Skodljivec's School of PLO: 3-betting and 4-betting

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Our PLO coach Skodljivec continues his School of PLO with a look at 3-betting and 4-betting preflop in PLO


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Comments (21)

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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy the latest episode in Skodljivec's School of PLO

    If you have any questions/comments for Skodljivec please leave them here
  • Javito987


    Thank you very much for the videos Skodljivec. Looking forward to watching the postflop part of the series.

    Everything is clear and usefull
  • Anarkii14


    very usefull, everything easy to understand....thank you
  • Skodljivec


    Thanks guys. I'm glad it's easy to understand. I'm trying hard to explain concepts rather than specific facts, so i'm very happy it works as intended :)
  • Agiz19


    FTW skodljivec ,Slovenia in da house ! keep it up :)
  • aXSesPS


    thanks! Keep them PLO vids coming, it is really appreciated, after all PLO is the most fun variant.
  • Skodljivec


    Well the more positive feedback these videos get, the more videos will be made :)

    So just keep firing away with any questions you might have, i'll be happy to provide answers if possible :)
  • trickybob


    Nice! ty
  • MGF001


    I really like your videos, too.
    Please more more more...!
    Here some suggestions for deeper content:

    You said 3betting is mostly for value, but Preflop-Value is such a thing in PLO...(of course this is good possible on low limits, anyway)

    I would say, we 3bet hands,

    1. which often hit a hand to broke on 2. which are nutty, for potbuilding
    3. to isolate fishes

    It would be great, when you are making later a video for higher stati, which explains these concepts.

    And now a real question:
    You said 3betting lower rundowns is like semi-bluffing, but for semibluffing you need some foldequity. Since we nearly don't have any FE in preflop-Omaha: How would you describe the differences to semi-bluffing?

    Best MGF
  • Tim64


    Very clear and easy to understand - thanks!
  • Skodljivec



    1) there's definetly preflop value in PLO, but it's much smaller than in holdem. So basically what you describe at your point no.1, it's what makes the hand a value hand preflop - how it will flop,

    2) You don't have as much FE preflop, but you do postflop. If you 3b a hand like 7654ds from the BTN a CO opener, he calls, and the flop comes A93rb, you will get a LOT of folds postflop with your bet. So we can bluff a lot of A high boards, broadway boards etc... But IIRC i said it "could" be described as semibluffing.

    Hope this clears things up :), if not, i'll gladly explain more
  • MGF001


    Thanks, alright ;)
  • JonikoP


    Excellent video - thanks! Do you practice memorizing equities of common hand match-ups or have you picked them up from play?
  • Skodljivec


    Hey JonikoP.

    You memorize them as you go along i guess. I think it's important to know the basic equties; FD vs set, 2 pair vs FD + overpair, overpair vs pair + fd etc... It really helps if you can estimate that without doing hte math every time. Focus on that while playing, and you'll learn them very fast.
  • xmiammiamx


    Not the topic of this video, but what do you do when facing limpers? Do you isoraise with some good-ish hands or tend to limp behind?

    How bad is it to openlimp in PLO?
  • Skodljivec


    Hey xmiammiamx,

    ofc, it depends :). I can give you a basic answer tough. You should isoraise a bit more selectively than in nlh. As equities run closer in plo, you still need a decent hand to iso-raise, so you can have some possibilities of winning the pot if the hand goes multiway.

    I don't open limp ever, i do limp behind sometimes, especially otb with a big pair or suited ace, if i know the blind are superagressive, and i'll get to see like a 4way pot (in order to avoid making a big pot preflop and facing 3bets from agro players).

    I wouldn't ever limp behind a "goodish" hand. It has to be nutty, meaning it can hit either top set or the nutflushdraw.
  • xmiammiamx


    Thanks for your answer. I'm a tournament NLH player and have never played PLO. I'm curious and want to try to play a couples of PLO tourneys and see how it goes...

    Have you ever tried to play some? I suspect there could be significant adjustment to make due to shallower stack sizes. Less implied odds and reverse implied odds.

    Unfortunatelly there's not a lot of content for tourneys PLO on poker strategy. There are 2-years old gold videos with hand history review on PLO tourneys by "ScottClements"...
    I'm curious what you think about them... People have leaved comments basically saying (in a polite way)that he was playing like a fish.
    Your playstyles are different that's for sure! You should check it out :-)
  • Skodljivec



    well i have very little experience playing PLO tournaments. But if you think plo cash game is ful of variance, it's nothing vs a plo tourney. The problem is that you always have to make plays in PLO against ranges. But when a play like that happens in a tourney, with your tournament life in the balance can change everything.

    Imagine you 4bet AAxx rainbow, you hit an SPR of 0,5, and the flop comes 765monotone. Villain donks into you to put you all-in. In cash games, this is a clear snap-call. But what do you do in a tournament? You leave half of your stack on the board even tough you know you should call theoretically, but could be crushed? :D.

    You can really face some crazy scenarios. However, i really don't think there are many players there who play PLO tourneys as their only game, so there's bound to be a lot of different tactics on how to win.

    The theory of PLO tournaments is in it's baby steps, so if you want something new and exciting you should try it out.

    I'll be sticking to cash games tough :D
  • Sultano78


    sorry coach, I can see only 15 seconds of this video...what could be the matter?
  • Skodljivec



    Thanks for pointing that out Sultano78, i'll pass that on to the PS team.


  • Skodljivec



    atm only the 720p quality has issues, while 1080p works fine. Soon the 720p will be storted as well.