Boomer Reviews DocDanish: Analysing Ranges

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Our Fixed Limit Coach Boomer is back with another User Review and this time it's DocDanish. Boomer analyses places where DocDanish may potentially want to look at his ranges in order to strangthen them


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy my latest video reviewing the play of Doc Danish

    If you have any questions or comments please leave them below for me
  • candyfish


    wow im the first,
    love it.
    thanks boomer!
  • DocDanish


    Thanx for the review Boomer - great work!
    A few comment on my game and your comments. Basically I am trying to be a bit less aggressive than I used to be, which might be wrong. Most of your comments actually hit those modifications that I tried to "improve" my game with.

    #1: KQ on the AKQ flop was nitty played, and I have no idea why I played it that way, and I does NOT fit in the comment above!

    #2: in BTM against 2 tight blinds (like when SB is folding 80% and the BB 60%, I have always been attacking. I have looked at this with equilab, and I see what you mean. The blinds have to be VERY VERY tight (like SB and BB both folding like 90% of their hands, to be even breakeven. I have to tighten up there for sure.

    #3: The blind battles: I might have misunderstood one of your concepts in your videos. I thought that you always called the from BB against one bet, and played the hand from there. It seems like thats not your recommendations when the bet comes from blind ranges. An example is the A4s hand after 22 minutes.

    #4: when up aganst one bet and defend with a call in BB again like the situation after about 22 minutes. The SB bets and I just call and A4s. The flop comes A75 rainbow. SB cbets and I just call. Here I think the pot is small, and raising will get hans that I am behind to fold and hands that I am ahead of will hang myself. I hear your commentaries, but I dont completely agree with them as the pot is small. Atleast I have to think more about that one.
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Doc :)

    You've answered the questions well on points 1 &2 so I'll move on to the others

    #3: Yeah this is probably a misunderstood concept. You're correct that I don't 3-bet HU vs a raise from outside the blinds when I'm in the Big Blind but vs a Small Blind open I do 3-bet becasue

    a) He has the widest range of any opener
    b) I have position

    Combining both of those factors, 3-betting mega-wide vs a SB open, especially at small stakes, is still very profitable because you're bloating the pot when their range is at it's weakest and you're in position. Yes it caps your range somewhat and you have to adjust your range somewhat in order to take advantage of greater fold equity while still maintaining enough A-High style hands in your calling range to not be easily exploited on A-high boards when you call in the BB but I 3-bet as a default vs a SB open...

    Maybe somewhere abour 25-30% of hands with a little weight given to Suited Connectory style hands and a little gas taken off PPs and Offsuit A-highs..
  • Boomer2k10



    If your opponent is folding all worse hands than TPNK on this board in a Heads up pots he's going to be hemmoraging money vs your bluffing range so you actually don't care if he folds here because vs your range you're going to destroy him

    For example in my SB open range, here's all my made hands worse than yours

    KK-, All 7's down to 76, K5o, Q5o, All Suited 5's down to 54s

    This doesn't count all my draws I have to continue with an may even re-bluff you with at some point, or catch a pair and call you down with

    This also doesn't include all my K-High with BDFD style hands I'm going to have to peel in order for your raise not to exploit me by default

    If you're worried about losing value here don't be, because if you do "lose value" with a raise here your opponent is folding too much and you can just raise any 2 cards on this flop profitably
  • gersiL


    really enjoying your vids at all.
    DocDanish just met you at 1/2$ and had respect to your play. keep going! :-)
  • DocDanish


    Thanx gerliL - I look forward to meet you at the tables again for another battle!
  • DocDanish


    Boomer - I have a few more comments after watching the video again and thought more about some spots, and the A4s hand after 22 minutes is so interesting to me, and seems to be a spot where I really have to improve. I understand that you find it too passive in the blind battle, and I understand that I have to be more aggressive at some point of time in the hand, and will try to work further on the 75/25 raise/call against the SB raise. Where I personally lost most value in the hand (well – I saved some in the specific hand, but that’s not relevant for the general consideration), was that I didn’t raise the turn when the jack hit the board om the turn. I feel that, as you points out, is where a good part of his non-ace range could hit, and force him to call down against my pot-pair hand.

    Also i have a bit more comments to #1: KQ on a AKQ flop. I have raised UTG with KQ and got 3-bet from the HJ by a strong TAG, with which I cant do anything than putting him on a strong range. I think I might have got scared to be up against a monster (AA,KK,QQ,AK,AQ,JTs) which is a hand that he is representing and I am behind, and hands like smaller pocket pairs that hangs himself. After thinking more about it, I don’t think the play was that nitty, as the only hands that I have to protect myself against hands like JJ,TT and a few diamond draws (not much as the A and K of diamonds are already on the board). Am I wrong in that consideration?