$22 Freezeout MTT Review: The Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22
  • Fullring
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Fitzinator18 continues his $22 MTT review with a full exmaination of the final table


final table hand history review ICM Session Review

Comments (6)

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  • Oger88


    Yeahh, more I-Poker MTTs please!!
  • pleno1


    Enjoy the final table video from the boss of all bosses FItzinator18.

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  • crivelion


    Hi, nice video and great play.. you've just found the trips king in hu!! ;)
    just a question.. why sometimes you have changed the size of your steal raise? I saw 2 spot in the BU.. once you've shoved (A9 min 19:30), once you've raised X2 (ATs min 20:35).. each time blinds was btw 10 and 14 BB..
  • yxcrtl


    Thank you very much fitzinator18 for all three of these vids they were very helpful. I'm just wondering if you could possible share the HUD stats you used for this tourney?
  • yxcrtl


    Never mind I just saw it on the first video, thanks again fitzinator18
  • VSBGimli


    #4 minraise with ATs is for enducing shove from worse hands. With A9o its better to shove cos you dont wanna have to raisefold to SB (although might be a better play - and raisecall BB ofc) as he actualy mentioned in the video.
    BTW great stuff, thanks.