Lambert Leakfinder: Papi92's $11 Rebuy

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11 - $38
  • Fullring
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Aaron leakfinds Papi92's $11 rebuy. He gives a brief discussion on his thoughts about how rebuy tournaments differ from freezeouts before getting into the action and proceeding to discuss his thoughts on our hero's play.


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Comments (7)

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  • fitzinator18


    Hi guys, enjoy the latest from Aaron!

    As always please leave feedback and suggestions in the comments section below.
  • ihufa


    folding 88 at 21:40 wtf is going on?
    u say vs super tight people u fold and rest u shove. why not call vs super tight??? ur getting 23:1 and u can peel flops/turns without hitting sets. This makes no sense at all
  • AaronLambert


    good point about set-mining. Being that we are closing the action we are getting really good odds to simply take that approach.

    Not exactly sure why I didn't take that into consideration. We struggle to play this hand post-flop so I actually like the way Papi played this hand
  • PaPi92


    But what`s the purpose of these leakfinders? I have played the tournament and sent you the HH before 10 months. My game has changed significantly. It would be more helpful, if you post the video 1/2 months after I sent the HH.
  • PetChoveka


    about the AT hand at 37-38 min, u have to consider the hand in 34:52 and i think that if we saw that we have ez call vs the guy to our left.

    and btw i think the rebuy ended at 75/150 (at the 12 minute mark in the video )
  • AaronLambert


    @4 I know what ya mean but PS had a massive backlog and I got pushed to the end.

    @5 Yes with that info I do think his range is quite a bit wider. I was pulling a bit from my previous history against villain who I thought was a good reg. He may have possibly mis-clicked in the hand from earlier because that was definitely lol bad.
  • rogal27


    Hi, during the whole tourney U can open your raises in most of cases with 2x.
    Pretty good if its work but what would U do in case that UR sitted in a very loose table when U can got 2,3 or more calls PF on your minraise because of rebuy/addon begining ?

    How would U raise PF with your made hands ? AK,AQ,AJ,middle pairs ? Because in that kind of loose tables if I raise normally 2x or 3x there are still 3 calls behind me and on the flop Iam still in troubles when I miss the flop.
    What is the correct play at the begining of r/a MTTs when UR on a very loose table ?