Introducing Skodljivec: Live 10PLO Session

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For his first video, Skodljivec plays 10PLO with in game audio. Showing how a normal 10PLO session will go and explaining his thoughts throughout.


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  • fitzinator18


    Give a warm welcome to new coach Skodljivec in his first video for - a 10PLO session. Enjoy!

    Please leave any feedback you have for Skodljivec below.
  • Kyyberi


    Welcome :)
  • Skodljivec


    Thanks :)

    Just to clarify something. I was a bit nervous when making this video (my first), so i missread the hand a bit on table 3 at around 7:00. I though villain only had an open ender, not a wrap + pair. Villains play wasn't that terrible, however it was very bad from start to finish. He basically 3bet a hand OOP, that basically hit the best flop possible, and had really poor equity against my hand, which wasn't even the top of my range.

    While he was probably getting the right odds the entire way, he was always a dog because of his poor preflop 3bet. On that board, even if i have a bare flush draw, we are still flipping with him. Everything that i raise there i'm either way ahead or it's a flip, so there's no way his making money with those plays in the long run.

    Hope you can forgive this mistake of mine, and please post your feedback and questions if you have them. I'll answer them as soon as i can.

  • MacDaddy187


    very nice Vid and looking for more to come.
    One curious question: What were your session stats for your play on all 4 tables?
  • xlabix


    Why is it a poor 3bet with that 8754 single-suited-hand? In the end of the video you had virtually the same hand in the same situation (BU vs SB) 8765 single-suited. You said: "Very decent hand here. I am definitely at least calling." Sounded like you would have 3bet, if the button had raised.

    So back to the hand on 7:00 : What should he do in his situation on the flop? Maybe check/raise or check/call?
  • Skodljivec


    First, thanks for the kind words :)
    I was trying to play as ABC as possible; the major stats were VPIP 18,5 PFR 13, 3B 5,7. It's kinda nitty, but i think this is the best approach at these stakes; the rake is huge and opponents are really bad (they won't realise you are only playing strong hands, and will pay you off with marginal holdings), so it's great to have a strong range all the time.

    Basically 2 reasons.
    1) imo 8765 is much stronger than 8745. The gap in the middle really hurts the second hands potential to flop straights and monster wraps. Say flop comes K45. While theoretically you have a stronger hands with 8754 (2 pair), it's much better to have the second one. After all, 8754 is crushed by K4xx (at best 25% equity), while 8765 is basically flipping with K4xx (~49%). Rarely will 8754 flop better than 8765, as 8765 hits many more flops, and when it hits, it usually hits strong.
  • Skodljivec


    2) It also depends on who you play against. For example: it's not the best hand to 3bet against strong opponents who are solid. The reason is, they are selective with what hands they open from the BTN; a lot of those hands have us dominated, even tough they might have gaps and worse structure. Say flop comes 973rb. We might be happy, thinking we flopped a pair and big wrap. However, if villain shows up with something crappy but playable from BTN like J874, he has almost a 60% equity edge against our wrap with the same pair because of his J kicker giving him the better made hand and better nut straight draw (yet only a gutshot compared to our pretty looking 13 out wrap).

    However, it's a very good hand to 3bet a) Huge fish like the one in the hand (he will actually have hands that we dominate, and will overvalue them postflop often; he will also overplay many hands on boards we crush)
    b) Very tight players - they usually play only high cards, so the possibility of us hitting a draw that is dominated is severly decreased. (Altough i played tight in this session, i have 4k hands on villain from plo25 as seen, and he definetly sees me as an around 27/20/6 guy, so his 3bet is bad against my range for the aformentioned reasons as well.)

    Of course, if the situation vas CO vs BTN, or SB vs BB, where we'd have position, i'd 3bet this hand all day long against most opponents as we will be able to control the situation much much better.

    Hope that explains why i think 8765 is a much stronger hand than 8754 in general, and especially in the 2 scenarios you mentioned.

