$8 180-Man Review with KatieDozier314

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7 - $11
  • Fullring
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KatieDozier314 takes you though the opening stages of one of her favourite tournaments: The Pokerstars $8 180-man


MTSNG PokerStars Session Review Theory Video

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys

    Please enjoy Katiedozier314's latest video examining one of her favourite tournaments

    Any questions/comments please leave here for Katie
  • Bartmannn


    Dammit, I really am way too tight...
  • JustgAMblin


    amazing how i thought exacly 22% @ 19:05 !

    very good video!
  • SiKWiThIt


    Really nice video thank you =)
    just one question i am fairly new to all this software what program is being used to review hands like this.
  • Erikk17


    great video:))
    I love your voice :)
  • KatieDozier314


    @JustgAMblin + @Erikk17 : Thanks very much, I'm so glad you both enjoyed it! :)

    @SikiWiThIt : Thanks! I use the ICM Nash Calculator from HoldemResources.net as well as SNG Wizard.
  • Harleyps


    katie, i love your videos, as always your videos are the nuts!
  • KatieDozier314


    @Harleyps: Thanks very much :)
  • Florinator1


    thank you for the video liked it alot and thankfullyi would have played itfairly the same ;) so not as bad as i thought;))
  • KatieDozier314


    @Florinator1: Thanks! :)
  • CollinMoshman


    Even though my opinion may be slightly biased, I still have to say this is a great video!
  • KatieDozier314


    Aw, thanks Collin <3
  • Rello


    great video, learned alot and nice voice :) very entertaining to see you explain stuff and enjoy explaining what you do
  • KatieDozier314


    @Rello: Thanks so much! :)
  • kimchee688


    @ KatieDozier314, nash range is better than sngwizad range?
  • kimchee688


    a REG r2bb utg blind150,vpip 13 11 he has 20bb you had aq mp 10bb ,did you 3bet push?
  • MarinaOrel


    5:13 If enyone folds, we has only one option with 33 on bu with 13bb - is open shove. I cant agree with raise/call against any type of opponent
  • MarinaOrel


    We cant fold 33, because this hand in Sklansky-Chubukov range, so even sb and bb calls us only with better hands, we must shove here
  • KatieDozier314


    @Kimchee688: The SNGWiz ranges can exploitively do better. If you're not confident which direction to adjust though, it is better to stick with Nash rather than risk getting exploited yourself. To answer your second question, that's a close spot, but I would usually shove the AQ there.

    @MarinaOrel: Against a decent reg shoving from the blinds, we would be correct to call off a 3bet shove with 33 once we've minraised it. The reason is that we'd be getting decent odds against wide shoving ranges (their Nash 3bet shove ranges are 22% SB and 27% BB). With that said, I do agree that just openshoving does simplify our decision-making a lot :)
  • kiromanAAKK


    I would like to thanks you many time for the video and for the great inspiration/motivation that u give me. In fact, (as happened already before) by watching the available few minutes for basic/bronze memebers and by read the comments (always great btw) I will end pushed to gain the status to be able to watch the video. Without take nothing to the others great Coaches here, I find your video but most specially your game and the way to put it down to teach us so linear, clear and well made together. For that and for make me take the status to see the full video, I want say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  • KatieDozier314


    @KiromanAAKK: Thanks so much for your kind compliments! :)
  • MinouDino


    Very Nice Vid and i like the explanations. You said that you grind a lot of 180s... I just played a few yet but the where really fun. Do you know the average ROI if you play these as a reg?
  • SpeckShin


    I'm playing the 2,50 180s for fun and I though: let's watch a vid to learn at least a little bit before playing and I really liked this vid.
  • yellowsock


    Yo Katie,
    You mentioned you played hypers (sng's) and you dont miss these swings but what would you say about swings in 180's turbos. WHat bankroll in BB would you consider to be on a save side? Thanks a lot
  • tesoro1971


    Hallo Kattie!
    Could you ecxplain the move in 26:42 because me English is not so good..
    Thanks a lot
  • Nexxon


    Great Video !