Champion Stand Up One More Time Than the Rest: 50NL HU Review with Pavel

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Heads-up
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Gordon sits down with his student Pavel and goes through his mindset and a session review at 50NL HU


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys

    Please enjoy the latest video in the Champions Stand Up One More Time series

    Any question/comments for Gordon please leave here and enjoy!
  • pforce1


    "Jesus, you're a freaking calling station fish" made me lol :D Thanks for the video!
  • ilidek


    If someone want to follow freaking calling station fish progress, here is my blog:

    It’s my first blog since I accepted Raskolnikov’s challenge. We want to prove that Gordon can turn anyone with right mindset into winning poker player. To prove that we are going to turn me into a winning HU poker player (up to NL1k) in just one year! Wanna see more? Visit my blog.
  • Krimica


    Gordon I do have a questions. Was this episode really planned from the begging when you said it's gonna be 6 parts? Also now is this serious gonna become longer? Because I personally like that you put Pavel in this episode simply because proving society wrong with Steven is also correct but doing it with Pavel is even better and I hope that in the last episode we are gonna see Pavel playing NL200. In the end don't get me wrong but I see the whole Champions serious and you as a PS coach firstly as motivation source(coach) and secondly as poker skill learning material(coach). Anyway looking forward to the next episode, Poker Mourinho :D.
  • Raskolnikov



    One student told me that through our coaching he got better grades in school. I'm like wtf, but hey, results matter.

    Everybody gets something different out of watching/learning, so the "motivational" label is no offense at all.

    If my videos make you play better, earn more money, and enjoy your life more i've done my job.

    Thx for your feedback.
  • Raskolnikov


    Also, the video series was NOT planned out. The concept and ideas were planned, but i make the execution always dependent on the feedback of the previous part.

    I'm open to continue it of course.

    When i first heard of PS, Matthias Wahls was doing a "Bankroll building" series. Perhaps this can be the updated and advanced version.
  • pforce1


    Gordon, if i may, i would really like to see more of you commenting on someone's (your student's?) play, not just a review of hands - in heads up i find the process of adapting to your opponent really though to dissect and analyse. It would be awesome to see your take on it! Wäre echt cool! Vielen Dank!
  • doubletiltem


    Do you pay for coaching? Can I join you?
  • Raskolnikov



    Are you talking about something like Part4 of this series (live play) ?


    Anybody interested in coaching can send me an email to

    The student in the video (Pavel) got a package deal because of what you listened to in the first minutes of the video...
  • thisrockz


    Awesome video, like all the others. I am getteing everytime a big motivation boost after watching your videos. really would like to see more of this in the future!
  • pforce1


    #9 i think it's the best way to see the game flow and adapting to your opponent!
  • wlcKeD


    @11 +1 !! Definitely something like part4 would be enormously good, I actually found it also like a very very good way to learn, if not best, bearing in mind what IS possible to put in the video :)
  • Ohsovi


    Hey Raskolnikov, first of all I have to thank you for this amazing series, keep it up. I have a question about the last hand in this video (56:00). You call the call "is just incredibly bad" and Id like to know why. I think given we have no info about the player we have to call since. 1) we get great odds. 2) people will raise not only 4x but a 9x too. 3)people will bluff decent amount of time. Also it seems to me you exploit people before you get any information on their gameplay. You say in the video that you would call only if the player already showed you a bluff on this board structure, shouldnt it be vice versa ? You stop calling after they show they dont bluff ? Thx for your answer.
  • Harnas31


    [41:00] what means the abbreviation OTR in note: vs missed OTR bluffed ?
  • misspookie


    at 44 min in video hes right pretty easy call. But if he never did anything crazy like that even if he is a fish and its the first time he over bet shove id fold and realize he has to be nutted cause hes not capable of bluffing like that. So if i don't think they are capable of it even a fish id probably fold. But against this guy id call.
  • misspookie


    I will do a blog for 60 days. I have no problem doing that gordon. Id be glad to do it if it makes my game better. I am not sure exactly what I am supposed to talk about but I will go by your 3 colored cards up their.