Bootcamp Topics: Motivation

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Schnitzelfisch continues his Bootcamp Topics series with a look at Motivation


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  • Boomer2k10


    Hi Guys

    Please enjoy Schnitzelfisch's latest video in the Bootcamp Topics Series

    If you have any questions/comments for Schnitzelfisch please leave them below
  • fuerstIN


    Thanks for teh Video Schnitzelfish!
    It helped to get more motivated again ( at least riht now :) )
  • omenfurnace


    thank you, this was very helpful, :)
  • joaobatra83


    nice thank´s!!
  • FakyCZ


    Again.. great video! I feel, like everything in your videos aim on me:) I take every aspect on myself and doesnt matter if is it in poker or non poker life topics! simply the best:) But still hardest thing is TAKE ACTION!;)
  • JonasJordan


    yeah its always ok to quit university ^^
  • thisrockz


    Very liked that video. It is structures really good and its the frist time in my life, that I kinda figured out what I really want to achieve in my life. of course its not everything, but I know in which direction it will go in the future. Thanks a lot!
  • SchillerMusic


    Thank you, great video!
  • ittapiros


    Very good video helped me out a lot, thanks.
  • s0cru3l


    great vid, i saw a lot of yours videos and there is one thing I have to think about...when i check my vission in the morning, then check/do my TO-DO plan, check the habits paper,...,and through the day write things to motivation journal/ another seems to me that i am loosing a lot of time
  • Schnitzelfisch


    #10 I understand your concerns. However, don't look at this as wasting time. Look at it as investing time into activities that will allow you to spend your days better.

    You can of course choose not to do any of these things, but then you will have motivation issues, you won't get a lot done, you won't be organized... If you want to improve in an area, you need to invest time into it.

    Having said that, some of activities you can optimize with time. Checking the habits planning takes you probably a minute a day or two. Once you know your vision clearly, you can focus on mostly visualizing activities from it.

    On the other hand, doing self-reflection and writing down your thoughts are things where you can't/shouldn't really try to save time, as they are the things that will get you the biggest results in the long run.
  • Redbullet15


    hey, i just went through focus and motivation video. One on my point in 'mission' is do not move thing on tomorrow (that was first thought after you asked about comment in end of movie:)) so here i am.

    move was great. everything was clear to understand, clear parts, you gave time to work by myself by pausing.
  • Redbullet15


    gosh ... sry for spam but misclicked... :)
    knowlage which you passes is great and open mind.

    only one thing which i will add a bit is examples part. you gave some examples and its for sure my own work but sometimes you cant realise that you need this until you hear this magic word. i had similar feelings when i was reading Mental game of poker - i thought im not tilting until i read list of triggers and 8/10 was exactly what i feel :) so maybe a litle bit more examples, maybe some of them will help me/ppl to realised something
    overal - great, thank you and sory for my english :D
  • x3ndeDx


    i liked it because it gave me an idea of vision that i hadn't and now i can plan my mission in small parts to get motivated everyday, thx.