  • xlabix


    Wow. Thank you very much for that detailed answer.
  • Skodljivec


    No problem :)

    I didn't fit into 1 answer unfortunately :D. It's tough to get into such detail while doing a live session, so i'm glad i can answer potential question afterwards.
  • Skodljivec


  • auLe123


    very good video. Waiting for the next one =)
  • aXSesPS


    thanks, bring on more PLO please.
  • RocknRollAd


    thanks sir! more more more :) please...
  • Skodljivec


    Thanks guys, much appreciated
  • PrayTime


    I too want more videos from you! Good PLO video.
  • w34z3l


    enjoyed it, thanks!
  • Anarkii14


    i like it very much, nice video and comments. you recommend to open 2.5BB from BTN, and pot size from any other position?
  • Skodljivec


    Again thanks for the good feedback guys.

    Yeah, that's what i do usually. It's how i prefer it; some players open pot from UTG and MP, 3bb from CO and 2,5bb from the BTN; some 3bb from everywhere, and some just always pot. I prefer it this way. The most important thing is that you don't open pot with your strong hands, and less with your weak ones (or vice versa), as you don't want to give betsizing tells.

    Of course, if there's a fish in the blinds, and we have a strong hand, we can pot to make the pot as big as possible preflop, because the fish won't know we did that for this precise reason.
  • Anarkii14


    thx; I bet pot from any position, no difference if I have AAxx, or 4567 or TT99 etc. Only if the table is full of maniacs I prefer to limp, or bet small to get raise and make some tricky moves :)
  • aXSesPS


    I havnt watched this yet, but I play only omaha currently, will bookmark and watch later.
    many thanks for another OMAHA video, its really appreciated.
  • aXSesPS


    could you do a video on zoom omaha (zoomaha), perhaps at 10/25 and 2 tables
    Where is the request box
  • Skodljivec


    I don't like open limping; i do however limp sometimes if i have a weak but nutty hand, and i know i'll see the flop multiway.

    The reason why it's nice to bet smaller in late position, is because you have a weak range (you open more hands), and you don't want to give a lot of money in preflop with weak ranges.

    Also, stealing becomes much cheaper. I doubt there's anyone that will call in the BB if you open from the BTN 2,5x, but will fold if you pot it, so you can spare 1bb in that situation every time. Of course, if you prefer to pot, and it works for you, no need to change it.

    I'm glad to make videos, and i'm very happy that you like it. I usually don't play zoom, as i think regular tables are more profitable. However i'd be happy to make a video of zoom if there will be a lot of interest.

    After all, it's still PLO :D
  • trickybob


    I've just started playing Omaha and this was the first video I watched. I found it very good. I play Omaha Zoom, because I used to play NLHE Zoom and I too would appreciate a Zoom video at some point.
  • Skodljivec



    I have some good news and some bad for you :)

    Unfortunately, i probably won't be doing a zoom video soon because another project is a priority...

    I'll soon release a PLO series where i'll try to explain all the basic PLO concepts and teach you guys everything you'll have to know to beat low micro PLO.
    A complete guide of sorts for all existing micro plo players and complete beginners. Basically what i would like to have seen when i first started out Pot Limit Omaha.

    I hope you will like it
  • trickybob


    Cool. looking forward to that.
  • Tim64


    22:50 You said that villain made a "really terrible call". Villain called pre with ATT2ss. On the flop he has top pair + weak flush draw and called your cbet. If we are advised to defend 70% of hands pre in BB vs SB, why would we fold top pair+flush draw on the flop, in position? Thanks.
  • Skodljivec



    It can be seen it's my first video :D. Problem is, i was thinking about 2 things at once; he's preflop call was really bad, as ATT2 without the suited aces is a really poor hand, that plays just terribly as you really hope you hit a 10 and nothing alse.

    His flop call is of course decent, probably one of the best flops he could hope for after his preflop call (really makes you think how bad his preflop call was).

