Lambert Leakfinder: Papi92's $11 Rebuy - Late Game Play

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Fullring
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Aaron concludes his review of Papi92's $11 rebuy MTT


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi All

    Please enjoy Part 2 of Aaron's review of Papi92's $11R tournament

    Any questions/comments please leave below for Aaron
  • CardsMaster0089


    Cool vid
  • Konnikickass


    00:43 A6o is a missed nash shuff(30.3%, 22+ A2s+ A3o+ K6s+ KTo+ Q8s+ QTo+ J8s+ JTo T8s+ 98s 87s)

    cool vid
  • PaPi92


    I think Ac9c (22:30) is very player dependent. I don`t know what was my reads about villain during the play.
    If vilian opens more than 25%, 3bet/call would be with better EV than fold. We don`t know what is his 4betting range, but even he 4bet very tight range, we will make a lot moneys from the 3bet. And the whole EV of 3bet/call would be +EV compared with the 0EV of folding.
  • PaPi92


    I agree with 4betting with 88. It doesn`t matter vs his value range, but sometimes he could ship some bluffs. It will be very rarely, but definately 4bet/call can`t be worse than push, and there is a chance that it can be better.
  • PaPi92


    Definitely cbet/call with A8 (25:30)
  • PaPi92


    7c6c(29:00) is terrible :)
    Fold pre flop. And don`t bet turn, because I don`t have enough equity and don`t have any FE,
  • PaPi92


    I think KsJs (31:00) is fine flat pre flop. Why do you think it isn`t good? I think we dominate a part of the openning range of the standard player and could play reasonable post flop even with the shallow stacks.. If we have a tight read, it might won`t be good.
  • AaronLambert


    Dependent on player I feel like you can get yourself in a ton of trouble there with KJs. Can you fold K or J high boards with your stack eventhough you can still likely be beat? What are you looking to flop?
  • MightySparow


    a9s. What do you think about clickbback 3bet or 3bet smaller than 2x ?
  • AaronLambert


    I don't mind the idea of making it like 23.5K or something like that as it puts them in a tough spot.

    Folding is fine to so I'm ok with either option.
  • rogal27


    Hi thanx for the vid
    32:55 steeling with K9s from the button - in case of 3bet or 3bet/show we will fold our hand against our opnonents ? ( both cover our stack )
    If yes, can we steel from button with any two cards in that kind of spots ?

    2. 33:23 ( AQo ) and 33:28 ( AKo ) - in both case I would rather push PF my 18BB stack because the whole table except one player cover our stack . So I will rather push my AKo and wait for oponents to call me with AQ,Aj etc.