From the Bottom Up: Analyzing Goals and Targets

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Boomer continues his From the Bottom Up Series with a session from 0.5/1 on Pokerstars and an underlying theme of talking regarding setting goals and targets


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys

    Please enjoy my latest video in the From the Bottom Up Series

    Any questions/comments please leave below
  • Pikfrik


    Love your videos and your thinking process !
  • datsmahname


    Enjoying this one so far. Had a few thoughts here, and hope you don't mind if I include them.

    One thing was implied but maybe not explicit. I've found that its good to focus on setting goals where you control nearly everything that contributes to your success or failure.

    Also, if its a new goal (quite different or challenging), always treat it like an experiment. If we're learning to achieve goals, failure is just as valuable as success from an experimental perspective.

    Last, poker rewards/punishes and this not only confuses our in-game decisions. Rewarding yourself for solid progress on your goal helps so that "short term poker results" are de-emphasized.

    On that last point Jared Tendler's recent article has some great stuff to add. Check for yourself, but I liked the connection he made between failing to identify real progress and the tendency to abandon strategies that are working. Setting goals also means establishing what progress looks like.