I would though often MR a hand like T9s against players in the blinds I didn't think would be playing 3bet or fold.
  • julito23


    Hi Collin, great video. One question:

    How much would you tighten up from this ranges if you have a non-turbo structure?

    I know it can be a very wide answer so I think it would be a very nice topic for a video.
  • CollinMoshman


    #6 Julito23: Thanks!

    There are a lot of situations where I'd deviate from the Nash ranges, but structure doesn't have too significant of an impact -- I'm just looking to make the most +$EV decision. I might for example take a slightly more negative edge and shove wider in a turbo where the blinds are right about to go up, but by far the bigger factor for adjustment is the player type.
  • biogas


    don't you think that aggressive 3bet action would get variation very high? This results in poor ROI for micro/low levels players, who does not have decent rakeback.
  • grayarea


    Hi Collin,
    Great video as always. As you point out, there is a problem with this software in 3bet situations in that it does not include the possibility of flatting and post-flop play. This has to affect both the raiser's and 3bettor's ranges and might explain why in headsup there's an unusually small gap between the SB's raise and calling ranges? Poor-playing hands like small pocket pairs must be over-valued in any nash raising range surely?
    I know it would be tricky but it seems to me that if the software could make a rough estimate of equity going to a flop, it would be better than assuming that could never happen.
  • joehovado


    cool video, that is one of my leaks that I have big gap between ranges in HU :D I have to work on it to improve my HU game. :)
  • prevolsek


    Hy Collin,
    great video! I have a question. I see you are using the Malmuth-HarvilleICM calculations instead of FGS calculations. Do you always use it and why not using the FGS instead? What about on the bubble or when the effective stacs are really small?