    Thanks for pointing this out, and i hope you understand it was a sincere mistake of trying to explain too many things at once
  • Tim64


    Ah, yes thanks; that makes more sense :) But I'm still a bit confused. ATTs2 seems like a marginal hand but still within the top 70% of starting hands (@ 2:32 you said this is your defend range) and since villain has position, isn't it a reasonable defend? I.e. if it's bvb, shouldn't the BB be entitled to worry less about his cards?
  • Skodljivec


    You don't realize how crappy ATT2 really is. It "might" be in the top 70% equity wise, however it's almost impossible to play postflop profitably, even with position. If you don't flop top set, you never have the nuts with this hand. Once you miss the set, you basically only play with your A, as one deuce won't ever make you the best hand. You are really hoping for a T52rb board. If an A high flop comes, if your opponent has an A you are mostly crushed, because a) you have a weak kicker and b) because it's very hard for you to make 2 pair.
    You are gonna pay off better flushes all the time, and you are no gonna get much value from weaker ones.

    All in all, the hand could be theoretically playable, however it will give us fits postflop even with position. I'd rather have a hand like T753 rainbow, that is equity wise a big dog to ATT2, however it's much more playable.
  • Tim64


    Fair enough - thanks for the explanation :)
  • Tim64


    Really impressive debut video - more please!
  • Skodljivec


    Thanks! The next one should be coming soon
  • Olloquigui


    Loved the video, can't wait for the next live session!
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Hi Skodljivec, thank you for all your great videos. I know this question has not so much to do with this specific video, but what is your opinion on having the King high flush in a heavily contested pot? Or being re-raised when flopping a king high flush? Thank you.
  • Skodljivec


    Hey FlyingDutchm1n,

    This is a really broad question, that as you might know, depends on a lot. If there's a mono board, and it's 3way, and you get a bet and a raise by unknown opponents, i'm mucking my K high flush with no regrets.

    If villain shows strenght for 3 streets, i'm also usually mucking it, unless i know his an agressive player that would do that with the A blocker or Q high flush.

    It really depends on a lot of things, especially SPR, villains, board/hand. If it's a 3b pot, i'm never folding any decent flush; if it's a single raised pot and i get raised otf, and then barreled twice i'm mucking my K high.

    However, if you have like 3 of the same suit in your hand, or 4 of the same suit on the board, there's a smaller chance of you being up against a flush, so i'm more inclined to call. Same goes if i'm battling a regular bvb or i have an agressive dynamic with him.

    Like i said, it's a very difficult question to answer. But let's say in the long run, if you face a lot of heat, you will make more money by folding your K high flush by the river then by calling 3 streets imo
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    Great answer, thank you! Keep making more videos please, I am finding them very helpfull. Is the postflop PLO play video already online? Bye!
  • Timmaywin


    Hi, great vid with some new insights on PLO, thanks!

    I was wondering, how different is the hand on table 3 around 11:50 from the hand on table 1 around 12:50. Is the KJ53 ds hand too weak to open from the CO because of the low cards and less connectivity?
  • Skodljivec


    I can't really find the hands in question, as i see J865ds and KJ99ds.

    but KJ53 sux just for the reasons you said it does. You are limited in the things you can flop. In PLO it's very important if your hand can flop many things, like strong 2 pair, strong wraps, strong fds etc... KJ53 can only flop decent flushes, only KJ strong 2 pair and only openended straight draws
  • ACi0coiu


    Skodljivec, do you think PLO2-PLO25 is beatable? If we make some quick calculations, on average we're putting our money all-in with 65% equity, at most (on average, again).
    At micro, rake is up to 15%, if I'm not mistaken, so the way i see it, until PLO25 the games are capped at 5% edge, maybe 10% max. That if you already are crushing the games.
    Am i mistaken somewhere? Thanks
  • Skodljivec


    Hey ACi0coiu

    Of course i believe the micro plo games are beatable. Sure the rake is big, but the players are really bad. I moved up from PLO10 to PLO100 on Stars, starting without any status so my rakeback was really poor at the beginning.

    The rake is killer, but the fish are bad, and even some regs are really poor, even at limits like plo100.

    It's also not all about winning AI pots. Fish like to call, so you can valuebet them a lot. They will call down light on the rivers for example. They'll call a big bet on the turn with an open ender. In the long run these are big + $ scenarios for you.

    Just try not to get to depresed by the variance, work on your game, and i'm sure you can beat the games. My plo25 winrate was beyond 10bb/100, even with the killer rake for example.

    Best regards,

  • Toothless32


    At the end you folded KsTs87 from CO (btn is looser here, is it fold because of it and because top gap?). And then Ks7s9T from CO vs UTG open (utg is kinda tight, btn nit. Is it fold because we are dominated by utg range here?), also I think I saw you folding something like Q456ds on BTN v UTG raise. Same reason for folding as in previous hand? I get really confused by which range should we defend on BTN vs UTG/EP open.

    Anyway really cool video I think. It´s also nuts that you joined HJ forum. Keep up good work :)
  • Skodljivec


    Hey Toothless32.

    1) Yeah, playing a hand like KT87ss OOP is really tough, so if btn is loose you should muck it OOP.

    2) Yup, your assumptions are spot on. UTG usually has a really strong range, and KT97 can be dominated really hard against it. Also there' button to act behind you, so you can't even be sure you have position in the hand.

    3)Q456ds also plays poorly against an UTG range. If you hit your Q it's rarely good, but if you hit the low boards, they are sure to miss UTG's range, so you are not making money when you hit either.

    4) OFC keep in mind, this a is very ABC playing style. When moving up, and becaming better postflop and at hand reading, you can add those type of hands to your calling, and even 3betting range vs the right opponents.

    5) Thanks, thanks :)
  • Skodljivec



    could you please give the minute where the hand takes place?

  • zagarese


    That last hand with A689 ds. I don't understand why you don't either jam or fold pre-flop. Are there that many flops your folding on for his remaining stack?
  • Skodljivec


    Hi zagarese.

    I agree it's close, but even total fish will 3b a hand that has me beat at this point (i only have A9 high after all). However, my hand can will flop a piece on most flops, and i can fold those really terrible ones like 333, 22K etc... ofc he has so little left i could jam as well, but if his 3b would make an spr of 1, i would always call. Here it's a judgement call. I don't think there's much difference. We will get bluffed off the best hand, but that will happen very rarely.


  • donjunior


    first of all thumbs up for the video! Really good job!

    Now 22:04
    What do you think of checking behind with the mid pair and 6-9 card SD?
    What do you do, if you get check raised here? Imo it would be a bet/fold here b/c we are drawing only to 6 nut outs.
    But villain could be doing it with Nut FD and we would give up our good equity.
  • Skodljivec


    Hey donjunior.

    Thanks for the thumbs up :)

    Thinking about it, a check behind is a decent play there. Getting check raised there would suck, but it wouldn't be the end of the world. He'll often c/r with weaker draws, and he will c/r with sets as well, all hands we have decent equity against. Unless he has the FD, he will shut down OTT most of the time when the flush card hits, allowing us to either take the free card, or bluffing him off.

    So i'm definetly not folding if i get c/r; remebemer, it's not just about making your hand, but also about making opponents fold the better hand. Being IP allows us that here.

    But checking behind is a good option here as well. It's really 50/50 what to do here imo. Depends on how agro i'm feelin :)
  • BradNitt


    hey good Video well explained :)
    to your bb defenses spots.
    at around min 40 u defend q672ss and villain is prety short. and u try to float him but he has a only 40bbs so he easy could cr there und u have no possibility to double Barrel when he checks there fe when the draw misses fe
    is this a common defense spot?